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Start off right: At the very least, know that you probably have more in common than you initially realize. Most of us are working to live, trying to figure out how to earn money and support ourselves so we can put a roof over our head and pay the bills. Almost all of us have to work to pay our bills and still have money to live on, while also trying to fill up our social lives. That’s a lot of pressure, and it’s hard not to take personal responsibility for every problem in your life. Our careers, hobbies, and opinions are all markers of how we’ve grown into who we are, and the more we do, the more we’re shaped by our past.

Usually, that means we’re shaped by good things, too. You should be aware that most of the people you meet and the things you do are going to be positive in your life. Sure, you’ve had a bad date, but chances are, the other person probably has, too. You’ve spent a lot of time around other people who are growing and learning, which means you probably have good instincts about what’s normal and right. If you’re meeting new people a lot, chances are you’ll find a lot of normal people in your life, and they probably want to have a good time as much as you do.

What you can do to make your dating life easier: In order to make dating more interesting, put some thought into the way you introduce yourself. It’s good to talk about yourself and your hobbies, but it’s also important to also talk about your exes, your current friends and family, and what you do for fun. You never know when a new acquaintance may be interested in more than just a date. Explain that you’re here to meet someone and make sure your time with them is enjoyable.

You can also take the time to explain to each other why you got into dating. Don’t say it’s because you’re lonely, or that you’re lonely because you’re dating. You both want to be with someone else, and the sooner you can both agree on it, the better.

You know how we talked about normalizing your life? You should also normalize your relationship. If you’re looking for a boyfriend, make sure he can make you happy. If you’re looking for a girlfriend, make sure she can make you happy. You can talk about how you’d like to live with each other, but make sure that
When you’re in your late 20s or early 30s, the idea of dating is pretty normal. You’re living alone (or with a roommate), making time for your studies, working multiple jobs and spending your weekends in the city. If you’re not interested in bringing a romantic relationship into your life, that’s OK. And if you are, know your worth and be confident. The field of dating can seem overwhelming, but fear not: We’ve got your back.

First things first

Before you even start dating, it’s crucial to learn to moderate your own expectations. We’re not saying that you should make unrealistic demands on yourself or anyone you might date; we are, however, suggesting that you realize what you are looking for. It’s one thing to be mature and choose a trustworthy person who will support your happiness, but being a total mush can hurt your dating life as you spend your time searching for a Prince Charming.

Live your life and be happy. That’s a message that’s difficult to put into practice when you’re single, but if you want to date, you have to be happy. If you’re not happy, dating is going to be a miserable experience. If you already have a happy life, don’t get discouraged when your attempts to find love fail.

Take stock of yourself. When it comes to dating, it’s easier to make commitments if you have a good sense of yourself. What do you enjoy about yourself? What do you want to change? Are you happy? Do you have money? In this day and age, it’s not unusual to have such things figured out—but if they’re in flux, then you may need to take a break from dating to get a handle on your life. If you’re interested in meeting a specific type of person, you may want to take some time getting to know yourself.

Get to know your social scene. Having a social scene is essential when it comes to dating. Having friends is great for your self-esteem and general happiness, but maintaining a social life also offers an invaluable opportunity to meet people. You may be meeting more people than you want, but the friends you make will be a critical part of your dating experience. Be sure to take advantage of any social events or parties you’re invited to.

Whether it’s a college party or local bar night, you’ll always meet people in these types of events. While it’s sometimes a good thing to meet people in these settings, it

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