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winTin++ is a TFC-based MUD client which conforms to the WinTin++ specification (Mud Client Compression Protocol). It is intended to be a public beta for the final release which is expected by the end of June. We expect to introduce a client-side session builder, available via the WinTin++ menu, which should allow the user to construct the client from a core mud session. This is a useful feature for the users of smart clients, or those who would like to have a pre-constructed client for a new mud where the default client has not yet been written. Once a session builder is available, this will allow more extensive usage of the WinTin++ features, as it would eliminate the need to write a new client from scratch each time. Another feature we will be introducing soon is a fully scriptable client. Once scripting is enabled, we intend to use it for creating backup systems for your precious mud files. WinTin++ Support: WinTin++ is supported by the TFC source code packages. You can check support for WinTin++ with the “Supporting software” link at the bottom of the WinTin++ project page. (Sorry about the broken link.) WinTin++ Installation: WinTin++ can be installed from source via the WinTin++ project pages. These packages include all the supporting software (TFC & WinTin++). WinTin++ License: WinTin++ source code is released under the GNU General Public License. You can find the license at the bottom of the WinTin++ project page. WinTin++ Installation Details: WinTin++ currently only supports the MCCP protocol. If you have supported clients, you can start the WinTin++ client using the following command line on the command line: winTin++ -c /path/to/mccp/client With a pre-made mud client you can run WinTin++ like any other MCCP client. This will automatically configure the client session to the core MCCP client. WinTin++ Feedback: WinTin++ is designed to be as self-contained as possible. This makes it possible for it to be ported to whatever operating system you wish to use. We would very much appreciate any feedback you can provide. A: I’m interested as well. I have

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=============== WinTin++ is a console client for MUDs with support for Mud Client Compression Protocol (MCCP), Mud Master Chat Protocol (MMCP) and most TELNET options used by MUDs. Like MUDs, WinTin++ is an application rather than a library or module. It provides an interface to the MUD so that customers and user groups can play, hang out, chat, communicate, share projects, etc. through the MUD, much like a MUD designer can provide a client to customers and users. WinTin++ is used by several MUDs, most notably Rhadamanthys, MudOS, Aisle-MUD and Ragnarok MUD. WinTin++ can also be used to communicate with MUDs with the same software running the MUD. WinTin++ provides the minimal set of MCCP commands, with only a subset of the MMCP commands, and supports 255- color X11 if the host’s graphical server supports it. The player’s screen can be split to two windows, one for mud commands, and one for VT100 status information. WinTin++ is designed to be screen reader and blind friendly. It can playback the scrollback buffer for games of MUDs with VT100 scrollback display. The WinTin++ interface is implemented as an “I/O Filter” on top of the MUD’s input/output (I/O) service. It uses the standard MUD input/output model, which means that WinTin++ interacts with the MUD only through the MUD’s Input Output Service. The MCCP protocol is fairly simple: a regular expression and any number of patterns is searched for in the scrollback buffer. If any of the found matches are the strings “CCCP”, “T2CP” or “U2CP”, the corresponding MCCP command is executed. MCCP commands include global, logout and abort options. There are some MCCP commands that are not mapped to the standard MUD I/O commands, so WinTin++ will need to use its own commands to complete them. Other features: ================ WinTin++ provides many more features than a basic MUD client. MCCP commands are described 2f7fe94e24

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===================== WinTin++ is a client for Telnet connected MUDs, currently supporting SunMUD, UnixMud, MasterMUD and many other MUDs. WinTin++ uses many features of the Win32 API for user interface operations. It supports the operation of various Telnet-specific features such as colors, ICCON, telnet header compression, and the operation of special keys. Please visit our forum to ask questions or share your experience about using WinTin++: FUDforum is a forum for users to discuss, share experiences and opinions on the current and upcoming features in FUDforum. FUDforum is maintained and hosted by, and is currently the only support forum for FUDforum. FUDforum is intended for informational purposes only, and participation is not required to be a commercial software user. We at FUDforum reserve the right to monitor any user activity on this site. We know how much you value your privacy, so this site does not collect any identifiable information except when you voluntarily share it. You may post in public or private forum messages without identifying yourself. If you post or send a copyrighted image, we may take appropriate action. However, FUDforum will never impose a restriction on the use of images on this site. As stated above, this site is maintained and hosted by FUDforum, and is not affiliated with FUDforum is for informational purposes only, and participation in this site is not required to be a commercial software user. We make no guarantee of the accuracy of the information on this site. We will not accept advertisements for commercial software on this site.Although the oldest music in Vedic tradition dates back to 4200 BC, the music we find in the Vedas is essentially primitive music, without any single composer. The Vedic age represented a transition period when a rudimentary form of musical notation was developed. Also, the Vedic composers, (Sruti is the Sanskrit word for a musician) typically used flute and drum. Performers would play the Vedic melody on these primitive instruments and the crowds would sing along. The Vedic composer was not concerned with the placement of notes and they didn’t care how many seconds it took to sing a melody. The Vedic composer simply sang the melody and the crowd filled in the parts. These musical concepts are clearly seen in the

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WinTin++ is a console MUD client that supports the WinTerm 256 colors and most TELNET options used by MUDs. I’ve used WinTin++ on a MudServer and a regular MUD with great success, and have been a happy MudMaster for the past 15 years. A little while ago, however, I started replacing the mud console with an xterm 256 colors console. I’ve now switched to the xterm 256 colors console whenever possible and I don’t have to adapt to the console operating system. When I do see the WinTin++ console, I’m still comfortable with it, because WinTin++ is doing what I want, and still doing it well. When I do use the xterm 256 colors console, it feels like another MUD client, with a different interface, almost a new MUD client.  It has a different command line, with different capabilities, and different features.  Even though the console has no graphically enabled applications, I can type in only about a third of what I can type in the WinTin++ console.  It’s a great console to use when I’m out of ideas, and my fingers get tired of typing in long strings of characters. By using xterm, I’m doing WinTin++ a disservice.  I’m doing WinTin++ a disservice, because if I’m using the WinTin++ interface, it’s easy to get into my head, and forget that there is a console, with no pretty picture, no “glyphs”.  There is only the pretty typed in stream of characters, which is so much more easier to type, if you’re tired, or it’s a long day, and you’ve typed in a string of a thousand or two characters, a whole lot of eye strain, and losing “focus”. I wanted to hear your opinions, what would you do?  Should I use the xterm console?  Should I use WinTin++?  Which one’s easier to type in, and which one’s better?  It has to be one of them, right?  Please answer, without being sensitive of where you answer from,  or what model of computer you use, or what computer you are using now. I can’t afford to have my eye strain from typing in a tmux window, or from using a TTY client. I have yet to have a client that works–9lE-4JUn6AL

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Minimum: OS: Windows 7 64-bit Processor: 2 GHz or faster Memory: 2 GB Graphics: DirectX 9.0 Compatible Video Card DirectX: Version 9.0 Recommended: Memory: 4 GB Graphics Card is Not Required Windows 7 Mac I Need Help,

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