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this is the famous Bengali classic in which Bankim Chandra tries to discover Shri Krishna, the real man, over the centuries.n Please read this carefully before downloading this file.
I give the following information about this file, which was obtained from the person who dealt with it personally. Bengali poetry, rich in food for thought, has been the favorite pastime of Bengali poets for many centuries. The legendary Bengali poet Vardhaman was one of those who considered himself the only prophet in Hindu poetry and said he wrote the Bible of Hinduism. It is difficult to refuse the magnificent Bengali poetry with its usual number of verses, recited in various languages, and continuing in the most varied forms and rhythms. It seems to me that this poetry first appeared in Africa, but there it is not really Bengali-African, but rather South Asian.
I believe that the style of Bengal is most similar to Bengali classical poetry. In this poetry, we see the same presence of a non-theological value system, the values ​​of anarchism, balance, harmony, inner and outer world. And this is the same approach that I use to explain what poetry is – tradition.
Let’s not forget that most of the Bankims, through their own music and songs, approach their lives as singers and dancers. In their poetry you will find numerous forms of song, many of which also take place in numerous forms of dance. Suffice it to mention such wonderful song forms as Juswinder Jatra, Kavita Tena, Karishakra, Balaji Jatreya, Malayalam Kalyani, Amaratha and such classical forms as Jumbili and Jeevanam.
At this point, we will make a brief overview of all forms of dance that are represented in Bengali art. It seems to me that this is a general description for all forms of dance, but at the same time, one can notice individual differences that can add understanding to what Bengali dance art is. There are several dances in which certain elements characteristic of Bharata are found, such as the Jataka dance and the Sanjana dance, which may have influenced many Bankits. While dances such as Ven Jala and Miderana are hard to match with Bankim’s choreographic structure, it is a



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