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All of these added features are helpful, as 7-Zip has native support for common archive formats.
Valuable features:
The supported formats are:
• 7z (7z, 7z, DOS, OS/2, WIM, RAR, ANSI, Multimedia, CAB, VCD, SCSI, UDF, ISO, GRand Unified Bootloader (GRUB), UUEFI, HP-UX, Unix, HFS+, FAT16, cde4edac5b

4. PenWindow 0.3.1
This application will stun you and leave you hungry for more. It works great as an unconventional notepad replacement and is the perfect tool for people who like to distribute bits of information through chats. You can place as many forums as you want and write things that be.
There is a plugin that allows you to mirror your screen. You can use it just to make a thing like a dual monitor or a projection of what you see. Even

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