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Alice first


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • East of West, Everything Comes to an End.
    A violent and endless struggle surrounded by deadly traps and enemies awaits you in the Lands Between. The Elden Ring of your character acts as a powerful light, and as you progress through the story, your bond with your equipment also grows stronger, allowing you to wield powerful weapons. Make use of your bond and enhanced weapons and unleash your power to slay your enemies.

  • Seamless Connection to GamePlay
    The game’s online element supports asynchronous online play, which allows you to easily communicate with others in the same room while you enjoy cooperative RPG gameplay. You can interact directly with your fellow adventurers and experience the power of bond, a fundamentally altered state that allows allies to freely cooperate with each other.
  • Permanent Change
    You’re allowed to freely change a character’s equipment; you can easily change skills and items to enhance your play style. The number of usable items is also greatly increased, which allows a variety of new combinations of items and skills.
  • A New Style of Online Storytelling
    The simultaneous online play elements are designed to give you a vast sense of presence through scenes with other parties, and allow you to interact with them in your leisure. Will you gather the pieces of the scattered fragments of a story, or will you unravel the mystery?
  • Limitless Imagination
    The Lands Between have a vast world, and there are many items and enemies that can be found in this world. Enjoy your journey of wonder as you discover the changes your character undergoes. As you explore the overworld, the number of items and enemies found is constantly changing.
  • An Evolving World Full of Importance
    The world’s monsters and items are allocated according to the difficulty of the Land Between. As you progress, the number of rare items increases. The chests can be opened by fighting enemies, and revealing their contents increases your strength.
  • Additional Screenshots:

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    *All pictures are for illustrative purposes only and are from the complete version of the game.


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    Elden Ring X64

    Deleted Scene 01

    Tomo Kenzo Aiza

    Mae Niino

    Curse the Once-loved Symbol

    The moment they open that door, the “Pray” command can be used.


    The “Pray” command restores the power of the Elden Ring.

    The edenic ring that restored the power of the main character has been retrieved.

    The adventurer who trespassed into the forbidden Land of Chaos.

    The shadow that keeps watch over the Land of Chaos.

    New World of Fantasy

    June, Yours

    The Adventurer who Sought the Power of the Elden Ring

    The once-loved symbol that was lost has been restored.

    The Glory that has never faded has been restored.

    A new world of adventure has been created.

    The player’s personality expresses itself.

    The once-loved symbol will be fully expressed.

    The dungeon that unravels the mysteries of the main character.

    The friend that accompanies the main character on a journey.

    A first dungeon that will further enhance the vision of the main character.

    The adventure that will take the main character on an unexpected journey.

    God’s Brother

    Not alone – I’m with you!

    The Adventurer who came to restore a power that has been lost.

    The quest for power that has reached its completion.

    A dungeon that unravels the mysteries of the main character.

    The adventure that will take the main character on an unexpected journey.

    A friend that accompanies the main character on a journey.

    A new dungeon that will further enhance the vision of the main character.

    It is known as a “World of Fantasy”.

    A sanctuary built by the distant past.

    A sacred land that remains untouched by the world.

    The sound of rain will echo from the sky.

    A deep and vast lake.

    A world of mysteries.

    The eyes of a woman who guards the cave.

    God’s Sister

    A woman’s tattered attire.

    A woman’s cries.

    Her lonely voice.

    A raging storm and the voice of the wind.

    A fervent prayer.

    A sacred land.

    A cavern of light and fire.

    A room where the


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    Set the course to the Elden Fringe and begin your adventure with or without others. Play the game that connects you to the virtual world of Dungeons & Dragons.

    Enjoy some RPG fun on the go! Whether alone or with a friend, use intuitive touch controls to quest through the beautiful environments around you.  When you get in a pinch, tap on-screen functions to attack, cast spells, navigate menus, or open your inventory.
    Experience the pleasure of gaming on the go.
    All settings are accessible by touch with your physical Move controls. It’s perfect for playing on the go, while running or cycling!

    ]]>Peek inside the next-generation graphics:
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    Download Elden Ring


    • Run ELDEN RING as Administrator to install the application.
    • Close other software before installing ELDEN RING.
    • ELDEN RING is installed and it works fine but there may be several problems:

    a. Unable to connect with online network.
    b. Unable to connect with server, You should update your internet line and/or try a second time to login.
    c. Unable to login with Playstation account.
    d. Unable to login with Steam account.
    e. Unable to login with Microsoft account.

    So with this problem you will not be able to login and not be able to connect your account.

    So after this problem you should use the “fix” that I post on your comments.


    • Very important! If you access the crack file from third-party website and download the crack file from free download servers, then in the future you will not be able to update the game.

    • You can’t open it if the protection is activate or if you have installed it on VirtualBox.

    • ELDEN RING will be playable without activation for 6 months.

    • If the crack is not on the key, then make sure that you have full privileges to use the crack.

    • Currently ELDEN RING is playable on 2 days and 12 hours.

    • If you did not read all the topic:

    1- Activate the crack,

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    5- Do not forget to update regularly the patch of the game.

    • If in these days the game is not playable, then write the topic that you’re play or that the game is cracked.

    • If you face a problem you can comment me your problems on my mail:

    • You have to agree on the license of ELDEN RING

    • You can’t publish or upload the crack file.

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    How To Crack:

  • Extract the /r/lttar using WinRAR
  • Open terrass_r1.0.0.exe using WinRAR
  • Run terrass_r1.0.0.exe (Optional)
  • Do not run the terrass_r1.0.0.exe (Required)
  • Install the provided ini and exe files
  • After installation completes, close the main menu, go back to the input window, open terrass_r1.0.0.ini (CTCP), and type “mirror”.
  • When the config write completes, open terrass_r1.0.0.exe, and do not run any scripts you may see in the ini. Hit “Next”
  • Check your Video driver in the ini file, your game should now run in fullscreen with windowed mode disabled! Otherwise your game won’t run in fullscreen. Save and exit.
  • How To Run & Play:

    • Initiate a multiplayer game in the main menu. Choose Online Match, in the options window check ‘Local’ and click ‘Start Match’.
    • If this is the first time playing Multiplayer, you will be prompted to download and install the Steam platform.
    • Once your platform is up to date, local multiplayer will begin!
    • Once the game is configured, the default play mode is Exhilarating Dungeon (IDEAL)


    This game brings the next-gen experience to your living room.

    Total Recon Division: Kingdoms is an independently developed game for your xbox 360 console with made in Canada.


    Remake of the unique Atlas concept of Tarnished.
    Elden Ring – Overhaul of its parent class, full redesign from the ground up. Bigger, better and more fun.
    Terrain – A seamless world and vast


    System Requirements:

    OS: Windows XP SP2 or later
    Processor: Intel Pentium 2.4 GHz or better
    Memory: 64 MB RAM
    Graphics: Video card must be DirectX 7 capable, and 256MB RAM
    DirectX: Version 7
    Network: Broadband Internet connection. Must download updates and patches during initial setup, and for the first time you play.
    Additional Notes:
    It is assumed that you have the Game DVD-ROM, installed for the first time.
    The Game CD contains online content, or


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