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This software uses up to 10 elements which are manually triggered by specific intervals. After each element being triggered, it is automatically replaced with the next element.
This allows you to easily create your own unique sounds and chants.
A simple interval editor allows you to create a custom compiled list of intervals.
The intervals editor allows you to easily create a compile list of frequencies.
The compiled frequency lists can be saved in order to be reused later.
You can browse the library of frequencies and load your customized list of intervals from a library.
The library can be accessed by all your projects as a custom database.
All these features and options allow you to create your own unique chants, chants to astral project, different chords for guitar, create relaxing “Zen” songs.
You can make your own binaural beats too.
All this means unlimited creativity and ability to customize your songs.
Each preset combines elements of different frequencies, colors, nature and background sounds.
You can add your own sound files and use them as presets.
This software can be used in combination with any other app or program.
It’s visually designed with high-quality materials and pixel sharp graphics in order to meet the demands of all multimedia systems.
Using this software you can easily access a huge library of brain wave sound files and incorporate them into your own compositions.
This software has been created for the visually impaired as well.
Audio CD emulator.

Rainbow Presets & Chant software contains 4 plugins.
-Rainbow Presets Chant. The main plugin of this program.
It allows you to create original and unique atmospheric and meditative sound effects.
It incorporates up to 10 unique vibrations for each of its 4 axes.
You can use these instruments to make your own original chants, binaural beats or Zen songs.
Rainbow Presets Chant Features:
-High quality sounds and drums
-Chords for guitar and string instruments
-Relaxing music
-Rainbow Presets Chant documentation
-Easy to use and easy to manage
-Various presets with up to 10 simultaneous elements
-The plugin incorporates a library containing most popular audio wave files.
-The library is also fully searchable
-The plugin does not require external plugins.
-The plugin allows you to make your own “Zen” songs.
-The plugin allows you to make your own meditative and relaxation music.
-The plugin allows you to make your own b

Brainwaves Rainbow Full Version


This sound is important to psychologists for its power to suppress excess mental energy, for its ability to calm, for its usefulness in the treatment of nervous exhaustion. The mental processes of order, concentration, and thought occur less frequently when one is listening to this sound. It is probably the most essential of all sound frequencies to be used by man because it is an example of a natural physical power. — Bernard Jensen, Psychology of Music, Volume II

Color Psychology is one of the oldest of the sciences, and has been called the mother science of psychology. Here, we present a set of 3 brainwave sound frequencies, ranging from Beta-3 to Alpha-1, designed to work with the brain’s nervous system to provide a path from the thinking mind to your soul. In essence, meditation in the form of brainwaves. Learn More | More Info | How to Buy

The Brainwaves Rainbow Cracked 2022 Latest Version collections consist of 4 sound sources which contain musical frequencies (rainbow-like), which are combined and mixed. This software allows the user to add any tracks they want, and arrange them in any order the user wants.
Each set represents a specific state of the brain, namely Beta, Alpha, Delta and Theta. You can listen to the soundtracks to test your state of mind and see how many tracks you are able to memorize.
Download free trial version from here.

Musical instruments in the form of sound waves have been used in meditation and relaxation for centuries. The sound of a flute and the ringing of a bell are examples of pleasant sounds which can ease and relax the mind of the listener.
The Brainwaves Rainbow music collections contain 5 sets of sound tracks designed to work with your brain’s frequency states or mind states.
The Beta-1 set is designed to help you focus, concentrate, and relax the mind. The Beta-2 set is designed to relax the mind without the mind becoming lazy or asleep. The Beta-3 set is designed to get the mind out of its own little zone and into the present moment.

Subliminal Messages are used to implant messages inside the brain of the listeners without them knowing they heard anything.
Brainwaves Rainbow Subliminal Collection consists of 3 sound tracks (Beta-1, Beta-2 and Beta-3) with 3 different subliminal messages to help the listener grow and learn the desired state of mind and change behavior.

Brainwaves Rainbow Meditation-Col

Brainwaves Rainbow Crack License Code & Keygen

• Optimize your mental and physical abilities for various purposes, ranging from relaxation, to solving complex problems, to meditation, to entertainment
• Adjust color pulses of light to optimal moods and any current situation, effectively preparing your mind for decision making and other tasks that require concentration
• Smooth gradual changes in sound frequencies to implement desired effects on your mental state
• Output sounds in a combination of basic colors, ratios and their dominant frequency to communicate with nature and interpret natural cosmic powers
• Package large combinations of sound and colors in presets, saving time by letting you change easily between desired settings without having to select them in each session
• Package in presets audio clips from your tracks, to fit your moods
• Optionally, play random sounds to cover any idle time when your current track ends
• Stop music playback at any moment
• Set a countdown timer to automatically shut off the software when preset is reached
• An easy to use intuitive interface
• Intuitive controls with an aesthetically-pleasing mock-up of a beam of light through colored glass
• Support for iPod, iPhone, Android smartphones, Windows Phone and most MP3 players
• Output sound frequencies to iPod, Android smartphones and iPhones (Apple iPOD, Android, Windows Phone)
• Analog and Digital Out
• 12 included presets
• Binaural Sound (with headphones)
• Sharing presets via USB (DRM free)
• Multiple language support (many language presets by request)
[v2.3] New Presets! (Free)
If your favorite sounds are missing, tell us via message with request and we will include them in future updates!
• For help, see “Help” menu
• For more help on coding, see
Or send email to
This app is the property of Media-makers plc. No infringement of rights is intended.
• Several improvements to sound output in some presets
• “Random” option added to presets
• All presets music was digitally remastered
• Music files have higher bitrate of 128Kbps
• Preset music with lower volume
• Preset music can be configured not to allow more than 2 seconds of silence before the next song
• Automatically selects highest volume out of the preset’s music tracks when recorded
• Automatic voice in

What’s New in the Brainwaves Rainbow?

– Rainbow color scheme for overall easy use
– 4 preset color themes
– 20 sound frequncies
– Wave types: Facials, Relaxed, Ready, Active, Innovative, Creative, Concentration, Focus
– Wave lengths: 45-86 Hz(Different wave lengths for different target areas)
– Different sounds for each area(Only on Creative and Innovative)
– 40ms delay for each area(Only on Innovative and Creative)
– Random option for all types
– Random and intensity option for all types
– Subliminal option for all types
– Count down timer resets presets and shuts down all playing sounds when set
– Applying all elements(Sound & Color) before saving music for iPod or Mp3 player
– Save your music to your iPod or other Mp3 player
– Music is saved as.M4A files
– 30 second paused music
– 40 seconds of music or a whole song
– Downloadable
– Easy to use
– Load music or sound files from your computer or Mp3 player
– Upload your own songs or sound samples
– Various frequency types
– Auto frequency change
– Auto sound on/off option
– Auto sound on/off option for each area
– Tuned freely by pressing numbers
– Adjustable tuned manually
– Record frequency on click when playing
– Record frequency on click for each area
– Record frequency on-click when selecting area
– Auto frequency changes and effects
– Stop listening music when the countdown counter reaches the preset value
– Save music for iPod or other Mp3 player with preset name
– Easy to use and customize
– Listening elements with headphones
– Listening elements without headphones
– Ready sound without headphones
– Ready sound with headphones
– Creative sound without headphones
– Creative sound with headphones
– Innovative sound without headphones
– Innovative sound with headphones
– Relax sound without headphones
– Relax sound with headphones
– Active sound without headphones
– Active sound with headphones
– Chakra sound without headphones
– Chakra sound with headphones
– Nirvana sound without headphones
– Nirvana sound with headphones
– Sound for creativity
– Sound for concentration
– Sound for dreams
– Sound for comprehension
– Sound for visualization
– Sound for meditation
– Sound for relaxation
– Sound for playfulness
– Sound for productivity
– Sound for self-confidence
– Sound for self-awareness
– Sound for relaxation

System Requirements For Brainwaves Rainbow:

OS: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or equivalent
Memory: 2GB RAM
Graphics: Intel HD 4000 or equivalent
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Storage: 1.5 GB available space
Additional Notes:
Please note that for any of the previous Store versions of the game, the Steam Installer may be required to function correctly.

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