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Awesome Tube is an application directly related to the very well known website called YouTube. The difference is, Awesome Tube comes with some additional features that, surprisingly, YouTube lacks.
Great looking interface
With a smooth and friendly user interface that you can quickly get accustomed to, and with fairly useful additional features, this application may be something valuable for many YouTube consumers.
You can subscribe to your favorite channels directly, like and comment on the videos and, being a Microsoft Store application, it even allows you to get notified whenever a new video gets uploaded, without having you check for that every time.
In the settings tab, you can set some playback options like the default quality your videos will be played at, whether you wish to use autoplay or not, and even change the font type and size of the captions. You also can tinker with some theme-related options, such as choosing between Dark and Light theme, Classic or Pro menus, or set a custom color from a given list. It must be noted though that without upgrading from the free version, your choice of colors is limited.
A better YouTube experience
Compared to listening in a browser, Awesome Tube gives you the option to keep your music outside, somewhere in the background, without counting as another tab in your already cluttered browser.
It can also run on any platform that uses the Windows 10 operating system, such as your phone or your Xbox, besides your computer.
In my opinion, there are two important features that Awesome Tube brings, which are not available on YouTube. It lets you download the videos you are watching at any quality, and it can play videos only as audio, using fewer resources.
The grand conclusion 
In short, Awesome Tube provides a comfortable way of having everything you love about your favorite videos on YouTube and the channels that you follow, with some added interesting features.


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Awesome Tube Crack + Download For Windows [2022-Latest]

This application helps you to download music videos in different resolutions, without the need to convert them in a video player.
You can download the video, with its original quality, to your computer’s hard drive, and later, you can use the video in any video player you want.
Download YouTube videos in HD, SD, or any other resolution and later, you can save them with their original quality.

You can also download the original music videos to your computer’s hard drive, before the official music video is uploaded to YouTube.

Another great feature that allows you to download videos without playing them is the ability to play videos only as audio.
You can now download your favorite videos for offline playback, for any platform you want.

Improved navigation, seek bar and playlist options
When you open Awesome Tube Cracked Version, you can download all videos from your favorite channels, play all the videos from the channels you follow, or even download your favorite videos using a new feature, the “Newest” tab.
A free version is available with limited features, and an upgraded version that is free and ad-free is available in the Microsoft Store.
Additionally, you can set the screen brightness for videos.
There are many additional features available in the free version of Awesome Tube Product Key, such as the ability to download videos with specific resolution (for example, 720p or 1080p) and to automatically pause the videos, or play them only as audio.
In the Microsoft Store version, you can choose your preferred language and can also download videos from your favorite sources, such as Dailymotion, Vimeo, and other websites.
This software also features the ability to improve the navigation using gestures, and the seek bar is slightly different.

A lot of apps like the amazing tube but they dont get the job done. This does. Use it on windows 10 x64, but work in other platforms as well.


The fonts are a little bigger than they could be


We don’t usually say this about apps, but the author deserves credit for writing it. They did a lot of work and its definitely not their first. The app is easy to use and has a nice clean interface. It also works on other devices that run Windows 10, so it can be used on tablets, phones, etc. If you want a clean looking app for your YouTube experience, I suggest checking out this app out.

Video Description:

Easy to use

Awesome Tube Crack + PC/Windows

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Awesome Tube Crack+ Serial Key For Windows

The app was originally created by Gabriel Cohen, an Israeli artist and developer. The application was born as a fan project for his favorite bands, but soon developed into a much more ambitious project that he then decided to put under a free to use license.
“Due to YouTube’s lack of multimedia support, my favorite bands simply don’t have their own websites”, Gabriel Cohen said. “That’s why I created Awesome Tube, to fill the gaps in my favorite YouTube channels”.
Besides the video viewing, this is also a great way to follow your favorite bands. You can create a playlist of the bands you are following, share your favorites on Facebook, or even use it to listen to your music while you are out and about.

You can create lists of your favorite videos for later viewing. Furthermore, you can rate the videos and even share your list to other Awesome Tube users. All this is possible thanks to the fantastic possibility to add the videos to your “favorites”, which is a similar function to the YouTube favorites.
There are many of the YouTube features that you will love when using Awesome Tube. Among them are the recording of your favorite videos to the timeline, the ability to share the videos on Facebook, and the option to directly subscribe to the channels you wish to watch.
Another interesting feature is the ability to download videos as audio files, and to choose whether to listen to them or view them.
Finally, as a bonus for the new users, there are other interesting options like the ability to download and upload your favorite videos, and the ability to view all your favorite videos directly on the Awesome Tube interface.
What we liked:
– The great interface;
– The possibility to download videos as audio files;
– The option to add the videos to your favorites;
– The great option to create and share lists.
What we disliked:
– The fact that only the free version is available.
Awesome Tube Free Download Features
– Download videos;
– Create lists of your favorite videos;
– Share your favorite videos on Facebook;
– Directly subscribe to your favorite channels.
The link to the Awesome Tube Download File with the Direct Link is in the description below the video.
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What’s New in the Awesome Tube?

Download Awesome Tube APK v4.3.3 (2.16 MB)

Nice youtube downloader
Nice youtube downloader app that makes downloading videos from the popular Youtube video service easy. It is an easy to use application for everyone that use YouTube, since it can be used without the need of any Google account.
Easy to use 
Using the application is as easy as dragging the video files to the list and clicking download, with the most common options appearing right there on the screen.
After downloading the file, it is not extracted, but you can still access the videos in the list, in order to resume the download process.
– Easy to use
– Download videos at any quality
– Create playlists
– Download as mp3 or mp4
– Supports most browsers
– Many YouTube channels supported
– Notifies when new videos are uploaded
– Supports all mobile platforms

Yt Mobile Youtube Apk
A simple, lightweight and FREE Android app to download and manage your videos.Features:

★ Provides more than 50 playlists to browse.★ Manage your playlists, delete videos and create a new playlist.★ Play videos in full screen or in small size.★ Check your playlists’ count, update it.★ List all the channels that you are a member of.★ Add a new playlist, or a channel to your watchlist.★ Share videos with other devices (including iOS).★ View videos details, such as length, title, description, tags, upload date and so on.★ Download your videos for offline viewing.★ You can change language.★ You can change the background wallpaper.

Two-way communication 
You can interact with the application in two ways:★ Push notification, you will get notifications to let you know the updates of the application.★ You can set a alarm to download videos when there are no videos in your playlist, it’s very useful when you don’t have time.

Supported YouTube upload service:

Youtube Downloader- Android App
We are back with the new version of Youtube Downloader, which is now a way better application than the previous version, since it allows you to download videos at any quality. It has been improved in many ways, allowing you to choose the video quality you want to download (before or after downloading the videos).The application has also been optimized to be lightweight, consuming very less RAM and Battery. It now also allows you to find the videos you want to download from many popular social networks, like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Vimeo and so on.You can download videos at any quality (High, Medium or Low) and from various popular video hosting services, like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion,

System Requirements:

– In order to use S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky you need to install Windows 7 or later, DirectX 9.0c. Processor Pentium 4 or later, RAM 512 MB or more, hard drive 700 MB or more. Graphics card or integrated GPU NVIDIA GeForce 8 or later, ATI Radeon HD 2900 or later.
– All drivers required for use must be installed.
– In order to play you need:
– Client
– DLC “Epoch of Twilight” + Season Pass

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