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Explorers of what lies ahead, begin your adventure in a wild, new land with Azuria. You will be awoken in the middle of a woodland and find yourself well equipped to begin your new life. A few metres from you is a wooden chest which contains some food, a map and other essentials for your survival.
Set out to discover who and what lives in the world around you and find out what happened to your lost friends!
The town is your home. You start off with a few possessions, useful skills and a small amount of money. Explore the wilderness to discover new natural resources and trade them at the Inns. Build, craft and expand your home to be a comfortable home.
Explore the wide world around you with its many races and lifestyles
Enjoy crafting, building and exploring new game features
We’ve set out to create something different. A game where your experience matters. So don’t just take my word for it and see for yourself. Click on the download to be directed to our Kickstarter page

Our current Patreon page is being updated to support the project. Do check it out when it is reopened. So far the biggest changes and improvements made is the game engine and our rapid refresh and development schedule. These changes will be reflected in future updates. The following changes will be included in the new version.
– Re-engineered melee combat mechanics
– Re-worked casting skill
– New recipes available
– New and improved story branches
– Core game story progression updates
– General improvements and interface updates
– Dynamic music tracks and ambient environment
– Fonts improvements
– Other minor improvements.
Features in v1.0
– Character Creation & Creation of new World (Players can create new characters and inhabit their own world)
– Craft (Players can construct, shape and improve their homes)
– Fight (Players can fight monsters and unlock their world)
– Exploration (Players can explore their surroundings)
– Inventory (Players have an inventory of items and storage of items)
– Custom Weapons, Armours, Jewelry and Hand Items (Players can customize their characters to enhance their stats)
– Abilities (Players can choose to enhance their combat abilities)
– Game Mechanic (Players can choose to enhance their character’s abilities)
– Exploration System (Players can choose to upgrade their homes and explore the world)
– Custom Maps / Systems (Players can customize their maps and game systems)
– Character Art (Players can choose to improve their character’s appearance)


Tricky Towers – Candy Bricks Features Key:

  • Quick Arcade GamePlay
  • Specially Designed for Desktop and Mobile
  • Enhanced
    Visuals and Sound Effects

  • Challenging Game Play


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Be prepared for the beginning of a horrific day in a ruined and bombed metropolis. Will you survive? Can you find the way to escape? How far can you run?
Because The City is multiplayer-only and you only have a limited amount of time for survival, the game will force you to make a choice to leave. Sometimes the choice won’t be that easy…
About the Game:
The City is an original game by the creator of, Twillbwoy! He decided to combine the gameplay of and the Survival Horror genre. The result is a challenging and challenging game!
The game was also published in Portuguese on Steam, it comes with the English translations and will probably be released for other consoles in the future!

I was playing the beta 2.0.2 on steam and then I heard some spanish from the menu.
I went to the game directory to see if there was a translation. It was on a folder named “diferencias”.
I downloaded it and made sure to uninstall the beta 2.0.2 before installing, it didn’t make a difference.

I can now speak spanish.

I love the spanish voiceover.

Also if you want I’ll supply you with subtitles.

Description of the spanish voiceover are on the language selection in the main menu.

I will have to wait until it is done but it will be available for sale on my website soon.

I can now speak spanish.
I love the spanish voiceover.
Also if you want I’ll supply you with subtitles.

sounds cool! can you upload a video that shows the different languages? That way I can see the difference between english and spanish!

The sounds in the dialogues is the Spanish voice over!
The voice over is based on the location of your character if you are in a building.

So all the sounds are the same, but depending on the location you are on the sounds change.

also I’ll be uploading a video soon that shows the new changes that are in this version of the game.

I can now speak spanish.

I love the spanish voiceover.

Also if you want I’ll supply you with subtitles.

Description of the spanish voiceover are on the language selection in the main menu.

sounds cool! can you upload a video


Tricky Towers – Candy Bricks Crack + License Key

Pixel Cup Soccer (Arcade Style Soccer Game) – gameplay(Warning: this game is still under development, please wait for the full game)Join PLS 17 in this beautiful retro-inspired soccer game. Whether you’re a seasoned fan of the sport or a complete novice, you’ll love this game for it’s beautiful pixel art style and exciting gameplay.Key Features – Beautiful retro-inspired game art-30 + unlockable content-Arcade mode (with computer) and party mode (with real human players)-Local multiplayer-Arcade Mode (computer vs player): 15+ different playable teams and a variety of stadiums/lives-Arcade Mode (player vs player): The ability to play 2 players soccer games (male vs male or female vs female)-Customized training camp with tutorial, 1v1 Practice Mode, Team History and more.-The ability to set the level of difficulty-4 different difficulty levels – Easy, Medium, Hard and Impossible-Pitch and ball physics-Dynamic camera angles-Enemies with custom AI-Different playing styles such as defenders, attackers, mid-fielders, goalkeepers and midfielders.-Soundtracks from the greatest songs from every genre from the 80s and 90s-Unlockable content including team and player packs-Retro mode (Original Game) for some of the most challenging and nostalgic difficulty levels

Suggestions? Ideas? You can make suggestions, see latest versions, edit it, delete it, set it to private, send me an email or even better, submit it! All are welcomed. Enjoy it, thanks for your time and I hope you can enjoy it to the fullest.

EnemiesAI – Each team has its own AI team and player, with the exception of Goalkeeper (which has its own set of AI)Ball Physics – PLS 17 features a 4x physics model which means there are 4 different situations: -Object is hit with the ball -Object is static to the ball -Object is in contact with the ball -Object is in contact with the ground with the ballOther – No contact to the ball -No contact to the ball -Goal keeper in contact with the ball

InjuriesAndGoalkeeper – Goalkeepers have their own AI with 4 different level of difficulty: -Blocked shots -The ball goes through the goalkeeper’s line -Ball goes through the goalkeeper’s line but hits the wall of the stadium -Goalkeeper gets injured

Different playing styles and abilitiesA goalkeeper can go to extreme to block your shots.


What’s new in Tricky Towers – Candy Bricks:

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