Xpeon-Zen 1.2.1 Crack (LifeTime) Activation Code Free [Mac/Win]

Xpeon-Zen is a lightweight desktop enhancement utility whose purpose is to help you place a sidebar on your screen that lets you access various utilities, such as note keeper, batter watcher, calculator and search tool.
User interface
The sidebar resembles the Charms bar adopted by Windows 8. A smart button integrated in the GUI allows you to hide it from your view. When you hover your mouse cursor over the left side of the desktop, the sidebar automatically reappears.
Monitor battery, agenda, memory, and file system
Xpeon-Zen gives you the possibility to set up various widgets that allow you to keep an eye on different system options. You can monitor your battery, get notifications when it exceeds a certain level, and pick the widget style (metro or widget).
In addition, you can configure daily, weekly, monthly or yearly reminders, watch memory usage and automatically kill processes which exceed a custom value, as well as look for file system changes.
Create notes and activate several tools
You can create notes by providing information about the name and typing the desired messages. Plus, you can lock them.
Xpeon-Zen lets you copy multiple text items to the clipboard, assign system hotkeys for faster actions, work with a simple calculator, as well as add desktop tags and shortcuts.
A few general settings enable you to change the color of the sidebar’s background, alter the font color, pick the preferred position on the screen (left side or right side), and run the application at Windows startup.
We have tested the program on Windows 8.1 Pro and come across several bugs. It crashed several times while trying to create widgets and became unresponsive upon configuring some settings.
Bottom line
All in all, Xpeon-Zen provides a simple way for helping you create multiple widgets for monitoring various system-related tasks. Tips and short descriptions about the program’s capabilities are shown in the GUI but they are not translated accurately into English so it may prove to be difficult to understand how the tool works.







Xpeon-Zen 1.2.1 Crack + For Windows [2022]

✅ Tag your applications with Desktop Tags
✅ Run default commands at Windows startup
✅ Record, note, and lock your desktop view
✅ Schedule reminders and perform keyboard shortcuts
✅ Run several tools like a calculator
✅ Quickly copy several items from the screen
✅ Drag and drop widgets from the AppBar
✅ Protect/Unprotect your PC files
✅ Display built-in wallpaper
✅ Display hidden files
✅ Open/Close your documents with
✅ Set system hotkeys
✅ Control your memory
✅ Launch apps at Windows startup
✅ Lock your screen with a password
✅ Schedule Windows updates
✅ Check out customer support
✅ Check your CPU usage (Smart Indicator)
✅ Hide or show icons (System Tray Icon)
✅ Write notes
✅ Set your system time and date
✅ Quickly browse files and folders
✅ Add apps to your Start screen
✅ Access your files and folders

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It is a simple tool for personal finance, but it is very useful.
The main features include:
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Instruments for personal finance user interface

Xpeon-Zen 1.2.1 License Keygen [Latest-2022]

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Xpeon-Zen 1.2.1 [32|64bit]

Drag and drop (with custom action) a new Xpeon widget (one with a triangle).
Create multiple Xpeon widgets.
Hover over the Xpeon widgets to show or hide them (smart icon).
Configure the Xpeon widget (visibility, size).
Display the system resources of your computer or add a long-press action (memory, battery).
You can move the icon or rename it with the mouse.
Use Xpeon to remember all your passwords (keyboard shortcuts).
Set a keyboard shortcut for simple tasks (calculator).
Jump to a desktop tag when you open your computer (hotkey).
Create a shortcut for quickly accessing your desktop folder (shortcut).
Copy multiple text items to your clipboard (Clipboard Manager).
Set Xpeon to automatically find the last image when you open your computer (Windows Explorer integration).
Assign a shortcut to “Show / Hide Xpeon” icon (shortcuts).
Edit a text item, create a note.
Create a timer (hours, minutes and seconds).
Display widgets on the desktop (with a long-press action).
Save settings.
Select the type of widget and the background color (metro or widget).
Create a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly reminder (task scheduler).
Configure widgets using hotkeys and quickbar (with a long-press action).
Save widget configurations (when you open your computer).
All preferences are saved (also when you close and restart the application).
Change the text size (with a long-press action).
Save keyboard shortcuts.
Xpeon-Zen System Requirements:
Windows Operating Systems
Windows 8, Windows 8.1
Windows Vista or Windows 7
Windows PE
Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows PE
Operating System
Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Windows 8, Microsoft Windows Vista
2.5GB of free space on the C drive
Xpeon-Zen may be downloaded as a portable executable file (Xpeon.exe). Its installed size is approximately 14.8 MB.
Trial version installer (Free)
(Can be launched manually and doesn’t include installation files, you need to manually extract files after the installation process is complete)
Home version installer (Free)
(Includes installation files, you need to manually extract files after the installation process is complete)

What’s New in the?

This widget-enhanced desktop utility is dedicated to helping you keep your system healthy and save you time and money. The program is feature-packed and easy to use. It lets you monitor your battery, set reminders, get notifications, monitor system processes, create notes, copy multiple items and assign shortcuts.
Key Features:
Xpeon-Zen Features:
With the help of Xpeon-Zen you can create multiple widgets that contain different functions. In the following, we list the most common.
Startup reminders
Assign your favorite hotkeys.
Newly purchased.
Other applications have changed ownership.
System processes have changed.
System processes have changed from Windows 8.
System processes have changed from Windows 8.
The system memory has changed more than 1 gigabyte.
Main widget.
Widget with the quick launch button.
Widget with the back button.
Widget with quick search.
Widgets with descriptions.
The user interface.
General settings.
Daily, monthly and yearly reminders.
Remind me when the battery is low.
Remind me when the battery is out of range.
Remind me when my battery is out of range.
Remind me when my battery capacity has exceeded 20%.
Remind me when the battery capacity has exceeded 20%.
Remind me when my battery capacity has exceeded 10%.
Remind me when my battery capacity has exceeded 10%.
Remind me when the battery is at 0%.
Remind me when the battery is at 0%.
Remind me when the battery has fallen below 30%.
Remind me when the battery has fallen below 30%.
Remind me when the battery has fallen below 5%.
Remind me when the battery has fallen below 5%.
Remind me when the battery capacity has dropped below 4%.
Remind me when the battery capacity has dropped below 4%.
Assign your favorite hotkeys.
Set application defaults.
Assign shortcuts.
Tag the file system.
Set the desktop shortcuts.
Assign a system time shortcut.
Assign a system time shortcut and have it display the calendar.
Assign your favorite hotkeys.
Change the clock format and date format.
Create your own calendar.
Create your own calendar and display in reverse chronological order.
File system.
Default monitor settings.


System Requirements For Xpeon-Zen:

Windows 7 (64bit)
Windows XP (64bit)
Windows 2000 (32bit)
Minimum 1GB of RAM
16GB of free hard disk space
DirectX 9.0c
200MHz or faster CPU
64bit Windows operating system
1250×1050 or higher resolution
1024×768 or higher resolution
DirectX enabled video card
1GB or more RAM
It is strongly recommended that you have 16GB of free hard drive space and at least 1GB of RAM


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