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Albino is a AU, RTAS and VST plug-in synthesizer. The famed Dutch sound designer Rob Papen provided more than 2100 presets that cover all type of sounds for todays contemporary music. After providing presets for the Emu Orbit-3 and Access Virus.
Each layer can have an up to 32 step rhythm arpeggiator with several modes: up, down, up/down, down/up, as played, random mode and a chord and modulation mode.
It can be retriggered, it can swing with your music and you can mix its step velocity values with the velocity you played the chord. Your own creations can be save or copy/pasted to other presets.
Many of the new presets use the Arpeggiator and so the possibilities become endless. Each preset can now be made up of 4 individual layers. So actually a sound can make use of up to 80 oscillators for a single note (4 Layers, 4 Oscillators each, 5 times Spread).
A typical todays DAW can usually handle about 120 Albino 3 Digital Oscillators or 75 Albino 3 “Analoge” Oscillators. Give Albino a try to fully assess its capabilities!







Albino 3.0.2 Crack License Keygen [Latest-2022]

Albino Crack Mac is a new and unique real time AU/RTAS/VST instrument with up to 2.1 billion real time oscillators. It features automatic bass guitar simulation, perfect for an electric bass or acoustic guitar.
With Albino Torrent Download, you can write your own compositions with presets that come with a unique set of sounds and features. Many presets can be played, copied, pasted and saved, which results in a unique instrument with more than 2100 presets.
Because of its sound design capabilities, Albino can be placed in the mix and will make your tracks sound like never before.
There is a full complement of sound and function controls that allow you to play and compose with unparalleled freedom and ease.
2048Hz sample rate
2.1 Billion oscillators
Intuitive parameter control
Four 64-voice multi-mode poly-timbral and 8-voice poly-pulse sequencers
Unique sound design sound source
Preset editor with unique features
Multi-layered, multi-tiered, multi-functional instruments that can be played and composed together
Real time performance with Swing Detection and one-step playback with harmonics
4 Arpeggiator types, 5 modes
3 retriggers per Oscillator, retriggerable
Dual amplitude modulation (ADSR, ADSR envelope, WDR, Lowpass filter, highpass filter, squelch, and more)
5 types of synchronous/asynchronous modulation (FM, Phase modulation, Pitch modulation, Sample position modulation, Sample looping, and more)
6 types of Mixer FX:
Modulators, EQ, Compressor, Multiband Compressor, Multi-band Compressor, Multi-band Compressor (Separate gain), Highpass filter, Lowpass filter, Tape Sound, Multi-band Compressor (Separate gain), Distortion, Phaser, Chorus, Phaser (Separate gain), Flanger, Stereo Chorus, Tape Echo, Tape Delay, Noise Gate, Compressor (Sidechain)
Dual delay, Dual delay FX, Dual amplifier, Dual FX (Modulation, LFO, Noise Gate, Volume), Dual FX (Squelch), Envelope Generator (Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release), Multi-band compressor (Separate gain), 3 types of phasing (normal, Reverse, Reverse and normal), Flanger (Reverse, Reverse and normal), Chorus (Reverse and normal)

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The key macro is a new mode that has the option to increase or decrease the playback velocity automatically. When you increase or decrease the playback velocity, it will be converted to the number of steps.
You can also set the value for the number of steps in the macro editor. The velocity is converted in the range of -8 to 8.
Take a listen to the audio tutorial to see what it can do for you:
More than 2100 presets in the following categories:
1. Rhodes, Electric Piano
2. Electric Piano, Contemporary
3. FM8, FM Synthesizers, FM Sequencers
4. FM7, FM Synthesizers, FM Sequencers
5. FM6, FM Synthesizers, FM Sequencers
6. FM5, FM Synthesizers, FM Sequencers
7. FM4, FM Synthesizers, FM Sequencers
8. FM3, FM Synthesizers, FM Sequencers
9. FM2, FM Synthesizers, FM Sequencers
10. FM1, FM Synthesizers, FM Sequencers
11. Synthesizers (Expandable), Acoustic Bass
12. Acoustic Bass, Electric Bass
13. Electric Bass, Contemporary Bass
14. Acoustic, Electric Guitar
15. Acoustic Guitar, Guitar, Rhythm, Blues, Country
16. Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Guitar, Rhythm, Blues, Country
17. Lead Guitar, Lead Guitar, Electro-Drones, Electric Guitars, Electric Guitars, Rhythmic, Rock, Heavy
18. Lead Guitar, Lead Guitar, Guitars, Electric
19. Lead Guitar, Lead Guitar, Guitars, Rhythm
20. Electric Guitar, Electric Guitar, Electric Guitars, Rhythmic, Rock, Heavy
21. Electric Guitar, Electric Guitar, Electric Guitars, Rhythmic, Rock, Heavy, Modulars
22. Lead Guitar, Lead Guitar, Electric Guitars, Electric Guitars, Rhythmic, Rock, Heavy, Modulars
23. Acoustic Guitar, Acoustic Guitars, Guitar, Rhythm, Blues, Country, Rock
24. Acoustic Guitar, Acoustic Guitars, Guitar, Rhythm, Blues, Country, Rock, Rock, Latin
25. Bass, Electric Bass, Electric Bass, Acoustic Bass, Bass, Heavy Bass
26. Bass,

Albino 3.0.2 License Key

Albino is a unique and highly innovative utility that offers you a new and original approach to a typical MIDI synthesizer. It offers you a wide range of features, which will allow you to give your compositions a unique sound.
You will be able to use the full range of hardware and software synthesis techniques, as well as the revolutionary Rob Papen sound design technology.
The Rob Papen sound design technology contains more than 2100 presets, ranging from fresh bass sounds to twisted, futuristic leads. Each preset consists of 4 to 32 layers, each layer featuring an oscillator with an arpeggiator.
The only limitation here is your own imagination. Each layer and each arpeggiator can be retriggered, mixed with the velocity of your choice, retriggered with chords played on top, and retriggered with or without the arpeggiator playing. Furthermore, the step velocity value of the arpeggiator can be changed per layer.
For a highly diverse and versatile sound, try to use a maximum of 32 layers!
This all adds up to a unique new approach to a typical MIDI synthesizer. This new idea is not only limited to polyphonic sounds, but also allows you to make use of the full range of software synthesis techniques.
Key Features:
This unique tool offers you a unique, fresh sound.
Retrigger, retrigger, retrigger your sound.
Layers can be retriggered, mixed with the velocity of your choice, retriggered with or without the arpeggiator playing.
The step velocity value of the arpeggiator can be changed per layer.
4 to 32 layers, each layer featuring an oscillator with an arpeggiator.
Dynamically retriggerable oscillators and an arpeggiator.
A unique, high-quality, and authentic sound for a typical MIDI synthesizer.
Retrigger each layer, mixed with the velocity of your choice.
Retrigger each layer, with or without the arpeggiator playing.
Pretrigger each layer with chords played on top.
Adjust the step velocity of the arpeggiator per layer.
Deep bass sounds, pristine leads and twisted bass lines, all for a highly versatile and authentic sound.
Sound design technology based on a sound designer and composer, Rob Papen.
All sounds sampled from the Emu Emulator.

A very versatile synthesizer with tons of possibilities!

What’s New in the Albino?

Albino is a versatile AU, RTAS and VST synthesizer with a built-in
module for the Mac. It has a highly versatile step sequencer
and is capable of swinging to your sound.
The whole sequencer is controlled with your mouse and has a powerful
piano roll mode.
Powerful new and innovative algorithms were added to this masterpiece.
As well as a powerful chord machine and a real full sized keyboard.
There’s a key-range that works in the same way on a real piano.
As well as an incredible soundscapes and presets.
Try this revolutionary new music tool for yourself and discover its
Key features:
* 2 oscillators each with 4 layers
* 40 full step patterns (4 Layers * 4 Oscillators * 5 times Spread)
* 4 individual layers each with 4 Oscillators
* Step velocity modulation
* 80 Osc. available for one note with the new “Chord Mode”
* Individual controls for every patch
* 1/4″ TRS balanced XLR microphone & line inputs for recording
* Remote control using MIDI and OSC
* Piano roll mode
* Modify and copy / paste presets
* Versatile new and innovative algorithms
* Import of your own presets
* Easy to play like a real piano
* 60 presets (Diatonic, Major, Minor, Mixed and Melody)
* 3 types of layers (Plucked, Slide, Instrument)
* Visualization in RGB and CMYK
System Requirements:
Windows 98, ME or 2000
Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8
CPU 2 GHZ or more
RAM 2 GB or more
Hard disk space at least 10 GB
Monitor 1280×1024 or greater
Color Depth: 24
Color Model: RGB
* Windows XP/Vista users: copy and paste
Albino.ini in your “Documents” folder to:
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\
Mac users: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\Albino
Install the provided installer:
Double-click the “” to install the VST in OSX 10.4
10.5, 10.6 or 10.7
Use the new icon that was created to launch the VST after it was
(Without installation, the VST will be hidden in the Finder. If
installed, you can find the VST icon by starting “Sound” on the
To launch the VST use the downloaded Albino.vst.plugin. It is
included in the zip file.
Also included in the zip file are 2.rm and 1.xln presets:
– Sw

System Requirements For Albino:

1.8 GHz CPU or faster
50 GB free hard disk space
DirectX® 11 graphics card or higher
Mac OS® 10.9 or higher
Mac OS® 10.10 or higher
Game Requirements:
OS: Mac OS® 10.9 or higher
Processor: Intel® Core™ 2 Duo
Memory: 4 GB
Graphics: Intel HD 4000 or higher
Hard Drive: At least 50 GB
Additional Notes:
PC & Mac:

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