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Name Virtually Real Life
Publisher Administrator
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For most of the people, football is the only way to enjoy the moment.
However, for a few of you, it is a chance to feel crazy
and break all the rules.
Join the game of CRAZY BIGHEADS
and see all the crazy rules you can break.
Once you get a character, you can play alone or challenge friends online.
You can now… transform yourself into CRAZY BIGHEADS
… and see the world from a new angle!
Whatever your character, you will always have fun,
because CRAZY BIGHEADS is really a crazy ball game.
So, if you are looking for a game with a lot of laughs,
… CRAZY BIGHEADS is for you!
You have been requested to validate your email address before having access to our site. If you do not, you will not be able to access the game.
Please re-check your email.
You are now connected to the CRAZY BIGHEADS server.
Have fun!
Enter your email in order to validate your account.
You are now connected to the CRAZY BIGHEADS server.
Enter your email to be able to validate your account.
You are now connected to the CRAZY BIGHEADS server.
Yes! I accept the CRAZY BIGHEADS terms.
You are now connected to the CRAZY BIGHEADS server.
Please enter your CRAZY BIGHEADS code.
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Your CRAZY BIGHEADS account has been successfully created.
Enfant vert
Young & curious
Crazy inside
Dazzled by the world
Violet parleur
Green vira
Smart & a loner
Start the game, and let’s see what our luck will be this time.
It’s your chance to see the world from a new angle.
Adorable Anna
As mothers, our role is to protect our children.
But sometimes, that’s not enough…
And our children are not safe in the house.
You must find a way to protect your children.
But everything does not get rid of the crazy ideas.
Remember, you have to protect


Features Key:

  • Key Game Key
  • Epic RPG Game
  • Fight the Beast of Corruption
  • Save the world
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    Playable Cars
    Every car in this game is customizable in many ways such as the Safety Car, a.k.a “Fódio” and the Turbo. Each customization is available by using the currency called “Verde”.
    » Safety Car (Fódio) — More effective on rainy circuits but gets slower in a desert due to the environment conditions.
    » Turbo — The fastest car on tracks without a speed limit such as Dragon’s Ridge, Kimmere, La Triglia, Estoril, Estoril Park and many more.
    Race Cars
    Between a road car and a high speed car, there are many car manufacturers (which is the coolest car model in the showroom and the most expensive car in the garage), and more than 200 different car models. Also, all customizations are available which includes the following:
    » Paint Job
    » Interior
    » Tires
    » Wheels
    » Lights
    » Special Parts
    » Color (the most expensive part in the garage)
    » Exterior Color (of the vehicle)
    » Armor
    » Shield
    » Fenders
    » Inner Frame
    Folding Cars
    A foldable car is the third type of cars that can be customized with 4 different parts such as wheels, inner frame, etc.
    Car Parts
    You can customize many car parts such as the following:
    » Wheels
    » Tires
    » Inner Frame
    » Lights
    » Fenders
    » Armor
    » Shields
    » Door Sill
    » Panel
    Vehicles are the fourth type of car that can be customized with 11 different parts such as:
    » Paint Job
    » Color
    » Exterior Color
    » Shields
    » Door Sill
    » Fenders
    » Tow Hooks
    » Armor
    » Interiors
    » Lights
    » Inner Frame
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    What’s new in Virtually Real Life:

      (Living Kabuki Theater)

      Dr. Alex Boese shows us the technique of a world-class horseback performer.

      Alex Boese recently initiated a new theatrical process at Living Kabuki Theater, the group that he co-founded in Tübingen, Germany. The show is produced almost entirely by hand.

      In addition to carrying out the many activities that constitute mounting a show—from lighting, setting, seating, and designing the actual show, to coordinating the technical costumes and materializing the numbers—the artist also acts in the show. This is his seventh year playing the role of the samurai.

      This is a preliminary before the final miracle, the show’s magical ending. I’ve seen about a dozen of the other kabuki plays, so I know what to expect, however this one has just ended. This is the hundred third time I’ve come here (I got to know the theater at their first festival in 2012). I’ve been here waiting for hours, leaning on my horse, sitting on the horse with the horse, sleeping in a changing tent, getting on and off the horses at the exact same moment, getting up and sitting down in the same spot, getting up and sitting down constantly, and being in the same rehearsal room for weeks, man, MONTHS.

      I’ve been here in this exact spot since 6pm. There is still about an hour left before this kabuki play and there is a rehearsed of times when the audience will enter the theater. The queue will die down for a while, so I can finally make a short break.

      With the magic of my telepathy (the sense of having the ability to “read” another person’s mind; but even more, the ability to read their character, emotions, traits, and motivations), I am able to foresee the coming hours of waiting. I’m able to familiarize myself with the space. As every horseback rider knows, you must adapt the way you ride to the way you direct/control your horse. You have to make it comfortable for them, it has to know that you know what’s going to happen before it does—because otherwise it could flip out and start bucking or otherwise fall out of the saddle.

      The two horses in front of me—the horse on my left and the horse on my right—are fantastic, there’s no problem here.


      Download Virtually Real Life For Windows [Updated] 2022

      If you like minimalistic artwork and similar games, this is a good game for you.

      You’ll have a fun time solving puzzles with your tiny fingers.

      How to play
      Click on the object(s) you want to cut. Move the cursor around with your mouse. You will see a little yellow slice line appearing. Press the keybindings that match the movements of your mouse cursor.

      What can I do with the particles?
      There are particles on the screen that cause the cursor to rotate.

      Press N to reset the particles.

      You can change the sensitivity in the settings.

      Why the finger simulation is not visible?
      This game is totally playable with a mouse only.

      The finger simulation is only there if you want to play with your gamepad.

      How to play another game mode?
      You can play more than 225 unique levels.

      HOW TO PLAY:
      You can play the entire game in the free mode.

      You can try the creator mode by purchasing the game for 69.99 Eur.

      The game has multiplayer. It’s not mandatory for multiplayer to play.

      If you want to play with other players, you can join a game with two players with a game called “Twilio”.

      To play alone, you have to login to the web client (you need an email to login).

      To play in multiplayer, the game needs TWO devices (desktop or laptop).

      Both devices have to be placed next to each other to play with other players.

      You can set the server IP and port in the settings.

      If you play in game with others, you can make use of their settings.

      You can change the keyboard keys if you want: Gamepad keys, Arrow keys, Space, Esc, Backspace, Enter, Cancel, etc.

      There is the same mode as the creator mode.

      You can buy the game for 69.99 Eur.

      Share your creations.

      You can do this with this game, but you need to sign up on a social website.

      It is not required to sign up, but it is for sharing you creations.

      You don’t need a Facebook account to share you creations.



      How To Install and Crack Virtually Real Life:

    • Download the game from neogaf at
    • Open a new folder where you’d like to download it to
    • Paste both files into the folder
    • Double click on Dammerlicht.exe
    • Wait for the game to load.
    • If you are running Windows 8.1, 8, or 7 you do not need to install a program. When you run Dammerlicht it will automatically run as an Administrator.
    • If you have Windows Vista or newer, you must install the title before it can run. To do this, open Windows Control Panel and click on Programs & Features. Click Change in the left hand panel. Find Dammerlicht and click on it twice to highlight it and then click Properties in the right hand panel. In the Change window, click Change next to Permissions.
    • In the Permissions window, highlight all of the boxes that have a red bullet and then click Apply to perform a five-second maintenance procedure before giving Dammerlicht permission to start. A message will appear letting you know that an older version of your program is being updated or removed but Dammerlicht will still load. Accept that news, and the game will continue.

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    We have 4 new games being added to the list. All four games have been written specifically for this competition and as such have the following rules/eligibility:

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