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If you are looking for a quick way of turning a regular image into an icon, you probably prefer a software utility that provides you with the basics in terms of editing and conversion. Once such application is IconMasterXP, which comes with support for a wide assortment of file formats and is capable of making some changes to your pictures here and there so that they look exactly as you want them to. Helps you preview and convert images into icons First off, just by looking at the program’s user interface, you can see that straightforwardness is one of its main targets. You can access the most important tools it brings about by exploring either its top toolbar or its menus. You should start by selecting the images you want to convert, with all the major file formats being supported. As such, you may rest assured that the program can handle anything from PNG, JPG, and BMP to TIFF, EMF, ICO, and more. Clicking on the picture you want to process automatically displays a preview so that you are aware of all changes in real time. And since we have touched upon the subject, you should know that, in terms of modifications, there are quite a few options. Lets you resize, rotate, flip images, apply filters  There are various color modes, also called bit depths, you can choose from, and a series of filters, such as Threshold, Contrast, Light, Edge, and others, can be applied as well. Aside from that, resizing your picture should raise no difficulty whatsoever, and flipping or mirroring it should be equally simple. Making adjustments to the zoom level of your preview is possible, which means you can make sure no detail escapes your attention. All in all, IconMasterXP is a nice application that helps you create icons based on any image. Both the input and output file formats it supports are varied, and a well put-together set of editing tools and filters are available for you to use in order to create perfect icons. Given this as well as the fact that the program has a low memory footprint and ran flawlessly during our tests, it’s safe to say it’s worth a try.







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With IconMasterXP, you can create advanced icons faster than you can say werwolf. Whether you want to create self-banners, web templates, application icon sets, or simply want to add some unique flair to your web pages. You’ll find it easy with IconMasterXP. Main features: Easy to install, easy to use! Create self-banners, web templates, application icons and more with ease! IconMasterXP is a fast and fast program for creating self-banners, icon sets, and applications icons. Super easy to install, just zip and go! IconMasterXP is extremely easy to install and requires no manual work. Full source code is available. IconMasterXP is a single executable file. IconMasterXP preserves original file icon name, size, and layer settings. IconMasterXP automatically converts images to other images when enabled. IconMasterXP includes a shortcut to the Go\Create New Icon. IconMasterXP works directly with image files – no external databases, zip files, or templates are needed. IconMasterXP creates icons optimized for desktop and web viewing. IconMasterXP includes a video tutorial on how to get started. IconMasterXP is intended for personal use only. Flexible, configurable interface: – 5 user interface (UI) themes: default, dark, light, high, and highlight. – image preview: you can resize, rotate, flip, invert, resize, add shadows, or add an alpha channel to your image. – output: can be selected from a list of image formats such as PNG, GIF, JPG, BMP, TIFF, PNG8, SWF and more. – you can select which layer in the image you want to keep. – adjustable icon size and chroma. IconMasterXP is a fast and fast program for creating self-banners, icon sets, and applications icons. Full source code is available. IconMasterXP is a single executable file. IconMasterXP preserves original file icon name, size, and layer settings. IconMasterXP automatically converts images to other images when enabled. IconMasterXP includes a shortcut to the Go\Create New Icon. IconMasterXP works directly with image files – no external databases, zip files, or templates are needed. IconMasterXP creates icons optimized for desktop and web viewing. IconMasterXP includes a video tutorial on

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IconMasterXP Torrent Download is a software utility that makes converting a regular picture into an icon easier for you. Basic editing tools With the program, you can easily turn any image into an icon. By making sure you meet all of the requirements set by the program, you are able to edit the preview image as you want it, all while saving a variation of the original file. That is not all, either. Being able to boost the brightness and contrast of the image, as well as to increase the image’s contrast, helps you get a better-looking icon. Besides that, you can easily modify other aspects of the image, such as its zoom level, the color depth, and the way it is displayed on the screen. Add filters and special effects IconMasterXP enables you to make a variety of conversions. Apart from resizing an image, you can get this done by mirroring, rotating, flipping, or even cropping it. After your conversion is done, you can use the program’s built-in preview facility to make sure you don’t miss anything important. IconMasterXP is a software utility that provides advanced editing features and a wide range of tool options for converting any image into an icon, icon button, or any other specialized icon. IconMasterXP is easy to use and comes with all of the tools you may need. The program lets you make adjustments to your converted image, making it so that your final output looks just as good as the original picture. You can apply various filters to your picture in order to get more creative results. The tools and filters available in IconMasterXP cover a wide range of formats, which include ICO, GIF, PNG, JPG, BMP, TIFF, EMF, and more. Apart from making your picture look more professional, the program can also rotate, crop, flip, and zoom your picture. This means that even if you have a regular image, you can easily turn it into a customized icon or even a logo. Besides that, IconMasterXP comes with a couple of options for improving the usability of your computer. This means you can easily save space on your hard drive and improve your memory usage. Another option IconMasterXP offers to its users is a resizer, which helps you with resizing any picture. Apart from resizing and converting images into icons, the program can offer you other conversions as well. Once your image is 7ef3115324

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Easily turn your everyday images into beautiful icon sets with… IconMasterXP is an application that makes the process of creating icons that are actually recognizable a lot easier. Created with the task of making the basic graphic editing, conversion, and mixing tools available for everybody, IconMasterXP is not only a first-rate image viewer, but it is also a rather complete icon software solution. The program’s appearance is quite striking, and though its functionality is still far from ideal, IconMasterXP is an icon software toolkit you can use to create icons in no time at all. IconMasterXP is basically a graphic image viewer, and its main tool of interest is the powerful preview function. This feature will certainly appeal to anyone, and will make it quite easy to create icons without knowing much about image editing and conversion. Create professional icons with IconMasterXP IconMasterXP provides you with a large image editing library as well as many graphic files, tools and commands, and there are many ways you can utilize them. But the most important feature this software comes with is its preview function, which is capable of making your icons look outstanding. IconMasterXP’s preview function is quite useful and makes creating icons you will be proud of a lot easier, because you will be able to see all the possible changes in your picture in real-time and take them into account as you go along. IconMasterXP has a tool that lets you edit the alpha channel, which means you can add an alpha channel to your icon by just adding the image as a transparent layer. You can also apply filters to your images, resize them, rotate them, cut them, and much more, and IconMasterXP’s feature set is only limited by your creativity and your imagination. IconMasterXP’s editing tools are a mixed bag. Some of them are quite promising, but IconMasterXP could have really taken a few risks and improved their quality. Still, the overall quality of the editing tools IconMasterXP provides for you is very good, and with very little effort, you will be able to create amazing icons that look like the ones you see in the real world. Convert images into icons with IconMasterXP IconMasterXP is a much better converter of images into icons than it is a graphic editing toolkit. The latter’s tools are pretty poor, and are limited by the feature set they can provide. Still, IconMasterXP comes with a great conversion

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IconMasterXP is a light-weight application for converting and editing images into icons. With this app, you can easily create various icons using any image file, including JPEG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, PSD, RAW, and more. This app consists of a wide variety of powerful features that allow you to apply modifications to your icons. You can apply various filters to your images and use the auto adjust tool to give your icons a sharp appearance. You can also adjust the sizing, transparency, and color of your icons by using the resize, fill, and crop tools that are present. The program also lets you preview your icons before you save it as an ICO file. This application does what it promises – it makes it easy to convert JPEG, BMP, GIF, PSD, and other picture formats into small but powerful icons without much hassle. And thanks to its vast variety of capabilities, it may very well become a very useful tool in your toolbox. • Convert your images into icons and save them as ICO files • Easily adjust your icons using various editing tools • Preview your icons as you work • Several color modes, bit depths and filters available • Supports both JPEG, BMP, GIF, PSD, RAW, TIFF, ICO CleanAperture is a light-weight photo editing and management application for the Mac. CleanAperture allows you to adjust images with ease, crop them, flip them, and modify brightness and contrast. CleanAperture Features CleanAperture is a feature-packed application, as you would expect from a program that started out as an iPhone app. The program features many tools for you to choose from, allowing you to make changes to your images to make them more beautiful. CleanAperture supports a wide array of image formats including JPEG, JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF, and more. You will also need to have at least the latest version of Adobe Photoshop installed if you want to take advantage of some of its tools, but we will get to that in a moment. You are not limited to just adjusting images in CleanAperture. You can also perform some basic editing tasks like rotate, flip, and resize. If you are still looking for more options, CleanAperture also lets you edit image brightness and contrast, apply filters, apply noise reduction, and even use tools from Adobe Photoshop. When you are happy with your changes, you can save your images in virtually any format. In addition to the


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Windows XP Windows 7 Windows 8.1 Mac OS X 10.7.5 A 1024×768 screen Playing with a mouse Easy control A keyboard Buttons A DVD drive A proper audio output (speakers or headphones). Optional hardware and software: Mouse: USB keyboard: DirectX: The ‘DirectX’ page on the Wikipedia describes DirectX as “a specification that provides a software interface for hardware and multimedia devices in


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