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MythTV is a free and open source software application and an opensource media center based on Linux. It supports many multimedia formats and devices. MythTV can record, store, and play back digital television, VCR, DVD, AVI, MP3 music and more from both over the air and cable sources. MythTV uses your existing software and hardware components as much as possible to achieve this. MythTV has a simple yet powerful and extensible control language, the Myth Control Protocol, or MythC or MCAPI, to control many aspects of the operation of MythTV. It also provides a set of tools, such as the MythTV Web site, which allow you to control your MythTV setup from any Internet-enabled device.
Mythfront Description:
Mythfront is a stand-alone front-end to the MythTV backend. It allows you to watch live TV and record TV with a remote control. It can also edit a live TV show or play back TV recordings, and it provides the ability to synchronise your recordings with your TV guide data.
Mythfront also comes with a front-end for the XBMC media centre which allows you to view your TV recordings and play back all of your media on your TV, a computer and perhaps even on the internet.
Links to Mythfront – click on the Mythfront logo to open the front-end.
MythWeb Description:
MythWeb is a standalone web server for MythTV that enables you to add programs from your Mythbox to your MythWeb site using a simple interface. You can use your MythWeb site to view recordings and browse the guide data of your TV. MythWeb includes a handy web interface that allows you to make changes to your MythWeb configuration and displays the latest updates to your MythWeb site. MythWeb can also perform MythTV-based actions like watching a recording, or adding a recording to your program guide.
MythWeb Description – Click on the MythWeb logo to open the web interface.
Links to MythWeb – click on the MythWeb logo to open the web interface.
MythMusic is a free, open source, multiplatform music player application. It does not store your music collection, rather it searches multiple databases to get music information about your songs. Music can be played using the applications intuitive graphical interface or in the terminal. MythMusic does not hold your music in any way. It uses the MySQL database as a storage system for all the music metadata.
Links to MythMusic – Click

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Mythtv is a free, open source and extensible system for personal video recording and playback. With the aid of MythTV, you can record live TV and watch it later, search for programs by keyword or browse program schedules, and watch recorded programs on your TV, PC, or other devices. It consists of a Linux-based backend server and any number of frontend clients, such as a MythTV box or a Windows Media Center add-on. It can also be used on other operating systems if a frontend client is available. The backend server provides the library of TV channels and programs, and schedules the actual recording. It has a MySQL database and a web interface that allows the user to browse channel schedules, view live TV, and view the recorded programs.
How to install the MythTV Sidebar Gadget:
1. Download the MythTV Sidebar Gadget
2. Add the package to archive and extract it to where you wish to install
3. Use Vista Sidebar Gadget Manager to add the to the sidebar
4. Use this file to refresh the device.
Technical support:
Our support section has 3 basic support options.
1. Online support through our forums. Can get a bit slow as there is only so much they can answer with our forum, however they may make the other options less useful.
2. Phone support – as a option. Contact us on our contact page, we will ask you a few questions and then if needed arrange for one of our team members to call you at a time convenient to you.
3. Email – short answer by one of our team members, no live chat during the day.
*MythTV Sidebar Gadget is not officially supported by MythTV, however as a MythTV user, it is likely you will be able to use it with little to no hassle.
If you have any issues with the MythTV Sidebar Gadget, please email us at

Vista Sidebar Gadget: MythTV Information Tray

Vista Sidebar Gadget: MythTV Information Tray

Vista Sidebar Gadget: MythTV Information Tray. Creates a tray that contains some nice information about your MythTV install and is controllable via Vista Sidebar Gadget Manager.Q:

Unwrapping Optional within a list in Swift

Given this code:
var name = “user”
var dates = [“2011-01-01”,”2011-02-01

Mythtv For Windows

“Here is a MythTV Sidebar Gadget that displays status of the different parts of your MythTV system, including:
encoder status
guide data status
disk status
Upcoming recordings
The Sidebar Gadget also includes a status bar that you can use to configure MythTV Settings. You can also use the Sidebar Gadget to trigger a Mythweb Server refresh if a MythWeb page needs updating (according to your configuration in MythWeb Config Settings). The Sidebar Gadget can be used for the following:
* Start your MythTV system
* Trigger a Mythweb refresh if a web page needs to be updated
* Monitor the status of one or more MythTV servers
* Listing channels and shows
* Monitor your recording schedule
This Sidebar Gadget is a Universal XP Sidebar Gadget. This means that it will display correctly on both XP and Vista machines.”
How to install
1) The first place to check is the Mythtv wiki. Official Wiki for MythTV is here:
2) Using information on the mythtv wiki, extract the following files (You will need an account to access the wiki):
1. mythtv-setup.exe
2. mythtv-setup.xml
3. mythtv-setup-gui.exe
4. mythtv-setup-gui.xml
5. mythtv-setup-gui.jar
7. mythtv-setup-gui_x86-enu.exe
6. These all extract to a file called mythtv-setup.exe
7. You are not done with the wiki yet! You need to check out the FAQ as well! You can find the MythTV FAQ at:

(The FAQ page has a bunch of valuable information that is covered in other Mythtv wiki pages, namely:
Just a note: If your LiveTV tuner card is brand new, it will not work. This is not a fault on the card, but rather a fault on the hardware it needs to be interfaced with. Mythtv treats all LiveTV tuner cards the same: it has no way to detect this at installation time. If your card

What’s New In Mythtv?

The Mythtv Sidebar gadget displays the status of your Mythtv setup. It was developed by Dave Harrison. It is an extension to the Myhtv backend and displays various details. It talks to the Myhtv backend and gathers various details including:
* Encoder status
* Listings status; number of days of data and last mythfilldatabase result. The number of days will turn red if it falls below a configurable number of days.
* Disk used and free
* Upcoming recordings – currently limited to the first 3 only due to lack of space on the sidebar.
* MythWeb for more information.
Links to MythWeb – click on various areas in the gadget to open up MythWeb in your broswer:
The MythTv logo opens the MythWeb home
The MythTv Control Panel opens MythWeb in a full screen window
The MythTv Icon opens MythWeb in a tabbed page for easy navigation
* MythTv icon
* MythTv Control Panel link
* MythTv Album list
* MythTv Program list
* MythTv Search listQ:

Dependency Injection in Nested Components

I’ve recently started using dependency injection to give my components access to external services, and decided to refactor a lot of code to follow this convention.
I have a component to handle the search for a plan, which is used throughout my app (booking, search, etc)
public class PlanSearchComponent : AngularDependencyInjectionComponent
public PlanSearchComponent([RouteParams]PlanSearchParams planSearchParams)
if (planSearchParams == null) throw new ArgumentNullException(nameof(planSearchParams));

var authService = _serviceProvider.GetRequiredService();
var datePicker = _serviceProvider.GetRequiredService();
this.scope = new Container.OptionsScope()

System Requirements For Mythtv:

· CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 @ 2.53GHz with Hyper-Threading
· RAM: 2GB
· Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 with 256MB video RAM
· OS: Windows XP Home
1. Click the Download icon to begin the download.
2. Install the program.
3. Play an Ultra Violent game.
4. Press Esc from the desktop
5. Press the F5 key
6. Press Enter to accept the EULA
Not all games

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