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Orders for John Nordstrand’s new book Steelhead Lies: My Life in Rivers are now being taken! It’s a collection of 12 non-fiction essays and 40 photographs about the life of a steelhead fisherman.
Not a fisher person? Not to worry! It’s really a group of essays about travel to crazy places, parents, fatherhood, friends, and loss, all built on a chassis of fly fishing adventures.”
Pricing:  $39.99 (includes tax)
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  • $20 Canada.

"Steelhead Lies is like a  shimmering, winding river with one inviting pool after the next, tempting us to fish the water in front hastily to get to a new spot that might be even better. Don’t make that mistake. There’s no one else ahead of you. You have this lifetime river of stories all to yourself. Pace yourself. Savor the experience. Wade along with my old friend John. Relive his finely rendered days of hard gravel underfoot and cold water pressing against his legs—fish or, maybe most memorably, no fish"


- Thomas R. Pero

Wild River Press

"A wonderful collection of writings describing the passion and love of a man's pursuit in search of Steelhead and Atlantic Salmon. --Domenic Arrotta, Senior Guide, Steelhead Valhalla Lodge"


- Domenic Arrotta

"To say that Johnny is passionate about steelhead fly fishing would be an understatement.  He is as enthusiastic about fly fishing for steelhead as just about anyone I know. With has skilled photographic eye he has put together this pictorial display of special reminiscences of life and days afield in pursuit of his passion."


- Art Lingren

Author of Fly Patterns of Roderick Haig-Brown, Thomson, Dean and Kispiox River JournalsFly Patterns of British Columbia and many more fly fishing books



"This is, without a doubt, one of the greatest books ever written about what it is to be a steelhead fisherman--the trials and tribulations of long days on beautiful rivers and the joy of finally landing those fish that just don't come easily. But don't be mistaken, it is not just about fishing. It is a beautiful series of essays about parenting and parents, the loss of loved ones and the gain of new friends on the water, and incredible days traveling, from the tundra of western Russia all the way to the most northern rivers of British Columbia. It is, to put it simply, some of the best writing ever done about life on the water, and it will captivate both the fisher and the non-fisher."


- Marc Nimitz
Steelhead Fishing Guide, Pipe Creek Outfitters



"John Nordstrand is perhaps one of the best-kept secrets of 21st-century fly fishing authorship. A gentleman, a scholar, a true friend, and one of THE best fishing companions a steelhead bum could ask for. Run, don’t walk, to get Steelhead Lies, every word of which is true, despite the title.”


- Craig Spirka

Trout Bum