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Free Tarzan Pc Game Download Full Version


Tarzan the game is a traditional semi-3D side-scrolling platform game that has a few different elements thrown in to break the monotony of simple walking. The game consists of 8 levels and, like many other games in this genre, offers a competition to increase the game level, in which you can complete a certain period of time.
The game has a classic gameplay: the player controls Tarzan, who jumps and hits various obstacles. The task is to aim at different parts of the obstacle during the jump (as a rule, having jumped to the top of the tree, jump from it) and perform certain actions when hit. Some levels require the player to jump over trash cans. A bag of gold, Bob’s toy, a flying ball are the three main objects that set Tarzan in motion, allowing him to travel as he pleases (usually in horizontal lines). Some levels involve Tarzan moving in the opposite direction. The main obstacles in the game are carts, fences, and mines. The game has 9 different models of obstacles and 2 types of balls for launching.
The rules and plot of the game are based on Tarzan mythology. When Tarzan was a little boy, he was kidnapped by Wild Ben (“The Wild Bear”). He took refuge in the jungle and learned how to hunt in order to catch and kill a lion. The game uses the traditional “living legend” gameplay. First, the character “launches” along a horizontal segment from the center of the field (the shortest path is usually associated with two “advantages” located on opposite sides of the field – a ball and a line), then he jumps on an obstacle or on an obstacle without them, then jumps in the opposite direction (up to the next line) and “start” again. Additional layers are mines, rings, rope, balls and other obstacles such as tree branches.
In addition, the game features two side characters that can be added to the game in one of six endings.
The game has several endings for the characters, which were described in the additions to the game.
Because the game includes additional levels that the player must complete regardless of the main story, some endings have been changed. For example, the time between entering the cave and the last jump has been shortened because the game loses the end with this scenario. The jump time has also been changed to ma



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