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ExplorerDir is a free and easy-to-use software to view, add or remove directories into the Explorer context menu on Windows.
After installing ExplorerDir, simply right-click on any desired directory to open its properties…

MergeDir is a free utility that allows you to merge multiple folders and their contents into a single folder. Select the folders you wish to merge and MergeDir will merge them together automatically. Files and folders that previously resided in the merged directories are preserved. MergeDir is capable of merging folders of the same or different sizes, with or without any content. Files and folders that existed in the source folders before merge are not removed (permanently).
Visualize the process:
While the operation takes place MergeDir displays a progress bar to show you the status of the current operation. You may also give it a little help by typing commands through the command line.
MergeDir Guide:
The program supports merging directories as well as the directories within them.
A single directory can be split into multiple parts for the merge.
The program supports merging with a specified file or folder name:
Keep the original file/folder names
We are proud to say that we have never lost any of the original file or folder names throughout MergeDir’s operation.
Folder or file names can be duplicated and/or abbreviated
MergeDir supports the merge of identical or similar (3 or more characters) folder or file names.
Merge Dir is compatible with Linux:
Due to the Linux terminal emulation feature (xterm) in Merge Dir, if you are running the Linux system, the merge operation will be displayed as two (or more) folders.
What is the current MergeDir Version?
The program has been updated to include the latest API, making it easier to use and operate.
What are the newest features?
The operating system can be specified during the merge.
Additionally, you may specify the current working directory after the folder or file name.
New Transfer Definition Menu
MergeDir can now adjust the method of copying files from source to target folder.
You may change the destination folder after the folder or file name.
You may now select from the most commonly used copy methods.
When creating a new folder, you can specify the current directory or that of the source folder.
When adding a folder, you can specify the directory of the source folder (from which the folder was created).
What are some of the Keymerge

ExplorerDir Crack+

ExplorerDir Full Crack is a professional desktop utility that allows you to collect valuable information on the Windows OS as well as NTFS file systems with ease. The program comes with many useful features including a customizable list creation template, automatic collection of file extension, and many more.
What does ExplorerDir have to offer?
1. Directory Listing: This tool lets you create list with directories that can be sorted and filtered. The application gathers the necessary information from the target directory and creates the generated report.
2. Quick List Creation: By pressing the right button, you can add or delete directory listings to create a customized list. The process is particularly fast and easy.
3. File Extension Collection: ExplorerDir analyzes the targeted file system and gathers all the files’ extensions. It makes the process of collecting the file extension a lot quicker and less complicated.
4. NTFS File Systems: You can add NTFS volumes to the directory listing to evaluate their properties. To make it even more efficient, ExplorerDir offers the ability to search for files by their attributes including date, time, size, read only status, hidden and system files.
5. Advanced Filtering: You can also use a broad range of filters to precisely customize your list. You can choose to have only particular extensions enlisted, set the type of delimiter, sorting method, attributes to include such as normal, hidden, and read only, as well as whether or not to include directories, files, size, and date.
How to use ExplorerDir?
Existing version: Click the Download button below to download the installer to your computer.Extract it and run the setup.exe file.Install and run the program.
Note: You might get a warning upon start-up stating that your system is not trusted, or some such thing. It’s normal, as ExplorerDir searches the system for the most relevant updates, including anti-virus signature updates, and decides to auto-update.Article content continued

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ExplorerDir Download

Enables a non-interactive directory listing of the files in Windows Explorer. This allows you to save a lot of time when preparing documents or reports in the Windows Operating System.
System Requirements:

Intel/AMD CPU;
At least 400MB of free disk space.

MS Windows 7 or Windows 8, 8.1, or Windows 10

Developer’s interest: HomeQ:

why ExaLix and ExaLix GUI don’t work with new VST 3.1 in Ubuntu?

I have successfully installed the ExaLix plugins on Ubuntu 14.04.3 and it works fine.
When I installed the ExaLix GUI v0.6.4 and ExaLix lib v0.6.4 I had the same error, I don’t know why.
Running make works fine.


ExaLix GUI & ExaLix lib dependencies to ExaLix-gui and ExaLix-libs GUI plugins.

I didn’t know, I just wrote the code.
After contacting the ExaLix developers I didn’t get response.
But, then I started to do some research on the ExaLix-linux official site, and I found out the problem, the ExaLix-libs-linux required version 0.5.3 and ExaLix-gui-libs required 0.6.4, but I installed the 0.6.4.
So, in my case, I can install the ExaLix-gui-libs and ExaLix-libs, but I will be prompted with the same message when I try to run the GUI.
After adding -DDEFAULT_INSTALL_DIR=”/usr/local/exalix” in the./configure file,

I was able to successfully install ExaLix-libs and ExaLix-gui.

I think the packages need to be updated, and a message will be printed saying the same is the case.
Credit to Vishal H Verma for running the above code and getting the same result.
ExaLix-gui-libs and ExaLix-libs GUI installed with dependencies.


XMPP – how to avoid message duplication from multiple session startup

How to avoid message duplication from multiple session startup in

What’s New in the?

ExplorerDir provides you with an easy and quick way to create a directory listing report for Microsoft Windows for free. This is a simple and light application with the ability to create a list of folders and subfolders and choose the items you want to include as well as choose the way to render the report file in a simple manner. Since it works on top of the windows API, it provides a simple interface for the user to use and is very easy to use.
Key features:
★ Create directory list report.
★ Option to create a text file or print in a directory list.
★ Option to set if you want the subfolders to be included or not.
★ Option to set to include attributes of directories (such as Hidden, Read only, and System).
★ Option to set if you want to include size and date values.
★ Supports parameters of all possible MS formats.
★ A nice and simple interface for the users to use.
★ It is not intrusive and won’t do any harm to your system.
★ New added: The option to include multiple folders in a directory.
★ New added: The option to include subfolders in the directory listing.
★ New added: The option to include subfolders of any type (under a parent folder).
★ New added: The option to include specific extensions in a directory.
★ New added: The option to set the delimiter and the extension to include.
★ New added: The option to include the size of files.
★ New added: The option to specify the date format.
★ New added: The option to specify the time format.
★ New added: The option to specify any file/folder type such as: text, audio, video, image, document, etc.
★ New added: The option to specify whether the file type is for a folder or a file.
★ New added: The option to specify whether the file is hidden.
★ New added: The option to specify whether the file is read only.

Microsoft OneDrive for Business is designed to integrate the work portfolio of your office/business in a safe, convenient, and easy-to-use environment. From sharing documents to backup and storage, OneDrive for Business has got you covered.
Key features:
★ Create a work portfolio
★ Synchronize and back up files
★ Share and collaborate online
★ Create, share, and manage calendars
★ Access files on-

System Requirements For ExplorerDir:

OS: Windows Vista or Windows 7 (32-bit or 64-bit)
CPU: 2 GHz Core 2 Duo or equivalent
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX 9 Compatible GPU
DirectX: Version 9
Hard Disk Space: 25 GB
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Additional Notes:
1) Internet connection required to install Game.
2) Game works only on systems with multi-core processor.
Controller Support:
Input Devices:


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