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When I open the Autoship.rar, I get the message “The file Autoship.rar is not a valid installer or application”. The zip file was downloaded from “”.
Could this mean that my computer isn’t installing it properly, and a human should do it? If that’s the case, what should I do, and where can I find a human to do it?
In case you need to know, I am on Windows XP.


The.rar file you downloaded is not an installer. It is just a zip file. In order to install the software, you need to unzip the Autoship.rar file.



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Since you mentioned your version of PHP is 5.2.13, you don’t need to upgrade to 5.3.21 for this to work.
Some other notes though:

Make sure you have exit(); and header(‘Location: ‘. $returnUrl); somewhere to make sure that the redirect to the form for submitting the data is made.
If you’re using sessions, make sure you get rid of the session_start(); statements at the top of your code as it will crash the script and possibly leave you in an inconsistent state for that to happen.

What is Autoship?
From the docs:

Autoship is an application that takes care of the shipping for your orders in a convenient and efficient manner. The app creates free shipping labels for your customers. It is a module for other modules within Autoship to facilitate shipping.

So, to get started with Autoship, your first step should be to get the Autoship module from wherever you got the code.

Compile your project.
Go to Setup > Manage Modules > Autoship.
You should get a screen like the following (Note: my version looks different than yours, but it shouldn’t matter for this answer.):

In Autoship, go to the Shipping tab.
You need to do two things here:

You need to click the plus sign in the top right of the screen.
You need to provide the e-mail address that you used to set up Autoship with the program and the price you want to charge for shipping.

Let’s say your e-mail is “” and your price is $5.00:

Save the settings you made.
If you’re going to be using Autoship a lot, you’ll want to go into the table and make sure you have the settings you want to use saved.

Here’s a screenshot of what the table for “shipping settings” looks like:

Once you’ve made your settings, go to Shipping, and you’ll have a button to make a shipping label.
The shipping labels are saved to the file Autoship-shipping.xml:

You can access these files in the “original” location.
The reason you need to do this is so that you’re not creating extra files with your updates. The labels are saved

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