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In this chapter, I show you a number of Photoshop techniques that can help you improve your images while avoiding those that can damage them. You also get a crash course in working with color, making these essential techniques for any photographer.

Creating a New Layer

Creating a new layer is one of the most important tools for controlling the appearance of your image. The Photoshop Layer Window is the key to getting the most out of this versatile tool. (See Figure 1-5 to see the Layer Window.)

Photoshop has several ways of creating a new layer, as I outline in this section.

**Figure 1-5:** In Photoshop, the Layer Window offers several different ways to create new layers.

Creating a new layer using the Layer menu

The Layer menu offers two options for creating a new layer. You can select Layer New, which is similar to the option in other image-editing programs for creating a new layer that belongs to the active image.

Alternatively, you can right-click the thumbnail of the image on the left and choose Layer from the menu that appears. Figure 1-6 shows this window.

**Figure 1-6:** Choose from several ways to create new layers.

Creating a new layer using the Layer panel

The Layer panel is the main feature of the image window and is the window that allows you to create new layers.

If you haven’t used a layer before, you may wonder where you find it and what it does.

You use the Layer panel to control the appearance of your current image. Photoshop has the ability to create new layers from background and foreground objects. You can also merge layers, or double-click the layer thumbnail to select it for modifying. Figure 1-7 shows the Layer panel.

**Figure 1-7:** The Layer panel enables you to add, modify, or delete layers.

The Photoshop workspace is essentially a stack of layers on top of each other. You cannot alter layers after you’ve placed them on the stack.

To create a new layer from the background, press Shift+Ctrl+N (Shift+Ctrl+/\ on a Mac) to open the New Layer dialog box and drag the background over the image. The background becomes a layer on top of the image. To create a new layer that contains a foreground object, press Ctrl+Alt+N (Option+Command+N on a Mac).

Figure 1-8 shows the

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Rui Santos and Terence Wilkins ran out of ideas. The two creative designers, based in London, have used Photoshop since they learned the software in 2006. But after many years of using Photoshop, they eventually began to feel Adobe’s reputation was keeping them from becoming better designers.

“If you’re a creative, you probably tend to be a bit loyal to the big brands, which is understandable,” said Rui Santos, who believes that most designers aren’t aware of the benefits of using freeware and open-source software. “There are so many awesome sites and blogs that share some of the best tutorials, tricks and tips for Photoshop.”

Rui Santos and Terence Wilkins are creative directors for The Bowerbird, an award-winning Sydney-based design studio. They spent a month working on Photoshop Elements to find a solution that not only helped them become better graphic designers, but also improved their workflow and saved them time on the most crucial task in their design workflow, which is editing.

The photo editing software that started it all

In 2006, Rui and Terence started learning photoshop using the Free Academy tutorials (at the time, Adobe’s flagship online training resource). “When we started, it was pretty much all you would need to know to start taking the next steps to become a graphic designer.”

Their goal was to use Photoshop as a tool to produce a wider variety of graphic designs than what they could produce in other programs. Eventually, they were able to move more designs to the web than with other programs.

“When we started using Photoshop, the first version was Photoshop Elements,” Rui Santos said, explaining that at the time, many graphic designers used Photoshop. “This was a much more simple version of Photoshop and a way to get started.”

It took the two designers years to fully learn the software, and they still had to struggle with some of the flaws in the graphics program. “You get very quickly used to a certain workflow and way of thinking when you’re using Photoshop and it took us a long time to learn how to think outside of that workflow.”

“Photoshop wasn’t the first software we used and it wasn’t the last,” Terence Wilkins said. “In many ways, other programs helped us learn to think like a

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Artistic representation

An artistic representation is a visual form that has been created for the purposes of art.

Artistic representation is not to be confused with the production of a work of art, which is normally considered to be a process of collaborative creation.

The term “artistic representation” can also be used to describe a work of non-visual art that is meant to have a visual aesthetic, but may not conform to the rules of a recognized “artistic representation” such as photography, cinematography, computer animation, video or other visual medium.

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Illustration (disambiguation)
Motion picture (disambiguation)

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Category:Art terminology
Category:Communication design
Category:Design occupations
Category:Visual arts theoryJohann Wenzel Weber

Johann Wenzel Weber (28 January 1586 in Oberglogau, Bavaria – 7 July 1662 in Wolfenbüttel) was a German alchemist, theosophist, astrologer, and mathematician. He was a student of Reuchlin and Paracelsus and is credited with discovering the element phosphorus.

Weber studied at the University of Wittenberg from 1602–1605 and then traveled around Europe, arriving in England in 1605, where he was arrested as a possible spy and imprisoned for two years in Canterbury, although he was eventually released. He returned to Germany, where he lived for the next 19 years, first in Würzburg and then from 1616 to 1618 at the court of Archduke Leopold Wilhelm of Austria, son of Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand I, in Innsbruck.

Reuchlin was Weber’s mentor and a student of Paracelsus.

His major contribution to alchemy was the introduction of sulphur and saltpetre, obtained by firing wood in an oven, into the process of producing the philosopher’s stone. In the 17th century, this was largely replaced by the more practical production of saltpeter by burning animal bones.

Throughout his life, he studied the properties of metals. He is credited with discovering the element phosphorus in 1613, and he is also known for designing the Great Wheel and for the naming of Mercury, one of the planets. He was elected to the German Academy of Sciences Leopoldina in 1622.



What’s New In?

How to Cut in Photoshop

Cutting files into layers is one of the most useful tools in Photoshop. There are several ways to cut in Photoshop. All can be found here.

Learn more about Photoshop on the Adobe website.


Sculpting a 3D surface in Photoshop is easy if you are working with a 3D object.

You can access the 3D mode by going to the bottom right corner of the tool bar and clicking on 3D. You can then manipulate the 3D model in various ways and fine tune the surface by using the shapes.

You can also use the Warp tool to manipulate the position of the mesh and adapt it to the shape of the 3D surface. Another method to create a sculpture is to use the Face Paint brush with a semi transparent mask to paint away sections of the mesh.

How to Customize the Windows Appearance

If you want to customize the Windows interface, Photoshop has some tips you can follow. The shortcut “Windows…” on the icon at the bottom right corner of the tool bar can be used. Then select the option “Change Windows Appearance” to find different skins you can download from the web. The Style Builder is a great tool to create your own skin, and the color picker at the bottom right corner of the window can be used to select colors from your desktop.

How to Create your Own Photoshop Brushes

Learn how to create your own Photoshop brushes using Photoshop examples from a range of sources. It’s also a great way to practice your drawing skills or, if you’re particularly good, to offer the services of an artist to other Photoshop users.

How to Create the Perfect Size Photo

A pretty important process when saving an image is to make sure it’s the right size. Resize images to best fit various sized monitors. Here are some tips on how to do it.

How to Retouch Photo with Photoshop

Photoshop is ideal for retouching images. These days it’s a fairly straightforward process, and is one of the simplest editing software packages you’ll find. There are many tutorials for retouching on the web, so you should have no problem.

How to Retouch Photos in Photoshop

You can use Photoshop to retouch your photos. Here are some basic tips to get you started.

How to Retouch Photo in Photoshop

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Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card (not included)
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