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According to a 3rd Quarter 2013 Autodesk earnings report, Autodesk, Inc. (NASDAQ: AUA), a leader in 2D and 3D design software, commercial BIM (Building Information Modeling), digital manufacturing, and digital content creation solutions, recorded net sales of $1.119 billion, with a quarterly operating income of $79.6 million and a net income of $48.3 million.

AutoCAD was originally created by Matthew Hein, an MIT student, as a drafting system for architectural CAD. It was later released for general usage and eventually turned into a professional application. As of 2011, the current stable release is AutoCAD 2016.


The autoCAD Product Development and Design Philosophy:

AutoCAD is used as a design tool, not just for drafting. It is intended to be an enterprise design solution that integrates people, technology, and information. As a user-friendly platform that is easy to learn, AutoCAD is ideal for beginners and professionals alike. AutoCAD users create 3D and 2D models of buildings, landscapes, and other structures and submit them for review and validation to the Autodesk Building Information Modeling (BIM) Platform.

AutoCAD is an environment that is well suited for collaboration. In the 2011 AutoCAD User Conference, Scott “Willy” Willis explained that “Automated applications enable the two phases of a design process – design creation and communication – to become a seamless activity”

About the AutoCAD User Conference

The AutoCAD User Conference is the place where AutoCAD users and enthusiasts gather to share knowledge, solutions, and experience through live presentations and workshops, social gatherings, and exhibition space. Each year, the Conference brings AutoCAD users from around the world together to share their expertise and knowledge.

AutoCAD User Conference History:

AutoCAD User Conference is an annual event held in San Francisco. This year’s edition of the conference will be held October 10th to 12th. Last year’s event was the most-attended conference in its history with 3,000 attendees.

“It is a great honor and privilege to continue to bring AutoCAD to this amazing city and to this amazing industry. We are dedicated to continually making AutoCAD better, and I am very excited about the continued evolution of our product, and this conference is the best

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Other CAD/CAM systems
AutoCAD Torrent Download can export to other CAD/CAM systems via export formats such as IGES, STEP, PDF, DXF and DWG. The DWG format is used by other CAM systems like Cutlist, Dimension3D, and NX, but is natively supported by AutoCAD.

Stand-alone applications
AutoCAD also has a number of stand-alone applications and add-ons for areas such as 3D modeling, animation, rendering and VFX, among others.

Autodesk Suitcase
The Autodesk Suitcase was launched in 2004 with the intent to provide an easier way for users to discover and purchase Autodesk software. The Suitcase is a disc containing all Autodesk products in one place for one flat monthly fee. Autodesk Suitcase members have unlimited access to the Suitcase software, as well as benefits such as Autodesk Discs, Autodesk e-learning, and Autodesk Customer Care.

The Autodesk Suitcase is the successor to Autodesk Value Added Reseller (VAR) Program. The Autodesk Suitcase is available to U.S. based VARs and their direct Autodesk customers.

In March 2013, Autodesk Suitcase was succeeded by Autodesk Vault. Autodesk Vault is a subscription service that offers access to applications across several categories.


The Autodesk Motive product is a cross-platform 3D animation system based on the RenderMan Render Window and Synfig drawing system, originally developed by Pixel Artists.

Raster 3D
Raster 3D is Autodesk’s creation of the Raster 3D graphics platform, with a focus on creating and publishing photorealistic 3D scenes. It was released for Mac OS X in April 2008. Version 2, a beta, was released for Windows in June 2008, and the production version was released in August. In May 2009 the first edition of Raster 3D for Windows was released. In June 2010, Raster 3D was released for Linux in an open-source community edition.

Lightwave is a commercial 3D animation package that was originally based on Autodesk’s Raster 3D graphics technology. Lightwave was the first release of Autodesk’s TrueSpace technology, which lets users view their 3D scenes from any angle. Autodesk acquired the company that developed Light

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You need to use the Autodesk Design Review Server to transfer any
files you may have created or modified to the cloud. This
Server is at

Hints and tips

When you use the drawing views, move the cursor to a boundary,
then press the space bar and move it away to clear the boundary.

When you create an assembly, it is a 3D object that can be moved
through the 3D space. When you move the assembly, you can see
where it intersects with the boundary lines. If the assembly
doesn’t intersect a boundary, then click on the boundary, then
press the space bar to select it. To select the whole assembly,
press the A key.

In the 3D view, use the 3D cursor to select edges in your model.
Then use the Ctrl+Shift+E hotkey to “extrude” those edges.

To view a profile of your assembly, choose Profile from the View menu
or use the shortcut Ctrl+F7. You can then select the entire assembly
and scale it as a profile to create a profile drawing.

To move an object to a different drawing, choose the Export to Drawing
in the Object list. You can also export to a DWG, STEP or DXF file.

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What’s New In?

Drawing History:

Preserve your drawing history, for more than 500 CAD files, with just a few clicks. From the revision history to the Notes toolbar, you will see the past and future of your current file. (video: 1:45 min.)

AutoCAD Signature in Quick Access Toolbar:

Store the AutoCAD Signature (for a single window) in your Quick Access Toolbar (QAT). No more searching for it. (video: 1:45 min.)

New and enhanced Wizards:

Wizards let you create basic drawings with the help of a wizard. Easily place your objects on an invisible layer, check for symmetry and finish with a touch of the Finish button.

Multiple styles:

Configure multiple styles in the Preferences dialog. Create more than one color scheme for your projects.


Import drawings from your 3D models to AutoCAD and bring your designs to life.

Powerful 3D Modeling tools:

Three types of relationships to help you with your 3D work. More than 10,000 attributes, tag, and other details to make your models as accurate as possible.

3D drawing and annotation tools:

Draw and edit your designs directly on the 3D model in Autodesk 3ds Max. Annotate your design using 3D models and create interactions between objects.

Three new surfaces:

New surface types—Smooth, Gradient, and Nonsmooth—support your drafting and design work.

New features in the perspective view:

Panoramic rendering and context sensitivity—you can preview, edit, and draw in the context of the entire window with the new Panoramic View, Mapping, and Context Sensitivity (video: 1:55 min.)

More workspaces:

Customize your workspace in the new Workspaces dialog and experience a custom workspace for each and every tool.

Intelligent lighting:

Designed for your drawings, DraftSight’s lighting engine intelligently evaluates how the sun and shadows interact with your design.

Creative applications for the cloud:

Take your CAD design into the cloud and collaborate with other users, friends, or the rest of the world. Bring your designs to life, regardless of where you are.

Improved editing performance:

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

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