Victoria 4.2 Pro Bundle (Daz3d Models).torrent



Victoria 4.2 Pro Bundle (Daz3d Models).torrent

The best deals are bundled with your Pro Bundle and are available only as a download. Includes 12 cover images or body scans. Perfect as a great gift to get someone started on their own Victoria 4 journey!

Each body photo or cover scan costs $15. Add each additional to your bundle to receive a high resolution image for only $2.

With the Victoria 4 Professional Bundle you receive the Victoria 4 in addition to a host of other high value Victoria 4 content, all bundled together. This bundle is worth $89.95 alone on its own!

Victoria 4.2 Pro Bundle (Daz3d Models).torrent

Buy the Pro Bundle and you’ll receive the Pro Bundle. You’ll also get all of the content included in the Victoria 4.2 Starter Bundle, in addition to a host of other content that’s worth over $600 on its own!

Your Pro Bundle will include all 15 cover images or body scans that are included with this bundle. You’ll also get a beautiful Victoria 4 mesh with 16 morphs and a custom head, all for only $48!

A host of high-value content is also included, all worth a lot more by themselves!

Not sure what to download first? Here are some of our recommended bundles to get you started on your Victoria 4 journey:

14Character Bundle. Limited to 2 purchases.
$9.95 | Lasts for 5 days.
Get a whole bunch of Victoria 4 characters (plus bonus cover images) for only $9.95. This bundle includes all 14 character models in the Victoria 4 4Character Bundle and another 14 characters. Includes models in Victoria 4 4T Character Bundle 1-9 and Victoria 4 4T Character Bundle 10-14.

Victoria 4 Hero Pack. Limited to 1 purchase.
$69.95 | Lasts for 5 days.
Get even more Victoria 4 content than you can get in the Victoria 4 Professional Bundle, with these savings! Get one character and an amazing pack of skins for the Victoria 4 Hero Pack. This pack includes the Victoria 4 Hero Mesh in her original kit, Skimp’s Victoria 4 Skimp Hero Bundle, and the Victoria 4 Hero hoodie. Get the Victoria 4 Hero Hoodie for FREE!

Victoria 4 Hero Skin Pack. Limited to 2 purchases.
$9.95 | Lasts for 5 days.
Spice up your characters with all of these high quality Victoria 4

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Delete rows from Pandas DataFrame where column value in list

I have a pandas dataframe that looks like this:
Index A B
0 b’32’ NaN 7.800000
1 b’32’ NaN 7.800000
2 b’32’ NaN 7.800000
3 b’32’ NaN 7.800000
4 b’32’ NaN 7.800000

2019-03-23 09:00:00 b’32’ NaN 7.800000
2019-03-23 09:01:00 b’32’ NaN 7.800000
2019-03-23 09:02:00 b’32’ NaN 7.800000
2019-03-23 09:03:00 b’32’ NaN 7.800000

I want to delete rows in which the index is b’32’. How can I do this?


Use Series.isin with boolean indexing:
df = df[~df.index.isin(

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