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Category:Free softwareThe most important part of a great marriage is not what you put in; it’s what you take out.

“But I thought it was just a compliment.”

When we first started dating, Jeff had a mustache and wanted to grow one, so a guy friend of mine showed him how to use a mustache wax that tasted better than the fancy stuff. Jeff liked this and got the wax from my friend’s wife. He kept trying to tell me about how the mustache wax tasted and that he was really into it.

Then one day he came to my apartment and I was serving him some pumpkin seeds at our dining room table. We were talking and he asked me what I thought about the mustache wax. I couldn’t remember the conversation from the night before. It could have been a week ago, but I had no idea.

“Oh, that’s such a funny memory.”

I was wearing a tank top so he could see my stomach. He was wearing a t-shirt. We were sitting close to each other. All we were doing was sitting at a table. He said, “It was the best mustache wax I ever had. I want to tell you about it.”

The moment that I knew he was serious about the mustache wax, I knew the mustache wax I was making was about to get him in trouble. I just nodded politely and let him tell me about it. He brought the mustache wax around as a gift for me. I thought he was cool, but it was like he was trying to get in trouble.

I had a friend later in my life who got married with children. He had a peculiar strategy of getting his wife in trouble. He’d tell her a sweet story, then make her laugh, then get her to give him permission for something she’d normally disapprove of. If he got away with it, it was actually a compliment.

If you try to tell me a story, I’m not listening because a story is an attempt to make me care. The only stories I care about are the stories about me.

Jeff was not trying to make me laugh, he was trying to tell me something about his life. So I’d have to interrupt him and tell him he was trying to make me care. Which he was.

And I still don

Aug 17, 2015
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Category:Housie SchoolAbstract: A set of error checking and correction (ECC) instructions to be used in a non-blocking computer memory subsystem, in particular to compensate for chip/module failures without losing data. A correcting command is generated from a pair of commands, a first one to write the ECC data into memory and a second one to put the ECC data into the memory subsystem. The ECC status of data stored in the memory subsystem is then used to select a subset of the memory addresses to which the correcting command can be applied.

Foreign suppliers of security equipment

In the wake of the September 11 attacks, the United States Government has tightened access to such computers. Foreign suppliers of security equipment have been reluctant to comply with these new regulations. See for example the Ericsson, TCS and Juniper release that forbid the use of various software and hardware products due to export restrictions.

The concerns raised by these export restrictions are with respect to the “Trustworthy Computing” requirements under NIST 800-88. There is no technology that would address all possible ways for malicious attacks to exploit such flaws.Fans attending Super Bowl LII were stunned to see the median age in the stadium was 56, according to a new Pew Research Center report that confirms the stereotype that football games are a playground for white guys.

But unlike what many fans would expect, the results show that 43% of Super Bowl attendees are millennials.

Nearly a quarter of those Super Bowl attendees were millennials — a group that first hit college age in 2000. Last year was the first time millennials made up a larger percentage of Super Bowl audience than Generation Xers (31%), who are now in their 40s. Millennials are entering the prime sports year, and it seems football has finally caught up with their generational interest.

It’s also possible that millennials are drawn to this year’s game because of a common millennial saying: “Go big or go home.” But while millennials in general have told Pew they’d watch more if the teams were more interesting, the percentage of millennials who say they are football fans are up 20 percentage points since last year.

Pew’s data shows a similar increase in the percentage of Gen Xers who are football fans, and the Millennial percentage is even larger.




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