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Music video from Hooverphonic featuring 2 Wicky. – HD Video download is possible with Turbobit. You can download videos for free from Letitbit.com You can download videos for Windows 7 from Vip-file.com The system update 2731 has just been released, and not a small one. This time the changes affected many file systems…
Yesterday a huge system update was released, which affected almost all components of the OS. The main changes affected the file system, namely the file structure and the search mechanism, although other changes are no less important and significant. I decided to split the update into two parts. The first part is about changing the file format…
A new page has appeared on the Windows support site – the Windows Patch Forum, dedicated to the latest updates to the operating system. Microsoft includes more than 8 different fixes and improvements to the Windows system for modern PCs in the update. With these updates, Windows 10 has become more stable. Previously, starting with version 11.1…
There are rumors on the net about two new applications that Windows 10 will see, these are game add-ons and the Xbox Remote service. Xbox Remotlty includes the new Xbox Live.net cloud storage, games will be free to play Over The Edge online game anytime, anywhere.
Microsoft has taken the second step towards shutting down the now-little Windows 8 project by issuing yet another statement saying that further work on Windows 8 needs to be stopped going forward. do to fix the bugs…
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The release version of the Ubuntu 9.04 LTS Precise Anniversary Edition operating system is a release that marks the 50th anniversary of the launch of the first project to create a multitasking UNIX operating system. This solution will be presented at the Canonical conference, which will be held in September 2015.
Fixed an error in defining the GuestRequest tag in the users section of the task manager. Also fixed a bug when starting games with a certain font.
This section is under development. All fixes are sent to the Microsoft website.
Windows 10 update data is currently being tested by the localization team. Sorry for the






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