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GIS.XL is a lightweight add-in for Microsoft Excel that helps you turn tabular data into spatial map information.

Fully functional
The program is fully functional and does not miss a single feature. There is no minimum requirement, no limit on your experience level, the program can be easily installed and set up.
Ability to change the OS used in the installation
GIS.XL can be installed to your current Operating System (Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8).
No need for registry editing
There is no need to make modifications to the registry in order to set it up and operate, since it works with the same mechanism as the host Excel application and stores settings in the appropriate folder.
Running GIS.XL on a second machine
You can run GIS.XL on two separate machines.
Easy to install
This software solution can be deployed on your system without great effort since you are only required to follow the on-screen instructions, no additional configuration is needed.
Intuitive functions
GIS.XL comes with a series of straightforward menus and buttons that you can easily access. However, given that its purpose is to aid advanced PC users with efficiently processing spatial data, you need to have advanced computer skills and a good understanding of geospatial analysis concepts.
Accessing its capabilities can be done with ease, via the host application, by clicking the dedicated Excel ribbon button.
Multi-layer map views
This software solution allows you to visualize different maps. Thus, it is possible to switch between them without any considerable effort.
Create a map using values from your Excel worksheets
This software solution can help you turn Excel values into map data.
Combine table values with spatial map data
This tool can help you handle spatial information by enabling you to turn Excel values into map data.
Generate a map using values from your Excel worksheets
You can use a multi-layered map from your computer by clicking the Map button and selecting the appropriate document.
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You can use the GIS.XL application to create a map from tabular data from multiple Excel worksheets. This tool can also combine multiple layers of map information and apply different transformations on them. Also, you can download an image of the resulting map, and even share the map.

GIS.XL License:

GIS.XL is licensed to you as a user and may be


GIS.XL Crack Free Download is the best way to make your spreadsheets work like maps. It provides topographic information about all points, polygons, lines, circles, tables and cells in Excel via the Map button. You can use the buttons, functions and menus to view, analyze and create data in interactive and automatic ways. No need for complex visualizations, all visual elements are editable, so you can adapt, customize and save. The output can be easily imported or exported.

Microsoft Excel for Windows is an application that includes additional features that make it possible to store and manage all sorts of information.
Microsoft Excel is becoming an increasingly widespread tool for solving a variety of problems. It is mainly used for data processing, analysis and for managing and organizing data.

When it comes to using Excel, some people can have a real knack for it, while others will struggle mightily. However, there is no need to be scared to use Excel, as the following tips will teach you how to perform some basic actions.
Focus on data classification
If you use Excel to handle and store data for several weeks, it is very likely you have misplaced some tables and sheets.
The way to avoid this is to always make sure you have a specific template that can be used to help you find that information. Even more important, you can avoid doing things that can be more complicated than they need to be. If you want to be able to see data quickly and easily, a good practice is to always clear all of your tables or sheets from data prior to editing them.
So, your first step should be to understand exactly what you need to do and to have clear goals. This way you can focus on your data tasks, as there will be no obstacles to hinder your path.
Create your own formulas
Rather than trying to remember all of your formulas, it is much better to teach yourself how to write one of them. When it comes to using Excel, having formulas is an important skill, as you will only be able to save time if you can write your own formulas.
One thing you should learn is how to create a formula so that you can use it, rather than creating a whole new form. This will save your time and help you have more control over your data.
Practice with your formulas
Once you have a basic knowledge of creating formulas, you should try to practice on your own. With some practice, you will be able to complete complex tasks more easily, and become more efficient over time

GIS.XL Crack+ For Windows

* Automatically updates tabular data into map data and vice-versa
* Imports or exports tabular data to and from shape files
* Supports multiple layers of spatial data
* Can generate a legend to organize your data in a more efficient manner
* Generates coordinate system definitions and KML files
* Generates coordinates and geometries

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Monday, August 24, 2013

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How Nano SIMS separates the structure inside atoms

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How Nano SIMS separates the structure inside atoms


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Best way to present data – from heat map to old fashioned graph and back to heat map…

Best way to present data – from heat map to old fashioned graph and back to heat map…





What’s New in the GIS.XL?

GIS.XL is a light-weight tool for converting data from spreadsheets and tables into spatial information. It can convert tabular data from Excel into a legend and map that can be used in your GIS project.

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System Requirements For GIS.XL:

Recommended system specifications are:
Windows 7, Vista, or XP
3.2 GHz dual-core CPU
4GB of RAM
DirectX 11 graphics card (GPU)
20 GB available hard drive space
Mouse and keyboard
2 USB ports
Sound card
Internet access
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