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Name Root: The Riverfolk Expansion
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Change history through time and space, carrying the spoils of war to build an empire in The Next World.
Explore distant planets, fight hostile aliens, grow your resources to research new technologies, and fight the warlord-empire to dominate the galaxy.
The only limits are the ones imposed on you by your own ingenuity, and the fearsome enemies set against you.

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Features Key:

  • Completely standalone VR game
  • 3D environment
  • Toledo remains in the scene
  • Experimental Java 3D features, work in progress
  • iPhone and Android support
  • Developer Overview


    We’re good at generalizing about Java game development, right? Well, right now, we think we’re good at VR game development as well.

    The key to VR game development is to do things right for VR.  This means using the VR head tracking to our advantage, and not clipping already vertices in a scene.  Trying to use the physics engine in VR, when a player is already sliding around at 60fps in the scene, can be a nightmare, so we’re trying to omit it altogether.


    Our Java3D engine is in early testing, but we’ve got something working that we’re completely satisfied with, so we’re diving in.

    Wrapping the Java3D API in JavaScript makes for a simple API and allows us to make the plugin’s GUI speak with the high overhead we would get from Haxe in native code.

    We’ve entirely rewritten the renderer using OpenGL in Scalable – we use glsl shaders in conjunction with tesselation to produce the advanced renderer which gives us the power we need without bloating our codbase.

    The new rendering engine gives us many new opportunities, in particular polygon buffer rendering.  We’ve got a plugin for that already, as well as texture arrays, and we’re even


    Root: The Riverfolk Expansion Crack + Product Key Full [Mac/Win]

    Mysterious evil is wreaking havoc and pouring out of this world on the mortal plane. Soon, the realms of the living will be a paradise of lost souls! Mankind will become confined to a confined existence as the underworld surges forth to usurp the mortal plane. The time is nigh for the Greek god Hermes to find the elusive dastardly devil and put a stop to all this mayhem. Discover the clues and unravel the mystery of who is stirring up trouble in the world of the living!

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    Root: The Riverfolk Expansion Latest

    **Invited by the developer to participate in the development of UNFAIR, I have participated in the creation of the first release of the game, providing the story, 3D model and animation. I’ve also provided a few surprises that will certainly make you surprised when playing the game!**
    Nova Redesigned and Optimized
    **In addition to the 3D model, I also managed to completely rework the artworks. (New 3D animations, new facial animations and facial modeling.) This has allowed me to optimize many mechanics such as the controls, the load times and textures.**
    Nova Character in 3D Animations
    **In addition to the rework of the 3D model, I provided a new 3D animation with the character.**
    Nova Battle
    **An extension of the 3D animations, I have provided a new battle animation with animations of cuts, attacks, knockdown and all other details.**
    New Characters
    **As well as a new Nova character, I was able to make many improvements on characters from previous versions.
    **The character’s screen is completely redesigned.
    A New Menu
    **I’ve managed to completely rework the menu screens, giving them a visual overhaul with the new character’s screen.**
    **Also, in addition to character details, I’ve managed to completely rework the interface, in order to give the player the necessary information and information to be able to read the interface without having to open the battle manager screen.**
    This approach has allowed me to reorganize the interface, leaving only the battle manager screen.**
    Repositioned Weaponry
    **Several weapon types have been repositioned to give them a better placement.**
    Optimized the Graphics
    **I’m especially proud of the new graphical engine that allows for such a variety of effect while managing to provide a better framerate.**
    New Textures
    **A whole new set of textures has been made in order to provide a better visual effect.**
    Major Improvements on the Physics Engine
    **I’m proud of the new physics engine that has made the ship more stable.**
    Optimized the Assets
    **I’ve optimized the graphic assets, providing the maximum resolution without compromising the visual effect, while taking into account the framerate, making the game more stable.**
    Special Thanks to
    Nova Redesigned and Optimized
    * The entire work on the Nova’s animations,


    What’s new in Root: The Riverfolk Expansion:

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