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The suggestive name of Frequency Generator reveals its main function from the start. It is designed to generate audio signals of various frequencies, which ranges between 0.01 Hz and 23999.99 Hz.
Such a tool might be needed for troubleshooting and running tests on audio hardware equipment, but it can also have artistic uses.
Generate tones of different frequencies
What Frequency Generator actually does is output a tone of the frequency you choose. It also features a recording function to help you save the generated sounds to a wave file on your computer for further analysis.
There are various configuration settings you can experiment with, all displayed in the lower side of the interface. Frequency Generator features one carrier and two modulators in AM, PM and FM whose parameters you can modify so as to obtain the tone you are looking for.
Adjust amplitude, frequency and other parameters
You can change the frequency and the amplitude of the signal to alter the tone, apply it peak and split effects, change the trigger mode and level. Frequency Generator enables you to experiment with sine, square, triangle, Sawtooth positive or negative and pink noise waveforms, displaying the signal representation within its main window, alongside the volume level meter.
It comes with multiple oscilloscope types that you can use, namely Con. Lines, Dots, Mir Lines, Spikes and Vert. Lines and features a scroller, an accelerator and amplification effects.
A handy testing utility for hardware manufacturers
Frequency Generator is a great tool for audio hardware manufacturers, enabling them to design and test a device and ensure product quality. Due to the extended range of sounds this application can generate, it is advisable that you make sure the speakers or headphones are set to a low volume, so as to avoid equipment or hearing damage.







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Generate audio tones of various frequencies, what you can do with it
A powerful sound generator for hardware manufactures
Testing of all your hardware via this tool
A waveform generator that will fit to almost all your needs
Easy to install and use
A very good tool for audio manufacturers
The interface is set in black and white
Perfect for music or gaming
Free to download, with no hidden fees
Works like a charm and is free of charge
Here is what you are looking for
Frequency Generator – Output sine wave
A tool to generate audio tones of various frequencies
Great tool for hardware manufactures
Generate a tone of a fixed frequency
A tool to generate audio signals for hardware manufactures
Easy to install and use
Works like a charm and is free of charge
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What’s New In?

Frequency Generator is a one-stop solution for generating audio tones of any frequency and mixing sounds, delivering performance that no other tool can even touch. If you’re in a situation where you need to start a song in a similar way a pop musician or singer does it, then this tool is your companion.
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System Requirements

Download Frequency Generator


Frequency Generator (FreqGen) is a tool used to generate or generate audio tones of various frequencies. It can generate tones in a wide frequency range, up to 23999.99 Hz. The frequency you generate is determined in the Frequency field. Frequency Generator Features two modulators, one carrier, a trim for varying the frequency value of the frequency Generator, two amplifiers, one trimmer, and one oscilloscope. Using the settings, you can generate tones in various waveforms (AM, FM, PM) and Peak, Level, Peak-Violet and Volume levels. Frequency Generator also features a Recording function which enables you to save generated tones of various frequencies to a wave file on your computer for later analysis.Child of the Moon

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