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PS_View was developed as an easy-to-use, accessible and user-friendly PostScript and PDF previewer.
PS_View is designed as a cross-platform Graphical User Interface software that is based on the Ghostscript engine.
PS_View comes featured with magnification, fast viewing of large documents and exact measuring.







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Saves current paper size before printing,
Allows alignment of paper,
Displays real zoom in or out view,
Allows pixel by pixel magnification of document,
Allows you to measure and resize images,
Supports PDF and PostScript documents,
Manages multiple documents,

PS_View Features:

Manages multiple documents,
Displays real zoom in or out view,
Allows pixel by pixel magnification of document,
Allows you to measure and resize images,
Supports PDF and PostScript documents,
Allows switching between cross-document viewing and real-time viewing,

PS_View Installation:

You can download the latest released version of PS_View from the official download page.

The PS_View installation package comes supplied with a written tutorial that fully explains to you how to install the software.
You can read the following tutorial, and learn a lot of information about the PS_View software:

This is the free version of the PS_View software that comes with the following software features:

Supports pdf and ps documents:

Preview only:

PDFs and PS files

Real-time zoom and resize images:

Up to 1.5x magnified view

Allows you to measure and resize images:

Mikko Koopalainen (PS_View author)

PS_View is the open source project and is distributed under GPL v3.0 license.
Mikko Koopalainen (PS_View developer)

The PS_View author and developer, Mikko Koopalainen, has a blog where he shares his thoughts about the development of his project.
If you want to know more about the PS_View project and it’s development, you can read this blog of Mikko:

If you would like to request a feature in the PS_View software, you can open a support ticket in the PS_View Support forum or send an e-mail to the author (Mikko Koopalainen).
If you would like to report any bugs or you have any ideas on how this software can be improved or corrected, you are welcome to report it in the same Support forum.
Mikko also develops a new project that has many similarities with PS_View. This project is called “PS_Slide”. It is a slide viewer for presentation materials (slides, outlines, and in-line pictures

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(1) PostScript & PDF previewer.
(2) Tool-tip window.
(3) Magnification.
(4) Overprint
(5) Public-keyword.
(6) Color mode.
(7) Universal.
(8) Play mode.
(9) Print mode.
(10) Dimensional view.
(11) Cross-referencing.
(12) HTML export support.
(13) Random text search.
(14) Language recognizer.
(15) Language list.
(16) Zoom window.
(17) Row number.
(18) Column number.
(19) Up and down buttons.
(20) Reverse view.
(21) Back/forward buttons.
(22) Search box.
(23) Bookmark list.
(24) Bookmarks window.
(25) Bookmark view.
(26) Navigation window.
(27) Navigation/seek.
(28) Line numbers.
(29) Locators.
(30) Paste.
(31) Color tool.
(32) Line tool.
(33) Arrow tool.
(34) Zoom tool.
(35) Grid tool.
(36) Zoom rate.
(37) Image sequence.
(38) Image vector.
(39) Filter.
(40) PDF.
(41) Character encoding.
(42) Search path.
(43) Screen/layers/objects.
(44) Line width.
(45) File encoding.
(46) File extension.
(47) Outline/grouping.
(48) Structure.
(49) Fill color.
(50) Fonts.
(51) Font sizes.
(52) Auto-text.
(53) Ruler.
(54) Undo/redo.
(55) Bookmark list.
(56) Separate/outline/shading.
(57) Play/pause.
(58) Show/hide.
(59) Close/minimize.
(60) Remember/forget.
(61) Index.
(62) Select all/deselect all.
(63) Backup/restore.
(64) The search menu.
(65) Live Trace.
(66) Show Calc origins.

PS_View Crack + Free

PS_View is a simple, yet efficient, comprehensive graphic utility for both working professionals and amateurs. It is a universally compatible solution that can easily work on the majority of computer systems, including Apple, Microsoft, *nix and Linux. The software’s impressive collection of extensive features include scaling, a collection of magnifying tools, measuring tools, annotations and an on-screen ruler.
– No registration required
– Read PDF, PS and EPS files
– View PDF in landscape/portrait
– Printout PDF, PS and EPS files
– Multi-monitor viewing
– Printout on a standard printer
– Multiple-page PDF, PS and EPS viewing
– Outline checking (for PDF files)
– Annotations (annotations, comments, boxes, underlining, colors)
– Magnifying glass
– Set a zoom factor
– Setting automatic page/sheet skipping
– Setting an offset for Scaling
– Printing page-by-page on a standard printer
– Showing the oldest page first
– Merging pages
– Multi-page PDF and PS merging
– Multiple-page PDF splitting
– Left/right/center margin and bleed margins
– Right/left/center header/footer placement
– Setting a one page resolution
– Changing the margin between pages
– Drawing a rectangular area on a page
– Magnification of the specified area of the page
– Easy and automatic document printing
– Thumbnails for viewing the PDF files
– Fast page searching
– Arabic, Chinese, Czech, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, and Ukrainian languages support
– Plus some other languages added by users
In addition to the standard image viewer that supports the majority of image types, the software supports a second viewer that displays the original file with its original size and layout and is suitable for high-quality images (PNG, TIFF, JPEG, JPEG2000 and PSD).
Version 2.0
– Multi-monitor viewing support
– Printing page-by-page on a standard printer
– Auto page skipping in the latest version
– Set the offset for scaling
– Merging pages
– Multiple-page PDF splitting
– Printing left/right/center margin and bleed margins
– Automatic document printing
– Set a one page resolution
– Arabic, Chinese, Czech, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Korean, Norwegian, Polish

What’s New in the?

An Easy-to-Use Cross-Platform Graphical User Interface Software for Previewing PostScript and PDF Files.
PS_View PDF, PS, EPS, C and TIFF Files and also PDF/A-1 and PDF/A-2 Files with a degree of PostScript compliance.
When using PS_View to view PDF Files, it automatically opens the PDF File in Adobe Reader with the ability to extract text and graphics.
PS_View PDF Files including the text and graphics can also be extracted to Word, Excel, and Power Point.
Full Unicode (UTF-8) support and support for languages such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, and Vietnamese is provided in this application.
PS_View is published by Pentagram (Vadb, 1995) under the GNU General Public License and was created by Kurt Zimmerer.


PostScript and PDF Files
Cross-platform compatibility: Windows, Linux and Mac OS X
High resolution printing
Printing documents with graphics
Copy and paste
Exact measuring and undo/redo
Automatic opening of PDF Files in Adobe Reader with the ability to extract text and graphics
Fast printing
Double/triple scan
Edit document
Goto beginning, previous or next page in document
Goto next/previous page in a page
Undo/redo function
Launch by default

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System Requirements For PS_View:

Minimum system requirements for Warframe
OS: Windows XP SP2 or later.
Processor: Dual Core processor 1.6 GHz or later.
Memory: 2 GB RAM or more.
Graphics: DirectX 9.0c graphics card.
DirectX: Version 9.0c.
Hard Disk Space: 500 MB free disk space.
Warframe is supported on the following video cards:
Adobe Flash Player:
Adobe Flash Player (version 10.3) is required to run the

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