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Hi-Split File Crack + Product Key Download [Win/Mac] [Updated]

1) Drag and drop:
Select the original file, drag it to the program window and let it ask you whether you want to split it or not. If you select “Yes”, the program will split the file into a set of smaller ones.
The default splitting size is 1 MB or 1000 KB (whichever is smaller). In order to change the splitting size, right-click the file in the program window and select “Split in…” from the context menu. For instance, if you want to split the file into parts of 500 KB each, type 500 in the box and press OK.
You can also drag a folder onto the program window and select “Split into…”, which will lead to the same process of splitting.
In both cases, after splitting, the original file is deleted. This is quite convenient, but you can disable it if you like.
2) File Browser:
Select the file in question in the program window and click on the “Open” button. A file browser will open – you can search for the file manually or you can use the filters (by file name, file size, file type and date/time last modified) to search for the file. You can also drag and drop files into the program window.
When you have found the file, click on the “Copy” button. In order to paste the file into another folder, you can right-click on the file and select “Paste” or drag and drop it onto the folder.
You can perform the same operation for multiple files. Just click on “Open” for each file and then drag and drop the files into the program window.
The file browser is updated dynamically, so if you copy more than one file, you can drag and drop them onto the program window.
3) Adding and deleting files:
You can add files by drag and dropping them to the program window. You can delete them by clicking on the corresponding “Trash” icon.
4) Batch splitting:
Batch splitting is available via right-click. Click on the “Split into…” button in order to split several files simultaneously.
The default settings will work, unless you change them manually.
5) Merging files:
Once you have split the file, you can easily merge the parts. There is no need for a separate tool. Just drag and drop the files back onto the original file (there will be a question mark on the file after dragging).
You can split a file

Hi-Split File With Key Free Download

Split & Merge – a FREE tool which allows you to split and merge files.
Data splitting: split files into smaller chunks, so that it is easier to search or transfer them to different computer systems.
Data merging: merge chunks of files into one.
Quick-List – the place where the list of files is located.
Unlimited number of files can be split (up to 200000 files).
Larger files can be split with a single click.
After splitting, the original file is deleted.
Splitting is supported in all versions of Windows.
Batch splitting: split a large number of files at once.
Splitting into equal-sized parts – the second available option.
Splitting of different file types.
File management.
Splitting any size, not just files.
Batch splitting (up to 200000 files).
Easy to use.
Quick View: the place where the list of files is located.
Multiple locations support.
Data compression: allows you to compress the files after splitting.
Sort the list of files by name, size, date, type, etc.
Create a batch file for merging the file after splitting.
Separate merge file: allows you to change the extension of the merged file.
Separate merge file – after merging, the original file is deleted.
High quality splitting: you can split files of almost any size into almost any number of equal-sized parts.
High quality merging: the merged file can have an extension.
Splitting and merging speeds: the tool runs at the speed of 70 MBytes per second.
Elimination of original files after splitting: the original file is not removed after splitting, and it can be restored by using the merge process.
Advanced Options: – advanced options are available in the second tab.
Data compression: you can compress the files after splitting.
You can also remove a compression process after splitting.
Support of large files: splitting and merging of large files is supported.
Support of parallel processing: splitting and merging of large files is supported.
Support of the keyboard: pressing the shift key (on Windows) allows you to change the options.
Support of the mouse: pressing the right button (on Windows) allows you to change the options.
Support of the Windows API: you can use the Win32 API to split and merge files.
Split and merge: you can perform splitting and merging in one click.
Automatically launch Splitter:

Hi-Split File (LifeTime) Activation Code Download

✓ Supports only WINDOWS file systems.
✓ Allows you to split files into only 1 or 2 parts.
✓ Allows you to merge only 1 part of the file to another (but not all of them).
✓ Allows you to delete the original file once all the pieces have been merged into the same location.
✓ Allows you to split the file into parts of equal size, or N parts of different sizes.
✓ Allows you to merge the parts to a file of the same or any different size.
✓ Allows you to split files in several ways, depending on user’s preferences.
✓ Allows you to select the exact range of the file (the option is available only after splitting into different parts).
✓ Works in the context of another program (not independently).
✓ Allows you to choose whether to create or not the BAT file after splitting.
✓ Allows you to choose the direction of the merging process (e.g. create a new file or merge all pieces into the same file).
✓ It works in the context of Explorer and does not require you to move your files.
✓ Allows you to specify the destination folder before splitting.
✓ Allows you to merge the files with the same or different sizes.
✓ Allows you to split the files with the sizes not equal to the splitting size (it’s possible to split to the multiples of 4MB or 4 KB).
✓ Allows you to split the files into two parts of different sizes (it’s possible to split to the multiples of 2MB or 2 KB).
✓ Allows you to split the files into N parts of equal sizes (where N is a value from 1 to 10).
✓ Allows you to choose whether the original file will be deleted after splitting.
✓ Allows you to open the files directly after splitting.
✓ Allows you to choose whether or not the tool shows messages while splitting (it’s possible to turn off the messages).
✓ Allows you to choose the source and destination paths.
✓ Allows you to choose the path for the merged file.
✓ Allows you to see the file status (before and after splitting, before and after merging).
✓ Allows you to resume the splitting/merging process.
✓ Allows you to pause the process and allow you to skip the current part of the file.
✓ Allows you to remove the splitting history.

What’s New In Hi-Split File?

Hi-Split File is a simple-to-use application which allows you to split and merge files. The tool can be easily used by all individuals, including beginners.
This is a portable program, so installing Hi-Split File is not required. It means that you can place the software on a removable device (like a USB flash drive), plug it into any computer and directly run its executable file. More importantly, there will be no changes made to your Windows registry entries.
The interface of the tool is based on a standard window in which you can import files by using the file browser only, because the “drag and drop” method is not supported. Batch splitting is not possible.
So, once you specify the destination folder and splitting size (in MB or Kb), you can proceed with the splitting job.
In addition, you can enable Hi-Split File to delete the original file after splitting. The merging process is similar – all you have to do is specify the first part of the file and let the tool take care of the rest (evidently, all the pieces must be stored in the same location).
The simplistic program runs on a pretty high amount of system resources, considering its limited features. It doesn't have a help file and its interface is outdated. Plus, Hi-Split File doesn't offer enough splitting methods (e.g. into equal-sized parts) and doesn't create a BAT file after splitting, in order to allow you to quickly merge the files without the need for this software. We recommend Hi-Split File with reservations.

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