VeerZaarafullmovie[2021] Downloadinhindihd1080p

VeerZaarafullmovie[2021] Downloadinhindihd1080p



Kavita Saini, Ashok Saraf, Rani Satpati and Armaan Kohli are the other prominent characters in the film.The film begins with a story of Veer Singh (Shah Rukh Khan) a young pilot who is attached to the Indian Air Force. Veer is a brave officer who never takes unnecessary risks for the country. One morning Veer is on a mission when he is forced to land in Pakistan territory. The country is in turmoil with war going on between Pakistan and India. A woman named Zaara Khan leaves her home and walks away and goes into a heavily contested area in which she happens to get stranded. She is in desperate need of help. The remote location along with a war zone proves to be a blessing in disguise. He sees her misfortune and decides to come to her aid. It is a risky mission but he happily agrees to go on that mission. On the way he encounters an evil dictator named Haider who kidnaps Zaara and plans to smuggle her to his own country and use her as a political bargaining chip. The only person who knows of the horrible plan to Haider is his own daughter. She decides to take action which threatens the safety of everybody. Veer works out a plan with him as he does not want to be a part of the kidnapping or killing of his friend’s daughter. An action packed love story unfolds as Veer and Zaara are separated from each other. But their love for each other is strong enough to overcome all obstacles.

Preity Zinta was born on August 16, 1975 in New Delhi, India. She is an actress who has appeared in many Hindi films. We also offer a growing collection of Preity Zinta wallpapers and backgrounds. In 1997, She made her film debut with Guzarish, where she played the lead role of Waseem Chaudhary.
She is a fluent Punjabi speaker, reads Hindi Literature, is close to Indian National Congress and has appeared in the campaign of Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi.

She is a former Miss India who is well known for her supporting roles in Bollywood films. She is an active member of the Indian Air Force Air Academy.
Her father is a retired army officer and her mother is a homemaker. She has a brother, Vikram (born 1977), and a sister, Menka (born 1982).
She married actor, producer, director and entrepreneur Shah Rukh Khan on 27 September 2001

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