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Mar 21, 2020
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Running a shell script as a background process

I am writing a bash script which does some processing for me. The processing step is such that it could take upto 20 minutes. So, I want to run my script in the background so that i can close the terminal window and come back later and find the process going on.
I know i can do this by using the ampersand & at the end of the line and the script will execute in the background.
./ &

However, I was wondering if there is a way in which i can give some more options to bash or a way to specify some parameters to that it should take before executing it. i.e.
./ -argument -anotherargument -yet anotherargument


bash is a shell, so you can use the -c switch to specify a specific script to run in the background, like so:
bash -c “./ -argument -anotherargument -yet anotherargument” &

Note that you don’t have to use & in your code, you can leave it out.
Also note


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