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• Cutting-edge predictive software that works with all lottery games, like Pick 3, Pick 4, Pick 5, Pick 6, Pick 7, Pick 8, Pick 9, Pick 10, Powerball, Mega Millions, and Keno
• Generates bonus numbers for Powerball and Mega Millions
• Supports the latest changes in the lotto industry
• Configures lottery results for all over the world
• Stores winning and bonus numbers
• Backups data on a disk and recovers lost data
• Analyze statistics
• Show you your best/top/worst bet
• Print results
• Free from ads, pop-ups, nag screens, etc.
• Easy of use
• Licensee: Lotto Logic, Inc.
Lotto Logic is a small software company, focused on creating the most useful predictive software for lottery players. We believe that all lottery players deserve the best and most accurate prediction software out there.
Version 1.1.0 build. 1359 released
Bug Fixes:
• Fixed a problem where the arrows were appearing in the wrong location
• Fixed a problem where 3D view could not be accessed.
• Fixed a problem where the maximum number of entries in a ticket was 5.
Lotto Logic 1.0.2 build. 1354 released
Bug Fixes:
• Fixed a problem where the Marklist could not be added or edited in the settings
• The right view arrow never showed up if there were no hot and due numbers in the Marklist.
• Fixed a problem where it appeared impossible to enter more than 5 entries in a ticket.
• Fixed a problem with “date” search when Start Date was greater than End Date
• Fixed a problem where the ticket would not display properly in rare instances when the ticket could not be opened
• Fixed a problem with password protection
Lotto Logic 1.0.1 build. 1352 released
Bug Fixes:
• Fixed a problem with the Marklist
Lotto Logic 1.0.0 build. 1351 released
Bug Fixes:
• Fixed a problem with the Marklist
• Fixed a problem where numbers could not be selected
• Fixed a problem where it would appear impossible to enter more than 5 entries in a ticket.
Lotto Logic 1.0.0 build. 1353 released
Bug Fixes:
• Fixed a problem with the Marklist
Lotto Logic 1.0.0 build. 1349 released
Bug Fixes:
• Fixed a problem

Lotto Logic Professional Crack Serial Key [Win/Mac]

Game prediction tool by Lotto Logic. Get as many winning numbers as you want: from 3 to 10. Lotto Logic Professional Crack Mac automatically predicts and picks the most profitable lottery numbers for you.
It’s an award winning application designed by professional lottery players and we don’t mind risking our reputation to say that Lotto Logic is the best lottery prediction tool.
Lotto Logic is the definitive game prediction tool for any lottery.
Lotto Logic is the No.1 lottery prediction tool – 100% guaranteed.
You may have heard about other lottery prediction tools but you don’t know how those numbers get calculated.
The Lotto Logic algorithm is like black magic and there’s no other tool or software like it – that’s why it’s been awarded the “Best of Show” award for 10 years running.
Lotto Logic packs in over 1 million winning number combinations for dozens of international lotteries. It’s the biggest and best database of lottery results in the world.
The Lotto Logic algorithm is designed to help you pick the most profitable lottery numbers – even if you play by random.
Lotto Logic Predicts the winning lottery numbers for jackpot lotteries and smaller non-jackpot lotteries like Pick 6, Pick 4 and others.


Intro It is a simple yet effective lottery number picker application for Windows. You just need to input the required numbers and then the tool will select, rank and find those winning numbers for you. The program also includes features like automatic picking of the numbers based on the previous draw, features for individual numbers and also includes several useful features like report table, summary with winning numbers and history, autofills, numbers archive, auto start & stop the program, program directory & program settings, and more.

Find and Pick winning lottery numbers using the intuitive automatic or manual mode. You can define the number of random numbers (20-50), the number of numbers to be chosen (1-5), the number of pick to be made, the type of pick to be made (Quick, manual or archive), and also define the source of the number to be made. These settings can be made as independent settings or based on the previous draw.
You can create as many delay rules as you want for the list of numbers to be picked.
The report tables include a summary for the

Lotto Logic Professional Crack 2022

Highly customizable lotto software to help you find the best range of past draws with easy to understand info display
Greatly increases the chances of winning and comes fully loaded with advanced features.
The application has been tested and approved by a vast majority of its users.

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What’s New In?

The tool costs $12.95 and can be downloaded from:

This is a little plug-in for counting and comparing numbers. It has a handy find box that lets you find all the numbers for a specified query on all your sheets. There is a Compare Results option where you can compare results between 2 sheets or all sheets. It can save results on a spreadsheet to be able to just update one file and have all your results be updated in an instant.

LottoLogic Pro 1.2.0Description:Lotto Logic Professional is a lightweight Windows application developed to help lottery players predict future draw numbers using a set of dedicated tools.
The program works with all lottery games, namely from Pick 3 up to Pick 10, generates bonus numbers for games like Powerball and Mega Millions, and is suitable for Keno and Quinto games.
User interface
You are welcomed by a multi-tabbed environment which allows you to quickly access the main features of the app, namely ticket selection, range finder/tracker, ticket checker/selector, data entries, automatic archives, as well as configuration settings.
Although the GUI looks well structured, you still need to take some time and experiment with the built-in features in order to understand how it works. There’s also support for a help manual in case you want to find out more about its features.
Get draw numbers
Lotto Logic Professional gives you the possibility to follow five built-in steps for helping you set up initial configuration settings and predict draw numbers, namely enter winning numbers, check your tickets (TKS file format), select the best range, process the ticket package, and save the tickets to TKS file format. The tool performs searches throughout the entire database of past draws in order to find the best range of past draws.
The application lets you store information about your bonus or powerball numbers and past winning number draw date, back up data to a file so you can recover it, perform searches by date, numbers or any match, as well as print and save the results.
Ticket selection
You are offered the freedom to select the numbers for future draws based on the information displayed in the main panel. You can check out up to 14 Hot numbers and 14 Due numbers, and add personal numbers or edit the information.
Final words
All things considered, Lotto Logic Professional comes packed with

System Requirements:

Windows 7/8/10 64-bit (SP1)
20 GB Free Disk Space
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 Ti 4GB or greater
OS & XBC Version:
Android Version:
Signed-in Runescape ID:
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