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If database schema is more than a mere concept for you, and it is actually part of your daily routine, turning to an application helping you design and manage them in a seamless way is of critical importance.
Context Database Designer is one such piece of software that promises to lend you a hand when trying to create tables, handle diagrams, store procedures, view relations, and much more, all in a neatly packed user interface.
Comes with support for all databases and allows for customizations
Coming with support for an ample assortment of databases, the program should experience no difficulty whatsoever if you opt for SQLite, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MS Access, Firebird, Interbase, Nexus, MySQL, MS SQL, and many others. What’s more, considering that the product was designed in such a way that it supports all sorts of customizations, you could rest assured that extending the support for new databases is possible.
Aside from that, it is worth pointing out that, in terms of schema objects, your options are quite varied, and they include views, tables, indexes, triggers, domains, functions, and more.
Boasts powerful schema management and diagramming functionality
Comparing checkpoints and reverting to a relevant one should be a hassle-free process, which translates to a simplistic means of keeping track of all the changes. You may also want to know that you could turn to any custom database profile in order to come up with all sorts of SQL scripts.
Moreover, importing and exporting schema should be quite intuitive, given the fact that the same profile is used for this purpose.
If you are curious about the program’s diagramming-related functionality, you might be interested to know that fields and relations can be displayed in multiple ways, and your Redo and Undo stack comes with no limitations whatsoever. You can create as many diagrams for a single schema, and simple HTML markup can be employed in text labels.
On an ending note, Context Database Designer is a capable application that integrates extensive functionality for managing schema and creating diagrams. It proposes an intuitive GUI that puts considerable emphasis on productivity and flexibility, so it is definitely worth a shot.


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Context Database Designer Crack+ Free [32|64bit]

One of the major benefits of software is that, unlike its hardware counterparts, they usually don’t consume a tremendous amount of resources and can go through the use cycle several times over. Most of the time, this is a welcome thing, given that it means that you can extend the usage of the system to its fullest potential for a fairly long period of time.
This is true for Context DB Designer, a free application that makes use of a workflow-style UI and offers a variety of productivity enhancing features, including the ability to review and customize your databases in a matter of seconds. If you are a DBA or a developer and you are curious about what it is capable of, let’s see why you should keep this software on your computer.
The program is simple to use
As soon as you start up the program, you will realize that the interface comes with a clean, minimalistic look. Aside from that, the navigation bar at the top will help you find everything you need in a jiffy.
Furthermore, the software is both highly functional and easy to use. In terms of the former, you will have no problem accessing the tool’s main features, including creating and viewing relations, database diagrams, performing backups, and other data storage-related aspects. The latter can be gauged from the fact that everything can be done in a single click.
If you want to create new databases, you can simply click on the Create Database button and select a preset profile or choose your own. If you opt for the latter, you can provide a name and a location for the new profile, select the required database type, and set the additional fields to be presented.
The same applies when it comes to the databases’ columns and keys. All you have to do is select them, and click the Save button.
If you are wondering whether the program is compatible with all sorts of databases, the answer is ‘yes’. The only limitation is that the system cannot be used to create databases or to view relations for Oracle databases. However, you can opt to use other products, such as Oracle’s Database Designer.
You may want to use the software on your mobile device
For people who prefer to work from the go, Context DB Designer is a worthy piece of software that you may want to consider. It is highly responsive and takes a mere few seconds to run on mobile devices, including Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.
The program, in fact

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Context Database Designer Download (Updated 2022)

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What’s New In Context Database Designer?

The ultimate tool for designing database schemas. It enables you to perform the whole spectrum of database operations, from the definition of the schema itself to the creation of the table and the relations. It is the only program capable of creating table objects and relations from the very first template which is then saved as a single DTD file.
The program has a clean interface that does not have unnecessary buttons and menus that slow you down. Instead, you can run a wizard for creating the schema and then see the needed objects directly on the screen. All operations are described in dialogs and you can even change the operations’ order.
One of the most interesting features is the possibility to create custom schemas and saving the whole schema in one DTD file. The application remembers the last opened schema and restores it if you need it.
It provides a large number of features to help you create tables and relations, including the possibility to choose a template from a standard database schema, or to create a template from scratch, define the column types (enum, integer, and string), and create relations with ease.
To allow you to create tables and relations as easy as possible, the program creates a new table when it is created. If you use the wizard, the application will ask you to define the column types, and for each column it will create the needed objects (table, index, foreign key, trigger, and so on) and relations.
A clear and functional help is provided to explain the operations performed in the database designer.
A real advantage of the program is that it also saves the diagram and the script automatically as they are created. The undo and redo features work only for the script and the diagram, while the application manages the whole schema and its operations.
An icon for the current template is displayed on the left, along with the name and the version of the schema.
# Context Database Designer Features
* Generate a database schema from any template.
* Define the data types, relations, and any other objects.
* Save the schema in one file.
* Keep the last opened schema if you need it.
* Auto-create a table for each new table you create.
* Define the column types (enum, integer, and string).
* Define the relations.
* Create a relation from any table to any other table.
* Create a relation from a table to any other object.
* Show or hide the corresponding objects.
* View/Hide/Unhide any object.
* Create any object.
* Combine objects in a tree structure.
* Create any kind of relations with any number of fields.
* Add any object or relation.
* Remove any object or relation.
* Apply/Unapply the current solution.
* Combine objects in a tree structure and apply to the current solution.
* Create any solution and combine objects in a tree structure.

System Requirements:

Windows 7 / Vista
1.4 GHz Quad-core processor or faster
1 GB RAM (4 GB recommended)
1 GB Video RAM (2 GB recommended)
2 GB hard drive space (4 GB recommended)
DirectX 10.0 graphics card or higher (DirectX 9 is not supported)
Internet connection required
Hard Drive Space:
Requirement: 6 GB
Recommended: 6 GB
Support Up To: 1 TB
Note: The more video memory you have, the smoother the game will run

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