ArtCAM 2015 (x64) Keygen Keygen Fixed ⛔

ArtCAM 2015 (x64) Keygen Keygen Fixed ⛔


ArtCAM 2015 (x64) Keygen Keygen

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How can I programmatically identify the type of adapter on a cell?

In iOS, I have a custom cell that is reused many times. It’s just a UITableViewCell. The reuse identifier is the same for all its instances, so I use a static object to make sure I don’t create a new cell with a different identifier.
// Not a real implementation
static MyTableViewCell cellForMyTableView(UITableView myTableView)
// Get the reusable cell for a given reuse identifier
MyTableViewCell reusableCell = (MyTableViewCell)myTableView.dequeueReusableCellWithIdentifier(“MyCellReuseIdentifier”);

// If it’s not just a reused one, call the custom init method
if (reusableCell) {
[reusableCell myCustomInitMethod];

return reusableCell;

Question 1:
When I configure my cell’s prototype, I can check the type of the prototype’s item by accessing its subproperties like this:
static MyCustomCell prototypeItemCell = (UITableViewCell)cell.Prototype.Item;

// Then I can check the type of the prototype cell
if (prototypeItemCell.IsDataCell) {


But how can I programmatically identify the type of the cell? I thought I would have access to the subviews of the cell but the subviews array is not accessible outside the cell class:
if (prototypeItemCell.Subviews.Length == 5) {


Question 2:
How can I identify the type of the cell from outside the cell class, like in Question 1? How should I modify my code?


You can just use the prototype cell class to get the type. Just after you create the prototype cell, initialize the type. Just call [UITableView

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