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When learning a different imaging software program, try to keep it simple. Don’t try to use Photoshop’s more advanced tools before mastering their basics. If you are successful, you’ll find Photoshop is a worthwhile investment in your skill set.

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# More Photoshop tips and tricks

The following tips can help with image creation and editing:

* Review the `About Photoshop` help topic, which details all the capabilities of the software. You can visit for more information.
* The `Save for Web` menu option gives you the choice of four different file types: JPEG (the industry standard), GIF, PNG, and Adobe Acrobat.
* The `Save for Web` feature provides a variety of options for saving web graphics. However, it’s best to use the standard file formats. You need not convert images in Photoshop before saving them for web use.

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While it doesn’t have a timeline feature, it does have features that help you manage your image library. By using a few more available tools, you can even start to produce your own memes.

This video reviews the basic features of Photoshop Elements to help you get started.

Open Image Using Photoshop Elements: How to Create


Load the image into the image editor. Choose File.

You’ll see the list of images that have been recently added to your computer’s memory (just click the last-used images to open them).

Choose Load. The last-used images will be highlighted in blue.

You can also open the Find Library option under the File menu. This will open the Library window (see the next steps) with your computer’s folders.

Under the Images group, you will find folders with all the images you have stored on your computer. To add a new folder, click the Add button.

Your folder will have a folder icon on the left side. Click and drag the folder into the New Folder window.

Once you add the folder, it will be automatically added to the list on the right.

Choose Load from the File menu.

Your image will appear on the image editing canvas. Choose Edit.

You can also double-click on an image to open it. If you select an image in the grid view, it will be added to the canvas.

You can also use the drawing tools to add simple shapes to the image (for example, lines, text, or boxes). Select the tool and drag it over the areas you want to create.

When finished, click anywhere outside the image area to deselect the object.

Choose File.

You’ll see the library window in a new browser window. The Library window will look similar to the following screenshot:

Choose Load and navigate to the folder where the new image is located.

Your image will be added to the library window.

If you want to edit your image on the image editing canvas, open the image by clicking it once. If you click it again, it will be added to the image library window.

You can use the selection tool to either add a selection to the image or to move it around on the canvas (selecting a piece of the image and dragging it to where you want to edit it).

Once you have

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Install Mail module on VPS

I have recently moved a web application from one server to another, and I have noticed that the mail sending seems to be failing. I’ve managed to get it working on the new server with php by using Sendmail. The problem is that I still have the old server, which is on CentOS 5, where the php / sendmail modules are not installed. Is it safe (or even possible) to install these and try to make it work?
EDIT: I am using the user sendmail, and it is configured on /etc/aliases with a generic name.


You could add aliases to /etc/aliases with a heredoc:
alias name[:args] /path/to/command

It would look like:
# Sendmail being “mailsmtpd”
alias’mail -s “New Message” It’s all about the details.

In today’s information-saturated world, it’s rare to find simplicity in design and composition. That’s because it just doesn’t sell. When a study shows that more people click on a headline than on the lead paragraph, it’s for good reason. Headlines grab readers’ attention and set the tone for a story or advertisement. But if you don’t spend the time to craft your headline and lead, how can you expect your other writing to hold readers’ interest?

Take a look at

What’s New In?

Block out the Noise: My Survival Guide

Today I’m making a list of the Top 10 things to get you through this crazy life. The best way to get stuff done is to plan it out and make a list. If you’re like me, you get too excited and dive into whatever you’re doing. As a result, I now have an amazing list, a list so big it makes me feel sick.

Here it is:

1. Draw it out– draw out the system. Designate a specific hour every day for working on your business and your sales. I have a daily block of time for email. This frees up my mind to be productive and creative for the rest of the day. I also give myself a time to play, whether it’s working on my playlist for the week or my diary.

2. Do one thing at a time– this is one of the biggest reasons people fail. If you’re a musician and making a new album, do not start writing songs for next month’s album. Start with one or two songs and work towards writing the rest of the album. Same applies to business. If you plan to launch a new business or a service, start one thing at a time. If you start too many services at once you’ll put yourself into survival mode and none of them will get done. Don’t try to write the 5 books you want to write.

3. Write it down– make a list of everything you’ll need to do. I also write down all the things that I’d love to do. This is great for motivation.

4. Share it with people– the biggest mistake I made was trying to do it all alone. I needed the backup of a partner or an accountability buddy to keep me on track. Find the right person to share what you’re doing with and keep you on track.

5. Start at the top– you’ll be surprised how much you can achieve every month. You need to tackle the most important thing first. If you start too big, your energy will be drained and you’ll never finish.

6. Break it into small pieces– again, planning is vital. I keep my goals in different tasks. This way if one task gets too big, I can move it over to the following month.

7. Forgive and forget–

System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP (SP2), Windows Vista (SP2), Windows 7, Windows 8
CPU: Intel Pentium III (Dothan) or AMD Athlon (K6) or better (this is not verified)
Memory: 128 MB RAM
Hard disk: 40 MB available space
Video Card: DirectX 9c-capable with 256 MB RAM (this is not verified)
Sound Card: DirectX 9c-capable
Mouse: DirectInput compatible, pointer control

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