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Designed for artists and graphic designers alike, Adobe Illustrator is a mighty application specialized in creating vector images or scalable vector artwork. Even though it's pretty much unparalleled within its field, that is not to say that it can't still be improved to better suit your needs and workflow.
User-friendly, neatly integrated, and capable 2D-CAD plug-in
For example, you can enhance Illustrator's 2D-CAD capabilities with the help of a lightweight and useful plug-in dubbed BPT-Pro.
In just a few words, this plug-in adds 19 specialized tools directly within Illustrator's Tools panel. These tools themselves are easily reachable, especially since they're thoroughly organized in 8 self-explanatory categories such as Oblique Dimension, Radius and Diameter, Fillet, Angle, Slant, Arc, Comment, and Schedule.
Bundles powerful measuring and other CAD editing and drawing tools
The plug-in is fairly well integrated with Adobe's Illustrator, hence working with all the instruments feels quite natural. You can now accurately measure objects and segments and even vertical, horizontal, oblique and curved lines, as well as measure the radius and diameter of any arc. With the Angle tools, you can also estimate the angles from inside and outside of specific objects.
That's not all, the editing and drawing tools are even better. You can effortlessly cut or "peel" off any square edge to round various shapes and draw 2 or 3-point arcs. Also noteworthy is the plug-in's comment tool that allows you to conveniently label any object. Last but not least, the Tile Block or Schedule tool is ideally suited for official projects since it lets you instantly add a title block with intuitive drag and drop actions.
Extend the capabilities of Illustrator with the help of this useful 2D-CAD plug-in
To sum it all up, if your weapon of choice is Adobe's Illustrator, but you feel that its CAD-related features are a bit weak, then BPT-Pro is definitely worthy of your attention. This small plug-in is capable of transforming Illustrator in a reasonably competent 2D-CAD tool.


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BPT-Pro Crack+ Download [Latest]

To better illustrate the point, let us take a closer look at the basic features that make BPT-Pro Cracked Version one of the best solutions for users who need to augment Illustrator’s 2D-CAD capabilities.
– 17 easy to use categories
– 19 tools that can be integrated with Illustrator
– Thoroughly cross-platform compatible
– Fully customizable interface
– Quite useful commenting tool
– Schedule and Tile Block
– Organized, structured and easy to use
– You can resize and relocate tools to your personal liking
– 5 built-in themes and the ability to customize your own
– Undo history
– 3D and 2D graphics ready
– Multi-media publishing, eLearning and other production scenarios

BPT-Pro Free Download is the most powerful Illustrator plugin for digital artists. It enables you to quickly convert standard SVG vector graphics into AutoCAD objects, add precise and fast measurements, and produce professional project wireframes.
BPT-Pro Description:
With BPT-Pro, you can easily convert a wide range of SVG-based vector graphics into AutoCAD objects. You can measure and create arcs, arcs with a diameter, compare two or more objects, add perspective, and add and subtract views. When it comes to 3D graphics, you can cut out objects, modify existing ones, and draw 3D shapes.
You can use BPT-Pro to quickly produce professional project wireframes. With the help of the BPT-Pro Fillet tool, you can accurately create rounded corners and sketch continuous curves. The BPT-Pro TIP tool also enables you to create repeating and/or continuous objects from specific elements of any shape.
Supports AutoCAD 2016.1 and later
Supports nearly all SVG-based vector graphics
Supports 2D and 3D graphics
Supports big or small vector graphics
Supports multiline text
Supports full AutoCAD compatibility
Easy to use
It’s quick and convenient to use and configure
2D or 3D graphics ready
Advanced measuring tools
Create accurate arcs, straight lines, and arcs with a diameter
Add perspective
Draw 3D shapes
Measure and create complex object intersections
Cut out 3D and 2D shapes
Measure 2D and 3D objects
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What’s new
– Fix images on layer palette
– R

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Source code:
The source code for the

BPT-Pro Free Download

Original Post:

BPT-Pro is a free plug-in for Adobe Illustrator, which enhances the functions and capabilities of this software in the field of 2D-CAD. The main difference between BPT-Pro and regular CAD plug-ins is that, while the former only provides the basic functions of a 2D-CAD tool, the latter is entirely integrated into Illustrator, and can thus provide full 2D-CAD functionality.

BPT-Pro Features:

BPT-Pro is a little bit more than a 2D-CAD plug-in, as it provides a lot of additional functions. These functions are mainly divided into three groups: 1) traditional functions, 2) CAD functions, and 3) functions for official work.

– Traditional Functions:

Rounded Corners, Peeling, Filling, and Pop-ups are four useful traditional functions that are provided by BPT-Pro.

– CAD Functions:

If you want to improve the functions of Adobe’s Illustrator, the BPT-Pro comes in handy. Most of the functions that are provided by BPT-Pro are similar to the regular CAD functions of Illustrator, except for the following:

You can now directly subtract the angles inside and outside of an object. The process of subtraction is similar to the process of addition, except that, instead of subtracting 2, you would subtract 2/180 (degrees).
You can now round the corners of any square or rectangle object using the “Rounded Corners” tool, instead of using the “Inflate” tool of the CAD tools.
You can directly label any object.
You can easily crop an object to your desired size.
You can measure the radius and diameter of any arc.
You can easily draw the 2, 3, 4 and 5-point arcs.
You can easily draw the 2, 3, 4 and 5-point angles.
You can easily estimate the angle from inside and outside of any arc.

– Functions for Official Work:

The “Tile Block” function provided by BPT-Pro is a powerful function that is suitable for official work. This function can be used to add an official title for a project, and it supports several different patterns.

The “Schedule” function is also a useful one. The major difference is that the title that you can add using the “Schedule” function is not limited

What’s New In?

Vector graphics artist and illustrator could be a huge variety of people and reasons. For the typical graphic artist, Illustrator represents their only avenue to vector image creation. A graphic design or art student can use it to create their own unique vector designs for presentation. For those seeking to become a graphic designer, or a freelance illustrator, using Illustrator as their primary tool could be the route to go.
Vector images are the most common type of graphic. In essence, they're a mathematical representation of shapes and lines. When combined, vector images can be scaled to any size without the loss of resolution. Unlike the most common raster image, which is composed of dots of various sizes and shapes, vector images have no such limitations. In fact, a vector image can be scaled infinitely and without visual loss, making it an ideal choice for those who create content that will be scaled for all common web browsers, smartphones, and tablets.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to design a logo in Adobe Illustrator CS6.
Adobe Illustrator CS6 (or any version)
1. Logo Design Tips:
Logo can be designed for almost any product, company or organization. In this tutorial, we will design a logo for a fashion company. We will use one of the most common type of logo designs, which is an iconic Logo. This tutorial teaches you the basics of design a Logo, like how to create your own unique design.
Step 1: Start Adobe Illustrator CS6
Open your favorite photo editor and edit the photos of the model.
Step 2: Add a new document
Add a new document in Adobe Illustrator CS6 and set the size to 600×600 pixels.
Step 3: Set the model photo
Open the photo of the model from your photo editor and place it in the document.
Step 4: Create a basic path
Select the Rectangle tool from the tool bar and then press Alt+C to create a basic path.
Step 5: Add a gradient
Drag the Gradient tool from the tool bar and click the default gradient drop down and select a color for the gradient.
Step 6: Select the Rectangle tool
Select the Rectangle tool from the tool bar and then click the rectangle shape tool.
Step 7: Expand the rectangle
Press and hold the Ctrl key (PC) or the Cmd key (Mac) and click the Rectangle tool to drag the rectangle shape.
Step 8: Add text
Add a text box by using the text tool. Choose the font of your choice and place the text in the center of the rectangle.
Step 9: Group the shapes
Click the Group icon from the toolbar and name the group as "Model

System Requirements For BPT-Pro:

Windows 7/8.1/10 (64-bit)
Mac OS X 10.10 or later (64-bit)
Steam OSX (64-bit)
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 or better, AMD Radeon R9 270X or better
CPU: Intel Core i7-2600K or better
HDD: 600MB
Sound Card: DirectX 11 and DirectSound, Non-DirectX (for EA) or have a compatible game
Additional Notes:
This only


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