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1.1. Transparent Layers, Shadows, and Gradients

Transparency refers to the fact that you can see through an image. When you add transparency to an image, you make parts of that image visible. Think of using the color picker tool to add a yellow drop shadow to a black background. See the images below:

You can see through the black background, and the white drops of the shadow are clearly visible even though they blend in with the background. When you add transparency to images, it is important to keep in mind that they will never be completely opaque.

The white boxes at the bottom of the image are examples of transparency on a white background. In that example, they are completely transparent.

A gray background and blue drop shadow:

A white background and black drop shadow:

Suffice it to say, you should always Photoshop away from the edges.

1.2. Water Effects in Photoshop

1.3. Filters

Filters are perfect when you want to be creative in creating different views or textures from your images. You can use them to alter the colors of your image, blur your image, or even create a water effect in your image. There are many different filters available to use and create all kinds of different effects.

The filters are like little self-contained changes to your image. In addition to adding effects, you can also define exposure, contrast, and exposure.

There are two ways to apply a filter. You can either press or click on the filter to apply it, or you can use the Filter effect.

1.4. The Importance of the Color Picker

The color picker allows you to add a new color to the image. By using the color picker, it is a very easy way to change the color of pixels in your image. For example, if you want to apply the color green to a specific area of your image, you can use the color picker to select the color green.

To view the color picker, open the image that you want to apply the color to. Click on the color picker tool on your tool bar. You can select multiple colors, but only one at a time. Colors are added to the image by clicking

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Enhance Bright and Contrast

Enhance Bright and Contrast While in “Paint” mode (rather than “RAW” mode), you can use the Enhance Dark and Enhance Light buttons to increase or decrease the brightness of an image. For example, if the image has a light skin tone, such as a girl’s face, you might want to increase the brightness. In this way, you can enhance the visibility of an image that is dim in daylight or low in contrast. This same procedure works with “RAW” and “Print” images.

Adjust the Levels Control

Use the Adjust Levels control to sharpen or desharpen an image. This feature, which is similar to using the Curves tool in Photoshop, helps to create smoother images.

Sketch or Brush Color

Sketch or Brush Color You can use any color in “Sketch” mode, which is similar to drawing with a brush. The Brush tool is also used to paint with a different color. It helps you create a quick splash of color.

Place a Key (Layers/Colors/Blending)

Place a Key The “Place a Key” tool places colors into an image. It is like the “Draw” tool, but the “Place a Key” tool is used to move colors from place to place, rather than to draw. To place a key, use the keystroke Alt+W.

Adjust Tones and Shades

Adjust Tones and Shades You can use the Exposure, Contrast, Temperature, Gradation and Saturation controls to adjust an image’s tones and shades (the colors in an image). For example, you might use the Contrast control to bring out the details of a dimmer face, while using the Saturation control to bring out the red of a blood-pressure monitor.

Create a Gradient

Create a Gradient You can use the Gradient tool to make a gradient (a series of colors) on a layer that fills a portion of the layer or fills the whole layer. The Gradient tool is especially useful if you want to create a continuous, in-between color that appears to move from one color to another (such as from red to blue). Gradients are best for you when you want to create something such as a glowing background or a clean, modern look.


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Color Selections are great for coloring specific areas of an image.
You can create both a pencil and a brush effect from using the Pencil and Paintbrush tools.
The Clone Stamp tool is used to clean up images, retouch them, create textures, and for other effects.

Objects and Patterns

Drop objects and patterns into your canvas to create interesting and unique textures.
You can also create patterns of texture by using the Creating Patterns and Patterns with Patterns plug-in from Adobe.


Create 3D objects in Photoshop and use them in your designs. You can use the 3D tools to create objects of any size in any position, including freeform objects.
You can also use filters like the Depth of Field to apply depth to 3D objects.


Photoshop Elements can handle a broad range of video formats, including 3D models and video frames. You can also use your computer’s camera (you’ll need a camera that has a USB or Firewire port) or any other device that allows you to capture video.

Combining Images

You can quickly combine multiple images into one in Photoshop.
This is an excellent tool for creating collages or mixing and matching different images to create unique compositions.

Spill Suppression

Photoshop Elements 9.0 and higher include new tools to help you correct images with fewer clicks than before.
The Spill Suppression tool creates a copy of an image that preserves the exposure.
You can also use the Quick Fix option to create a copy of an image that contains the damaged area.

Learn more about any of the above tools, as well as many others, in our How to use Photoshop Elements 9 page.

The powerful Eazel image-manipulation tool enables you to enhance and manipulate images in a multitude of ways. Here are a few examples of how you can use it:

Add text to an image. You can use the Text tool to create text or edit existing text, and you can also apply kerning to the text, making it more readable.

Create various effects on a watermark. You can add a watermark to an image with the watermark tool. You can also quickly apply a background to an image using the Background Eraser and Layer Mask tools.

Rinse and repeat. The Repeat function lets you use a pattern, text, or shape as a mask, which lets you create repeating patterns

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System Requirements For Photoshop 2022 ():

Windows 8.1 (64-bit) or Windows 8 (64-bit)
OS x 10.8 or later (64-bit)
WebGL 1.0 or later
Intel or AMD processor
16GB disk space
DirectX 9.0c, D3D 9.0c
For more information on system requirements, visit the ARK website:
How to install:
– Make sure your Steam client is updated to the latest version.

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