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While texts can be formatted with the help of simple text editors, when it comes to certain Arabic languages, for example, the fonts are not only complicated, but the specific keyboard layout as well.
Devalipi Pro is a straightforward and useful piece of software designed to make it as easy as possible for you to write and edit text.
Moreover, Devalipi Pro is actually a multi-language word processor and converter that comes with support for several languages, namely Malayalam, Tamil, Urdu, Arabic and English.
Text converter with intuitive user interface
The main window of Devalipi Pro comes with a specific and standard layout found in most simple text editors, with most of the work done with the help of a toolbar. This fact makes it very easy to work with for advanced and novice users alike.
The greatest advantage is the fact that it also supports intuitive keyboard layouts and fonts for each of the languages mentioned above. Worth-mentioning is the fact that Devalipi Pro comes with support for over 100 Arabic fonts and almost 50 in Malayalam and Tamil.
Enables you to write in foreign languages using the keyboard's native language layout
Just to get an idea, in Malayam, for example, you can write something just as you hear it using English keyboard characters and layout, and the app automatically uses the specific font. Imagine how it would be to write something in Arabic using a normal English keyboard, it would not be the most intuitive or productive process.
This makes Devalipi Pro ideal for users who need to quickly write text in the aforementioned languages but do not want to have to deal with complicated keyboard layouts that come with this.
Not perfect, but quite useful nonetheless
Although the app is quite useful, its only drawback is the fact that it doesn't automatically translate pasted text from one language to another. Therefore, for Devalipi Pro to work, you have to manually type the text each time.
All in all, Devalipi Pro is a streamlined and useful application that can make the lives of most users a lot easier by enabling them to edit and write text in foreign languages, by using intuitive keyboard layouts, specific fonts and all the phonetic rules.







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Awesome combination of a powerful word processor and a keyboard layout app – perfect for all those you who regularly write texts in Arabic, Urdu, Tamil, Malayalam and other languages of the world

Key Features:

– Enjoy the fun of typing in Arabic letters with the keyboards from your native language; the intuitive interface lets you to do it easily with the help of auto-translation feature.

– Easily add images from your device into the text you write in Arabic or other foreign languages. The conversion itself is very fast and the result is presented in the form of images – perfect for all those who can’t write text in these languages using hand-drawn images.

– The application is not a huge desktop-based app but a lightweight one that can be downloaded and run on virtually all smartphones and tablets.

– Enjoy the latest Arabic fonts from the market, and the ability to work with your favorite pre-installed them, or simply transfer them from your PC.

– Learn the phonetic rules and apply them while typing any text.

– Use of any font, vector image, and even handwriting fonts is supported.

– The application is intuitive and very easy to use, and can be downloaded for free!

– You can export a text in Arabic, or other foreign languages, as a file that can be read by other word processing software.

– The interface of the application is customizable – completely free of ads, and completely free of in-app purchases.

What’s New in this version:

– This application now supports keyboard layouts, used by various world languages.

– The application now supports any application from the market – icons, fonts, and background.

– In version 1.1.1 we’ve fixed some minor bugs.

What’s New in this version 1.1.1:

– The application now supports keyboard layouts, used by various world languages.Det blir inte hårdare i räddningen för Sverige i konflikt med Ryssland. Militära styrkor skyndas ner till Rysslands kust för att försvara Sveriges territorialvägran, säger krigsminister Peter Hultqvist till Expressen.

Krigsministern vill inte spekulera i exakta siffror om den stö

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• Supports keyboard layouts for Arabic, Malayalam, Tamil and Urdu
• Supports over 100 Arabic fonts and 50 Malayalam and Tamil fonts.
• Converts written text between languages
• Unicode font support
• App converts text from one language to another
• Simple UI design
• Equipped with Phonetetic tools
• Automatic matching of accents
• Ability to play and pause recording
• Supports audio or video files.
• Memory / disk requirements
• Universal and highly efficient

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What’s New In Devalipi Pro?

✓ Supports more than 60 languages, plus Arabic and English.
✓ Convert any text from any source language to any target language.
✓ Convert different types of text, such as text in different formats, PDF, Word, Excel, Excel VBA, HTML, Plain text, and more.
✓ A neat, well-designed & easy-to-use
✓ Enhance your productivity by using keyboard shortcuts and the built-in help function.
✓ See details about fonts and text styles and choose one of them for all the documents you convert.
✓ Use Auto Saves after each conversion.
✓ Convert text automatically. It makes the most of your time and saves you from having to save your work manually.
✓ Very easy-to-use and intuitive. No need to download any additional application to use it.
✓ You can convert text from different platforms or from your PC to a virtual device.
✓ Convert text directly from your PC to your Kindle Fire or to your smartphone.

– An excellent Arabic text editor- Displays Arabic text in over 70 different languages.- Includes full support for HTML, CSS, and other commonly used text formatting.- Converts text from one language to another with just a few clicks- In a few simple steps, you can convert text for all sorts of documents and formats- Includes some really useful advanced features such as auto fill, regular expressions, spellcheck, thesaurus, and more- Easy to learn, easy to use, and easy to save time with- Decompress text files and split or merge them- Supports command and control (cmd/ctrl/alt) for hot keys

Arabic Word Processor

Arabic is a highly unique and widely spoken language in the world. With the great spread of internet over the world, it has become very useful especially for the natives of Arabic countries, such as Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Yemen and many more. In this situation, it becomes very important for people to be well familiar with this international language. With the help of this powerful Arabic word processor, you can easily and smoothly work with the language. This is a simple and straightforward word processor that works perfectly on Windows 10, 8.1, 7, Vista and XP. It also comes with a great collection of Arabic font and supports Microsoft Office 2013, 2016 and other associated programs as well. It is available in English and a variety of other languages which makes it easy and comfortable for

System Requirements For Devalipi Pro:

Processor: Intel or AMD A6, AMD A4, Intel Core 2 Duo, Intel Core i3
Hard Disk: 100 MB
Graphics Card: Compatible with DirectX 11
How to install:
How to play:
Click here for download
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