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ElectriKeys E-Piano VSTi PC/Windows

■ Connects a wavetable instrument with 3 dedicated keyboard tracks in real time, simulating the sound of a vintage electric piano.
■ Designed and tested as a VSTi in FL Studio 7 and Cubase 6.5.
■ The instrument includes onboard harmonic content called the Harmonic Spectrum, which will sound like the e-piano that inspired ElectriKeys.
■ The e-piano can also be turned into a DAW FX sending its MIDI to Logic, Cubase, Sonar and other DAWs and samplers (Example: Cubase Tracktion 2.2 and above).
■ The MIDI track can be assigned to a separate computer so it can be played in different DAWs, using different MIDI keyboards.
■ Software settings such as the octave, touch sensitivity and key locks can also be saved in your project for when you want to use the same settings again.
■ Optional cables can be also purchased to connect the e-piano to a PA system, a MIDI controller or MIDI effects such as the Hohner Clavinet D6 and the Wurlitzer.
■ The e-piano is available to purchase separately from our store for US$194.95.
■ Delivery time is approximately 45 days from receipt of payments.
See our FAQ’s for more information on purchasing the e-piano.
For more details:
■ Contact us at info@bassandbs.com
■ Get your specs, our Descriptions and more on Bass and Bumble products
■ Contact us:
■ iTunes:
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Video Tutorial on how to use ElectriKeys

In this video tutorial for
*Artist R.Bass
*Producer R.Bass

ElectriKeys E-Piano VSTi Crack With Keygen For Windows

■ Stage Piano Mark I: This electric piano is widely regarded as one of the best e-pianos of the era, along with the famous Clavijnet. The Electric Piano at the center was designed by Frank Fincke, first sold in September 1953, and called the Model D-100. Model D-100 stands for the century. During the first 3 years, only 1,000 were produced. The sound of this instrument was produced with specially designed magnets in the hammers. The low-pitched tone of the Fincke was derived from the low frequencies of the Rhodes. This piano was used in many bands of the 1950’s. The only drawback of this instrument was the build quality. The quality was not superb. The body was designed to be mass-produced, a little inferior and made of metal instead of wood or similar material.
■ Clavinet D-6: The Clavijnet D6, or more commonly called D6, is the most well-known of the Clavinet lineup, and the one that is most popular among the music industry. It was produced by Marshall from 1953-1960, with a few thousand more made from 1960-1968. The D6 was a direct descendant of the earlier Clavottes, first produced in 1951. The sound of this instrument was produced by the vibrating reed of the mouthpiece. Clavinet was designed to imitate the Clavichord, a wooden keyboard instrument from the 1400s. The Clavijnet D6 was known as the best electric piano that ever was, and is still considered one of the best e-piano instruments of the 1960’s. It is regarded to be a direct ancestor of the Rhodes.
■ Wurlitzer Electric Piano: The Wurlitzer line is one of the most revered names in the music world. The first Wurlitzer was produced in 1929, and released the following year. Since, Wurlitzer has been known for producing incredibly legendary, sound-producing instruments. The Wurlitzer Electric Piano was one of the greatest electric pianos of the 1940’s, and is still regarded as the best electric piano of the 1950’s.
■ Yamaha CP-70: The Yamaha CP-70 (Motor-Piano) is the very first e-piano ever made. It was designed by Kawai and released in Japan in 1954. It was marketed outside of

ElectriKeys E-Piano VSTi

■ Electro-Design is a new company founded by John Andrews and Paul Matthews and is aiming to offer the best product at a very competitive price. While the company has just recently come online, the design team has put a lot of effort into creating a quality product and were proud to be selected as the e-piano section at Music Maker Mag.
■ “ElectriKeys e-Piano is the best sounding e-piano available and the best value for money e-piano available today. As e-piano developers, we have completely taken the idea of e-piano to the next level and with the help of some friends, we have managed to push the envelope even further.
■ “With “ElectriKeys e-piano” you get a number of classic electric pianos, clavinets, and grand pianos sound, but at a fraction of the price. The sample library we used for “ElectriKeys e-piano” is exclusive to us. With our sample library, you will not have to pay thousands of pounds for a re-mastered piano library to get this amazing sound. The original sounds for these instruments has been captured and re-engineered on the “ElectriKeys e-piano” to provide you a great quality of sound.
■ Together with the great sound, “ElectriKeys e-piano” offers MIDI automation of 100 pausable parameters. You can also control the sound using standard MIDI controllers.
■ “ElectriKeys e-piano” has a bunch of presets loaded, which provides an easy way to create sounds that is already partly pre-recorded. All the presets will be based on the instruments featured on our piano selection.
■ The sounds will vary from that of the “ElectriKeys e-piano” library to the sounds that you might use in an actual professional studio and these sounds will have bass, treble, pitch, harmony, and overall sound pre-set in each preset.
■ We pride ourselves on “ElectriKeys e-piano” being easy to use and making it simple to create your own custom presets.

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What’s New in the?

ElectriKeys e Piano is the e-Piano of choice for many users and sound designers around the world. From Grammy Awards, we know this is an instrument that sounds great live and in the studio. Founded in 1997, ElectriKeys lives on to enhance the music experience. By combining the sound of different e-pianos, allowing users to build sounds across the entire tone spectrum.
Vintage Fender Rhodes electric piano sound reproduced in the virtual world with the authentic sound of Fender Rhodes and Clavinet models.
When we create a sound in the world of synthesis, recording is not possible due to the absence of direct physical contact between the sound output and the user. Sound designers are forced to find an alternative solution to create the required sound, using the concept of hybrid sampling/synthesis, in which parts of the sound are sampled and other elements are synthesized.
Our sound is created through a hybrid method that combines synthesis and sampling techniques, to create the most realistic sounds of these iconic electric pianos.
The following features are included in ElectriKeys e Piano :
– Equalization section: give you the opportunity to control the overall tonal palette from the mid/high end of the spectrum to the bass and treble.
– Tremolo section: recreate the classic effect (called “vibrato” on the real Fender Rhodes front panel). Contains a LFO with modulation depth, frequency and offset. The panning slider controls the output effect distribution between left and right speaker and to help create a broad spectrum of stereo tremolo effects.
– Signal’s harmonic spectrum: helps you to get a visual representation of the frequency with each key of the piano, the higher the frequency, the higher the brightness of the patch in the spectrum.
– CPU optimization: optimized for use in VST Host Application for a low CPU load.
What is this effect?
The art of the music lie in his arrangement. If you lack of idea, you must have at least one instrument or sound in your computer, this can be a nice way to make many sounds, (Zebra, MTR, Jaws, VocalTracks, etc..)
ElectriKeys e Piano has been designed to be an Electric Piano Emulation, it offers the following possibility :
■   Controller : An all-in-one controller to play real-time and record performances.
■   This controller offer a wide range of advantages :

System Requirements For ElectriKeys E-Piano VSTi:

* Minimum Dual Core Processor or equivalent
* 2 GB of free space
* 2 GB of RAM
* Minimum 2 GB free space for saving a backup
* Internet connection (not included)
* High Definition Graphics card (please do not use VGA)
What’s New:
– Bug fixes
– UI improvements
– New Game Modes
Online features require an account and are subject to terms of service
and applicable privacy policy (playstationnetwork.com/terms-of-service


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