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Note: The application is officially discontinued and cannot be purchased anymore. However, you can still download the last released version from Softpedia and register the full version if you have a license. Alternatively, you can use another video processing tool like Vegas Pro.
Social networks pushed forward the trend of short clips being shared in order to express different situations, news or forms entertainment, since nobody has time to read anymore. This is greatly enhanced by the variety of multimedia editing applications, which is also the case with CoolWave that puts several processors and effects at your disposal to thoroughly modify audio and video layers.
Neat visuals and file support
In terms of visuals, the application sports a clean, modern look and feel, with buttons, menus, and other elements being both intuitive and polished. This is not a general tool though, with a little more room left for improvement, but it's enough to work with and focus on actual editing.
A neat advantage is represented by file support. Both videos and songs can be loaded as long as they are under formats like CDA, MTS, WAV, MP3, MP4, MPG, MID, DTS, RAW, MVB, MOV, QT, MKV, AU, AIF, FLV, and several more. For proper editing and functionality, you might want to check if you've got DirectX installed on your computer, although latest Windows iterations come with it as a basic option.
Simple navigation and accessibility options
Even if you can load video files too, the application focuses more on the audio part. Most of your workspace represents either a wave form or spectral view of the audio layer, but there's also a video preview you can choose to keep around.
Playback controls are at your fingertips to enable real time preview of your work, with additional controls for volume and balance. For better view, you can zoom in and out, jump to a specific time, exchange channels, and more simple tools for easy navigation and manipulation.
Various video and audio editing tools
As mentioned above, you can do more with the audio layer than with the video, which is only limited to adjusting brightness, contrast, hue, and saturation, as well as a tool for cropping. There are also a few technical details in the last editing step that help define quality by setting codec, frame rate, and resolution.
An impressive array of filters, delays, and amplitude changing controls can be applied to the audio layer. By selecting parts of interest, it's enough to press the corresponding effect button, with a small prompt letting you adjust intensity and preview changes before applying them.
What's more, you can use up to four different multimedia slots, which come in handy for combining multiple audio and video layers into a single product. When it comes to export, a large variety of configurable options are put at your disposal, which make the application useful even as a simple converting utility.
A few last words
Taking everything into consideration, we can say that CoolWave is a reliable multimedia editing application that gives you the possibility to perform a decent amount of operations on clips and songs. Although not packed with too many effects and filters, especially for the video layer, overall implementation of features, and support for multiple projects at a time, make this application worth at least a try.









API Spy Crack With License Key Free For Windows

API Spy Cracked 2022 Latest Version is a handy application that can be used to retrieve and remove API function calls from any software. The program can be used to edit the API functions of Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, and many other programs.
API Spy is a simple application that allows users to view and change API function calls for any program. Specifically, you can see and modify APIs for specific programs which are installed on your computer.
Once you have installed the app, you will be provided with a list of all the available programs on your computer. Next to each program is a list of which APIs are linked to it, and how many calls they make.
View and remove API calls for any program
When you launch API Spy, you will first be asked to pick a specific program, or select one in the list of all installed programs. If you want to exclude a program from the list, you can select the check box beside it to turn it off.
You can change the font style and color of the function calls by going to Edit Option > Preferences, and selecting the Highlight Colors and Styles.
If you want to view API calls for several programs at once, you can select more than one program and a bunch of them will be displayed in the list. After you select a specific call, the location and parameters will be displayed in the bottom of the list.
Search for functions and change their parameters
The program will also allow you to search for a specific function by name and then view all calls to this function with location and parameters. You can click on the location of the function call to view the full function definition in the code editor.
The program can also remove a specific function call from the list. You can either remove it from a specific program, or you can select a range of programs to remove the calls from.
Other features include an option to save the code as a text file. When you save the file, the full definition will be written to the text file instead of just the function call. You can also delete the entire list of programs and start from scratch.
Evaluation and conclusion
Since API Spy was made simple and easy to use, it’s a good tool to help you look up API function calls in any program. In our tests, it took a good amount of time to load all API calls, but once they were loaded, it only took a few seconds for the program to display the definition of the function.
A nice, nifty feature is that it shows only relevant program calls, not


A valuable and essential software tool that is needed to find a Spy application program.
A spyware application is the most common and troublesome software that is found on a computer. There are also many other similar-looking applications that pose a threat to computers, and the reason being the ease of designing an application, even a free application, so that it looks like a genuine and reliable software program. Unfortunately, most of these applications are unreliable, as they contain malicious code meant to invade the privacy of other users.
It would be difficult to find a computer that does not come with a spyware program due to the fact that it is easy to design a application so that it looks just like a legitimate program and it is even more difficult to find out what spyware application is installed on a computer. This is especially the case when you want to sneak up on someone’s computer and view their files.
While the task of finding spyware is a tedious one, if you will learn about API Spy and how it works, you will be able to easily do so. API Spy is an information detective that will assist you in uncovering the spyware application that has been installed on your computer.
The thing about spyware is that it is an application that is designed to spy on other software programs. It is often dubbed as a rogue application, as it has a look like a legitimate program, and it is extremely effective in gaining your trust. The only problem is that spyware is highly dangerous, as it is designed to change your settings, monitor your keystrokes, steal your personal information and even to record your keystrokes and send it to a remote server.
In this case, you would be called a creeper spy, but once the software program is installed on your computer, you cannot get rid of it. Sometimes it is also unavoidable, if you make a mistake while downloading and installing a software application, but most of the time, it is a mistake that you should not make.
The only way to remove spyware from your computer is to buy a software tool. Although you can use System Explorer or Registry Editor to have a look at the spyware application, you should simply remove it because it is not a tool that was designed to be used against spyware. However, it is an important tool for other types of programs and it is essential for finding and removing spyware.
The best way to find out if a software application installed on your computer is a spyware program is by using API Spy.

API Spy Crack+

It’s a one-stop solution that enables you to find out the function names of an api from a certain SDK (Software Development Kit) (SDK is a set of tools, resources and libraries used in developing applications).
Be it microsoft visual c++, or crosscompiler or the api itself which you are using to access the same, api spy will let you know the function names of an api that you need to know for your application development purpose.
API Spy interface is as simple as it can be with just two tabs in it for the following options-
Scan(provides a list of sdk’s available)
View(provides the function information of each sdk)
Download(downloads the sdk’s xml files into a location you specify)
Everything in one place!

This page:


API Spy provides you with a complete and effective solution of finding out the function names of an API used in the development of an application, which is quite easy to use. Its interface is as simple as it can be with just two tabs in it for the following options:

Scan – it provides you with a list of SDK’s available.

View – it provides the function information of each SDK.

Download – it downloads the sdk’s xml files into a location you specify.

Supported Platforms

API Spy supports following platforms-

Windows (XP, Vista and 7)





Though API Spy may not be in the list of supported devices, it does provide a method of returning a list of the supported SDK’s for each platform, as it scans the SDK’s list for the interested platform. It’s a one-stop solution that lets you easily find out function names of an api from a certain SDK (Software Development Kit).

Other benefits

API Spy is a very easy to use tool for finding out function names of an API.

It is an standalone tool which you can use with ease.

In addition to the free version of API Spy you can also use the ‘Premium’ Version which has the following features-

A unified GUI with the simpliest configuration interface, which will let you setup API Spy in a few seconds.

Download the complete list of SDCards and the complete list of C Keys for all major sd-cards

What’s New In?

API Spy is an API monitor that can perform real-time monitoring of the XML-RPC and SOAP requests executed on your Web server.
If there is anything suspicious that the user-defined script wants to perform or if the user simply wants to monitor particular processes, then API Spy is the best tool to use.
This program will provide you with instant visual feedback, which will let you know what actions the script performs on your server, who calls it, which requests it responds to, and the data sent/received as a result.
In the report section of the program, you can view the information about the XML-RPC and SOAP requests that are sent to the server. This report includes information about the request and response XML documents that were created by the remote server.
The program can monitor these and other types of XML documents. If you want to perform particular actions, you have the option to quickly specify the URL from which you want the information about the requests to be retrieved. You also have the option of taking a screenshot of the page in which you want to find out more.
You can even monitor XML-RPC requests over the network. The program shows you which IP address is sending the requests, the user-defined script name and parameters, the XML data that is sent to the server, and the response XML data sent back to the requesting source.
You can also view the full trace of the XML messages that are sent to and from your server.
Furthermore, you can filter the results. You can check the type of the sent and received XML documents and even search for specific elements and attributes.
RazorText has several features that will enable you to reduce the amount of time needed to write and edit reports.
For example, the program allows you to customize the look of an HTML report. You can apply your own templates and set HTML formatting codes like bold and italic.
This tool is also designed for multi-page HTML reports. By using the program, you can combine text snippets from different documents into a single page. On top of that, the tool can work with tables and images.
RazorText is suitable for both Windows and Linux platforms.
It also includes many other features, such as undo and redo options, syntax highlighting, the ability to create the XML documents that are used to transfer data between the client and server, and much more.
Furthermore, the tool includes a print preview option that enables you to see the page as it will appear after

System Requirements:

HMDIVE is a free software application and may be used for personal
use, but must never be used to harm others, including for piracy
purposes. Users of HMDIVE are responsible for their own actions.

1.3.11 Windows 2000 and lower
HMDIVE requires some configuration to work. There are two
ways to do this. The first way is to use the configuration file
com.hdsoft.hdive.config.txt in the userdata subfolder of
the installation folder. This file contains config options
for all configurable


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