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Firmware 1.0 was released on 16 Dec 1982

Firmware 1.1 was released on 23 June 1983

Firmware 1.2 was released on 12 May 1984

Firmware 1.3 was released on 20 December 1984

Firmware 1.4 was released on 20 August 1985

Firmware 1.5 was released on 23 December 1986

Firmware 1.6 was released on 5 July 1987

Firmware 1.7 was released on 9 September 1987

Firmware 1.8 was released on 20 June 1988

Firmware 1.9 was released on 21 July 1989

Firmware 1.10 was released on 25 January 1990

Firmware 1.11 was released on 30 May 1990

Firmware 1.12 was released on 30 August 1990

Firmware 1.13 was released on 5 July 1991

Firmware 1.14 was released on 29 November 1991

Firmware 1.15 was released on 10 June 1992

Firmware 1.16 was released on 27 December 1992

Firmware 1.17 was released on 1 February 1993

Firmware 1.18 was released on 1 March 1993

Firmware 1.19 was released on 3 June 1993

Firmware 1.20 was released on 15 July 1993

Firmware 1.21 was released on 28 September 1993

Firmware 1.22 was released on 24 January 1994

Firmware 1.23 was released on 5 May 1994

Firmware 1.24 was released on 1 October 1994

Firmware 1.25 was released on 1 March 1995

Firmware 1.26 was released on 9 May 1995

Firmware 1.27 was released on 4 October 1995

Firmware 1.28 was released on 12 February 1996

Firmware 1.29 was released on 4 May 1996

Firmware 1.30 was released on 28 February 1997

Firmware 1.31 was released on 23 April 1997

Firmware 1.32 was released on 25 May 1997

Firmware 1.33 was released on 31 August 1997

Firmware 1.34 was released on 21 December 1997

Firmware 1.35 was released on 11 June

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Creating or editing drawings using a 3D modeling software package, such as Autodesk 3ds Max is possible.

AutoCAD Architecture
AutoCAD Architecture is an AutoCAD plugin that allows users to plan and design building interiors. AutoCAD Architecture is designed to be used in conjunction with AutoCAD MEP. The plugin adds 3D building tools to AutoCAD MEP. It also adds the ability to place interior panels, doors, windows and furniture, as well as a limited ability to create interior space.

Autodesk Exchange Apps
Exchange apps are available for download at Autodesk Exchange Apps. In addition to the programs listed above, Autodesk offers applets to users of QuickCAD, AutoCAD LT, and AutoCAD for Mac OS.

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AutoCAD Homepage at Autodesk

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The invention relates to a coder and decoder system, especially for converting binary data, which is preferably stored in n-bit words, and comprising at least n shift registers each of which is associated with a bit position in a word and is connected with a serial output terminal, and at least n register gates each connected with a data input terminal and an output terminal and forming an output stage with the bit position associated therewith and connected with a bit position input terminal.
Known binary data coder and decoder systems are equipped with bit shift registers in the form of separate integrated circuits. Bit position inputs are connected to the clock inputs of the shift registers. The outputs of the shift registers form the n-bit data word.
The coding and decoding of the data is carried out by a series of serial bit-by-bit transmission of the data in the shift registers. For the transmission of the data bits, a binary control signal is employed which is shifted through the shift registers until a clear signal is provided for shifting the shift registers. The binary control signal shifts the data from the shift registers to the register gates, which transfer the data bits from the shift registers to the register gates. The transmission of the data takes place until a stop bit is reached. The stop bit indicates the end of the data word. The data is then stored in a suitable memory in the form of a register circuit.
The above-described binary coder and decoder is disadvantageous in that it is large-scale and requires a large amount of space. Moreover, the existing systems are only suitable for the transmission of binary data at a certain data rate, i.e. the data is transmitted in an unbroken sequence of data bits. The transmission speed of the data is substantially defined by the bit rate and by the data transfer cycle time. This bit rate must be selected so that the binary data is transmitted within a time period which is compatible with the interconnection and equipment between the shift registers and register gates. In many applications, however, it is often necessary to transmit data at a higher speed, such as for example, a data rate of 400 or 800 Mbit/sec. However, when the bit rate is not adapted to the transmission speed, the binary data cannot be reliably and quickly transmitted.
The prior art has also proposed the employment of shift registers which are jointly incorporated in a larger integrated circuit. In such an arrangement, however, the required space is relatively large. In addition, the cost of the larger integrated circuit is substantially higher than

What’s New in the AutoCAD?

Drafting and editing:

Get the accuracy you need with Drafting and Editing enhancements. Create multilevel blocks with the new Block Editor and reduce multiple revisions with revision control. (video: 5:30 min.)

See more of what’s new in AutoCAD in the AutoCAD 2023 Technology Preview available here.

Create 3D views automatically:

Use the new 3D graphics creation and workflows to create high-quality 3D views from 2D drawings. Take advantage of the new 3D Content creation engine to save time and increase accuracy. Use the new 3D rendering engine to render 3D models in AutoCAD using the new Real-Time Rendering framework.

Access external content like GitHub and other repositories:

Add all your data and applications to your drawing, as 3D views, in model format or as a local file. Access design data in the cloud with Project Jupyter. Upload your SketchUp models for the CAD/CAM wizards to use.

New capabilities in AutoCAD for Mac OS:

Use AutoCAD for Mac OS in your design process. For example, leverage the Windows-like multitasking experience to open multiple apps at the same time. Design more efficiently and collaborate more effectively with a new transparent workspace.

Dynamic Tables:

Reuse the calculations you already did to create formulas for different groups of objects.

Create scalable components with the new Dynamic Component System (DCS).

Transform vector graphics to dynamic shapes with the new GRAPHICS VIEW command.

Add variety to your UI with an improved Document tab and other design enhancements.

See more of what’s new in AutoCAD for Mac OS in the AutoCAD for Mac OS Technology Preview available here.

Automatic fill/strokes:

Preventing fill and stroke from being applied to inappropriate objects, creating fills and strokes automatically, and more, are all now automatic.

Better user experience with the new DesignCenter.

UI improvements:

See more of what’s new in UI in the AutoCAD for Mac OS Technology Preview available here.

Geometry editing and improvements:

Edit shapes and splines more effectively with a new tool palette for editing points and dimensions.

Use the new merge command to merge shapes.

Speed up your work with multipart objects by copying selected faces in one

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

OS: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, 10
Processor: Intel i3, Intel i5 or equivalent
Memory: 6 GB RAM or equivalent
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 605 or equivalent or ATI Radeon HD3470 or equivalent
DirectX: 9.0c
Hard Drive Space: 10 GB
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Additional Notes: Soundtrack not included
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