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If you are looking for solutions, you might consider working with Microsoft Media Foundation.
For example, this tool can give you an idea of where the corrupt audio data is stored:

Once you’ve gotten an idea of the source of the corruption, you might want to consider re-syncing or perhaps cleaning the AVIs (most tools for this can be found here:

Additionally, since this is happening in such a strange manner, you might consider contacting the platform on which your AVIs are stored and see if they can determine why they have become corrupt.

Bobby Parnell is the latest pitcher to be traded, leaving the Phillies with a big hole in the back end of their rotation. (AP Photo)

PHILADELPHIA — The Phillies and Oakland A’s have completed the swap of Jimmy Rollins and Hunter Renfroe. In exchange, the Phils have received two pitchers, one of them a former closer.

Closer and veteran left-hander J.C. Ramirez is the pen piece to go along with right-hander Bobby Parnell. Ramirez, who was a starter in Oakland for the first two seasons of his career, was acquired in a trade during the offseason. In five seasons with the Athletics, he has 15 saves and has a 3.16 ERA in 129 career appearances.

Renfroe, who was once considered the A’s MVP, was drafted third overall in the 2014 draft. The speedy outfielder spent two years in A’s’ farm system before getting called up. He started the season in the minors and had appeared in four games.

Other than a spring training game, Renfroe has been in the majors only in August. He’s been a bright spot for the A’s this season, batting.353 with three home runs and 17 RBI in 18 games.

The trade with Oakland was made official following Friday night’s game at Citizens Bank Park.

The A’s get Rollins, who has been a longtime Phillies’ captain, and Renfroe, who gives Oakland an option at left field.

Parnell, who signed a minor league contract with the A’s this




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