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In addition to the new “HyperMotion Technology,” FIFA 22 also introduces a brand new FIFA Ultimate Team card-builder with a brand new rating system based on the FIFA 22 Draft Mode and the addition of player ratings from Pro Player Intelligence, a new player intelligence engine that ensures every player has all the data they need to find them more consistently.

FIFA 17 Ultimate Team enjoyed the top-rated Mobile app in the iTunes App Store for four consecutive weeks.

We’ll bring you more new features on FIFA Ultimate Team in the coming weeks, including the ability to place Skill Games around the match, the Daily Tournaments mini-tournaments within the weekly FUT Weekend Tournaments, and the ability to trade cards in the Core bundle for all FUT packs. And if you’re not playing Ultimate Team, don’t worry, Ultimate Team Seasons will keep things fresh, as they did last year.

We’re making a couple of other gameplay improvements and updates to the game in total, including:

Improved handling in skilled duels

Carousel behaviour in the upcoming FUT Draft Mode

Card pack balancing

New Statistics

In the World Cup of FIFA, and in FIFA Ultimate Team, we’re constantly striving to create new and exciting gameplay features that bring more fun, more surprises and more drama to the football simulation. We’re excited to share some of the gameplay improvements and new features coming to FIFA Ultimate Team this summer.As always, we are committed to continuous improvement on the game, and we hope you enjoy these new features and gameplay improvements as much as we are. Enjoy the game and good luck, auf wiedersehen.The FUT Draft Mode will be available at 11am PT on July 19th, with the ability to select your FUT matches around 7pm PT on July 19th.You can read a developer blog here If you don’t have an account for PlayStation 4 yet, you’ll need to create a new account, and also set your platform to PS4.

Already have an account for PS4, and have FIFA 17 with Season Pass?

If you have already bought the FIFA 17 Season Pass, you will have an account for FIFA 17 Ultimate Team automatically. Just log in to your account and you’ll be able to play FUT Draft Mode straight away. If you do not own FIFA 17, you will have to register your account at


Features Key:

  • Play as real-life professional players and legends.
  • Be guided by the direction of the manager and chart your own career path and experience various leagues and teams in more than 200 countries around the world.
  • Enjoy different gameplay modes such as Player Career, Draft Champions, and Ultimate Team.
  • Choose your favourite real-life team and club and play a fun match, complete with realistic environments and all-new physics.
  • “The Journey” – venture beyond the pitch and into the real world of FIFA with the brand new “The Journey” – Challenge yourself on a new set of licensed daily missions that are unique to the community. Obtain rewards for yourself and others as you complete different goals.


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Started in association with the game’s creators in 1991, FIFA is the world’s most popular sport video game series. Play by over 100 million people every month, FIFA is now a part of EA SPORTS and is the official videogame of FIFA, the official videogame of UEFA, and a global marketing partner.

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FUT – makes its long-awaited return with a brand new way to play and collect, battling in friendly matches with your friends and rivals. You can take on your favorite teams and compete with them to become the best player in the world. Select from your favorite players and legends and then build your dream team from scratch. In FUT, you can trade players, cards, and even stadiums with your friends, earning card packs and coins that unlock new players and items. Gain experience points for matches you win, rank up in your current club and climb the leaderboards for a chance to face off against your favorite players. Create and share your own custom squads and experience the most authentic club soccer in video games.

Player Impact Engine – A brand new force-feedback physics engine improves ball control and provides an all-new player experience, keeping you in control of the game with more direct and responsive touch-based play.

Improved Attacking – Easily deliver accurate, intelligent and powerful through balls, while having the ability to be more influential from the run and dribble. In addition, attacking players have an array of new and improved techniques to help them unlock new progression and experience.

Simulate Match Atmosphere – The brand-new Match Atmosphere system delivers a more authentic experience than ever, with authentic crowd reaction and crowd behavior throughout the game and with new camera angles providing more choices than ever before.

*Rivalries – A completely new set of rivalries are created as top clubs go head to head in a number of new competitions, ensuring there is something for every single fan to get excited about.

*International Matches – Authentic World Cup and UEFA Champions League matches bring the excitement of the world’s biggest clubs and leagues to FIFA 22.

A brand new Player Creator now puts your favorite player at the center of the action, letting you create a custom stadium and attire. The Player Creator lets you choose from an array of iconic players and is the perfect tool for anyone who wants to dream up their favorite footballer as they play.

PLAYER EDITOR – Custom Kits – With these new kits, you can now create iconic team outfits, emulating the greatest clubs and players.

New Import Options – Import your favorite players and complete your roster. With these new import options, you can unlock and customize your favorite players with true-to-life kits and attributes, and then create your own custom kits.



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