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Category:Industrial design
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Category:Computer-aided design software
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Category:Android (operating system) software
Category:Windows software
Category:Pascal softwareIt was the start of the election campaign and we saw what happened to the huge front-runner.

The race was up for grabs. We don’t have to look too far for anyone to blame for Jeremy Corbyn’s failure.

His defeatism. His lack of leadership. His coldness. His claimed weakness. The leftists with their eyes turned firmly towards Labour. The right of the party watching his embarrassment and their messiah collapsing on their watch.

Jeremy Corbyn lost

It was the build up to the election that scuppered him. His insistence on staying neutral got too much mileage. He didn’t respond to Farage. He didn’t really get to grips with the issue of Brexit. His claim that Corbyn was a uniting figure was believed.

When in doubt attack Farage

He didn’t attack Farage. In the face of the UKIP revival and his own obvious mistakes, he didn’t see the need. It was only the relentless campaigning of the Tories that reminded the public of Farage’s existence.

His views on immigration held him back

He didn’t shift to a more positive way of discussing the problem. When in doubt attack his views on Islam or immigration, the words don’t really flow from his mouth.

Not enough authenticity

He appears too scripted and formal. His sermons need the layering of his authenticity and his passion. He doesn’t have the natural ease that Boris or Farage possess.

The Greens

Natalie Bennett is her own person. The voters believe she’s genuine and sincere. Corbyn’s politics were her base and his demise has given her a platform for more honest debate.

The left went to the polls

It was the left who went to the polls this time. Jeremy Corbyn had won the debate a year ago. The Brexit issue returned. Labour’s message of inclusivity was re-framed. There was a genuine discontent on the left with the previous leadership. http://viabestbuy.co/videomeld-1-11-crack-serial-key-free-pc-windows-latest/


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