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Comtekk Tone Generator Activation Code Free PC/Windows (2022)

■ COMTEEKK Tone Generator is a powerful and easy-to-use software product designed for radio services, testing, simulation and engineering.
■ COMTEEKK Tone Generator supports many popular radio protocols including conventional TCP/IP, VOIP and digital stations, such as GSM, PCS, DCS, ACARS, MRDS, RADNET, AMR, NORDIC, and the universal tone encoder, and so on.
■ COMTEEKK Tone Generator does NOT simulate real telephony, that’s why is named COMTEEKK, because it is not a real VoIP software.
A common example is the simulation of a tone-remote console, with CTCSS and 2-tone page signals.
Here are some key features of “Comtekk Tone Generator”:
■ Tone generator
■ CTCSS Encoder
■ DTMF Encoder
■ Tone paging – All single and 2-tone formats
■ 5/6-tone ANI or selective calling / paging
■ Tone remote control (single or dual tone)
■ Universal tone encoder
■ Audio Oscilloscope
■ Audio Spectrum Analyzer
■ CPU: Pentium II 300MHz or better.
■ Memory: 200 MB RAM
■ Hard Disk: This application requires less than 5MB.
■ Monitor: SVGA with 4MB, 1024 x 768 resolution preferred.
■ Sound Card / Audio Device: 16-bit stereo, full-duplex, MS-Windows compatible.
■ 15-days trial
■ Single-tone generator, Mixer, & Compatibility Test only in trial version
■ You need to purchase Comtekk VoIP and Station simultaneously from
■ the same page.
■ Also available for MS Windows 7
About Comteekk Software and Comteekk VoIP:
■ Comteekk Software is a software company with strong technology experience.
■ The software products including Comteekk VoIP and Comteekk Station are so different
from the others. They are the true VoIP and Voicemail products for MS Windows
■ All software packages for MS Windows are provided by Comteekk Software,

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* Installing and Upgrading can take long period of time.
* Close the application and then press the RUN button from the taskbar to start application immediately.
* In rare cases, issues can occur during upgrading. Restarting can be needed. Please use the update link on the Main Menu to ensure a smooth installation and a fast upgrade.
* After an upgrade, please delete the temporary Comtekk folder inside the C:\Windows folder and reinstall all optional components (firmware) of Comtekk.
Many users have seen this message on the Comtekk icon in the system tray during upgrading.
(* Upgrading is only available for Comtekk version above 5.8.23).
There is a chance that some screens might look similar and will not allow you to enter additional data.
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Comtekk Tone Generator Crack + Activation Code With Keygen Download

Generate audio signals with the direct access to the PC’s sound hardware.
Create any audio device, with independent level controls for each device.
Comtekk Tone Generator utilizes the Windows default sound device.
The necessary driver is automatically installed if you have never used Windows sound before.
Visual waveform display of audio signals.
Three views are available for the waveforms:
■ Full screen mode
■ Panel mode
■ List mode
Full Screen Mode:
The full-screen waveform displays multiple audio sources, level controls and mute in a single display.
The level controls are by default by the order of the audio devices in the sound system.
Here is a full-screen view with an audio device (Soundblaster PCI) and two separate audio generators.
You can easily switch between audio devices and audio generators.
The waveform is displayed in a dual monitor mode.
Panel Mode:
The waveform in this view is a miniature form, with “help” window displaying all available parameters.
List Mode:
This view shows the complete list of available generators and devices in the system.
Each device has a unique ID number at the top, and is either a device name or a device type.
Devices can be chosen by scrolling up or down on the list.
The Sound Driver may be changed by clicking on “Change Driver”.
If you change sound driver, you will be prompted with the driver change confirmation window.
Click “Yes” or “No” to confirm.
If you click “Yes” the new driver will replace the current driver with the default Windows driver.
You will be prompted with the change confirmation window.
Click “Yes” or “No” to confirm.
Waveform Settings:
The default waveform settings are based on the PC’s default sound device, so some of the waveform settings may vary.
However, you can easily select any other type of waveform settings in the Window.
The settings are:
■ Peak: Set to “Peak” to see the peak of the waveform, or “RMS” to display the RMS.
■ Level: Set the waveform on and off.
■ Mute: Set the waveform mute on or off.
■ Boost: Set the waveform on and off.
■ Pan: Set the left side or right side of the waveform.

What’s New in the?

Comtekk Tone Generator is designed for audio service/testing, simulation, and engineering.
With a freely choosable Generator based on DTMF and Tone, you can produce the following signaling types for audio service, testing, simulation, or engineering:
■ Tone remote control (single or dual tone)
■ Anechoic chamber signal: Wideband of anechoic tones (DTMF, speech, sound, music, all in the same session)
■ A/T/T Switch – Tones with a/T/T switch applied
■ A/T/T Switch – Tones with a/T/T switch applied, also with A/T silence suppressor
■ A/T/T Switch – Tones with a/T/T switch applied, also with A/T Silence suppressor
■ An echo signal, with anechoic echoes of the original signal and of the echo replays.
■ Various codecs (MSG, AKA, TFC, TFS, BOC, RFR, VOC, MSF, and other)
■ CTCSS and DTMF (selectable at software startup)
■ Dual tone – Dual tone is a pair of tones (or tones with a slight interval) for DTMF, where one is used to indicate that the signal is a CTCSS and the other is used to indicate that the signal is a 2-tone page.
■ Extensible: The sound device can support built-in sound cards / audio devices, and can be changed as required at anytime.
■ Universal tone encoder: Comtekk Tone Generator can simulate and decode tones from multiple encoders, including those in Motorola DTMF, G2DTMF, VODF and their customized productions.
Other notes:
■ The sound device can be changed at anytime.
■ To make frequency switch-over, the microphone beeps.
■ There are no limitations to the number of generators and destinations.
■ The original sound comes from the default sound device.
■ You can convert between two modes, Real sound and ISO sound, at the same time.
■ The sound of the ISO mode is stabilized.
■ The current sound device output can be saved as a sampler.
■ The

System Requirements For Comtekk Tone Generator:

OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Processor: Intel Core i3 @ 2.9GHz or AMD Phenom II @ 3.6GHz
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: Intel HD 3000 or AMD Radeon HD 6000
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Storage: 55 GB available space
Additional: 1 GB free disk space
Processor: Intel Core i3 @ 3.6GHz or AMD Phen

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