CEST WORLD VERSION With License Code Free PC/Windows [2022-Latest]

CEST WORLD VERSION (or in short, CestWV) is a software solution that has all the needed features for delivering serious and thorough business management tools, especially in the sector involving finances and budget management, but also for product inventory control and employee listing.
The dashboard, customizations, admin control, and databases
The program's dashboard lays out all the entries for the available tools and accessibility points. You have shortcuts for purchases, settings, managers, billing control, appointments, cash flow entries, product inventory, etc.
At the same time, you can configure multiple access points, for different users, and adjust the admin's password, permissions, and other parameters.
When logging new entries, whether that data is in regards to products, employees, suppliers, or receipts, you must insert the information in the tool's dedicated dashboard and everything will be saved in an SQL database. Also, the database's path can be reconfigured, so you can source different data points into the app's system.
Configuring managers' lists and various types of inventories
This program is perfect for company admins who want to create complex branching-logic systems. What does that mean? You can store employee data, as well as appointments or purchases, and associate each new entry with a specific individual. As a consequence, your managers' performance can be assessed a lot easier.
CEST WORLD VERSION lets you insert managers' phone details, addresses, pictures, associated discounts, purchasing limits, tax information, and so much more.
Spreadsheets, reporting, and various routines
Because you can insert a lot of data types into the dashboard of this application, you can generate customized, detailed reports about a lot of different parameters and things as well. For example, you can export different types of management, cash, products, purchases, or bills reports.
Additionally, you can generate product, management, coupons, cash flow, or customer spreadsheets, plus, select different predefined routines for updating prices, creating telephone books, inventory adjustments, setting up price lists, and others.
Final considerations
To conclude, CEST WORLD VERSION is a powerful software solution that can deliver both quality financial and employee performance assessments, as well as accurate and detailed reporting.







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Provide flexible access from multiple devices, at any time, any place
Fully customized dashboards and modules
Powerful data reporting, exports and web-based access
Complete inventory management
CEST WORLD VERSION is a powerful, full-featured CRM tool. It is a perfect replacement for people who need to manage more than one portfolio of financial data and those who need to consolidate a lot of different data points into one single, multi-functional system. This software delivers a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool that needs no super-user training, since the main pages are quite self-explanatory. It is also able to solve a number of problems, such as sending purchase reminders, processing recurring transactions, generating invoices, and many others.
CEST WORLD VERSION full description:















CEST WORLD VERSION is a perfect replacement for people who need to manage more than one portfolio of financial data and those who need to consolidate a lot of different data points into one single, multi-functional system. This software delivers a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool that needs no super-user training, since the main pages are quite self-explanatory. It is also able to solve a number of problems, such as sending purchase reminders, processing recurring transactions, generating invoices, and many others.

Another addition is the multi-language support. Since, it is very easy to learn and supports both Ukrainian and Russian languages.


★Price, no monthly fee.

★Multi-language support.


★Web-based system.

★App is available on all mobile devices, including tablet.

★MS SQL full, no-touch database.

★All reports, as well as company invoices, are available in the same view, by accessing the program’s dashboard.

★A powerful CRM tool.


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The Windows-based CEST World Version is a powerful financial management and performance assessment software. There’s a lot to love about this versatile system as it has all the necessary features to deliver numerous business solutions, like financial and inventory control, product control, employee management, managers and employee lists, control of billing, data backup, and storage, downloads and install, easy of use, etc.
CEST World Version Key Features:
Corresponding to all actions, the program’s dashboard has a lot of customizable shortcuts, a shared administrative access point, and data storage.
You can source different data types into the program’s database, including payments, products, employees, appointments, receipts, etc. The database can be configured for any particular user and the program will be saving all changes to the database.
This is an excelent program for different management areas, like financial, sales, billing, product management, order management, customer billing, and payment management.
There are two different ways of submitting records to the database. You can insert the data manually or you can import and export files in certain file formats.
The program allows you to create managers lists, and offers a lot of different parameters for different accounts.
For example, you can attach photos to your managers, see who’s they are, and what’s the associated discounts or temporary passwords.
Besides, you can attach recipients’ phone numbers, addresses, and related discounts to your managers.
Various sorts, filters and report options are available to analyze your sales performance.
It supports different and deep-seated calculations to get the most useful insights and statistics of your sales and expenses.
There are a lot of charts and graphs that will help you analyze data and get important insights. You can evaluate how much your expenses differ from the monthly average, how much you are/were spending per month, the length of your sales cycle, and many other statistics.
All the necessary adjustments and modifications can be performed in your accounts, to make the data in any way you want.
Additionally, you can generate a detailed report and analysis, with all kinds of comparison charts and statistical information.
Also, the program is compatible with various types of reconciliation, including event-based reconciliation, and it has a built-in inventory management system.
】Employee management (active and inactive)
With this program, you can manage your active or inactive employees. You can record their sales figures, discounts, hours, and overall performance.


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What’s New In?

CEST WORLD VERSION is a perfect solution for money management and budget planning. You can use it for all types of businesses, from medium to large-sized enterprises.
CEST WORLD VERSION has been designed to be easy to use, with a very intuitive interface and a friendly user experience. The dashboard, admin control, and customizable features of the program are further enhanced by the extensive database customization available.
You can use different entry points to save entries, for example, when an employee makes a purchase or an appointment, and any data is associated with a specific user.
Managers can be assigned to different categories, for example, accounts and cash, and the program will be able to perform complex queries and calculations based on each manager’s profile.
This program is an integral part of a complex accounting and finance management software. It is a great tool for tracking employee or supplier performance and accurately assessing any managed company’s financial performance.

Add all the CSV, XLS, CSV, etc., files, either as application resource files or embedded data sets.
The installation process for CEST WORLD VERSION is as simple as it can be. You will just need to extract the files from the ZIP folder, and then you can run the setup application.
Things that CEST WORLD VERSION does not include:
Browsing data sources other than those included in the ZIP archive
The creation of additional databases
The creation of additional data views
The creation of CSV files that you can download from different databases
The conversion of data into a format that is recognizable by Microsoft Access
The conversion of data into a format that is recognizable by Microsoft Excel
Data sources:
This application can be installed on any Windows machine, so there is no need to install it to a specific location.
What CEST WORLD VERSION does include:
Managing company employees:
This program is suitable for all types of companies, including medium-sized, large enterprises, and more.
Managing product inventory:
You can use this application to manage product inventories of your company.
Managing any type of business:
As mentioned before, CEST WORLD VERSION is an integral part of a complex money management system.
Designed to be easy to use, with a very intuitive interface and a friendly user experience.
A powerful control panel that includes setting up data entries, configuring the database, and managing access permissions.

System Requirements For CEST WORLD VERSION:

For the best performance of Unreal Engine 4, users will need a PC that meets or exceeds the minimum recommended specification set by Epic. The minimum recommended specification set is listed below. Please note that not all games support all of the minimum system requirements.
Minimum Recommended Requirements
i7-4790 (or equivalent) CPU
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 or AMD Radeon R9 270X GPU
Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10
Recommended Specifications
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 or AMD Radeon R9 280 GPU


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