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If you don’t have a work around, then you should probably look at updating to the latest version (which, granted, is only available in the music software bundle of Cubase v8, but that’s just how it is).
2. Using a free plugin
Something else I’ve tried is to use a free VST plugin that has LFO functionality.
Although the effects don’t carry over to the host, you can work around this by implementing the functionality as a plugin.
For example, here is a simple VST plugin that acts as a LFO.
It’s not the most amazing LFO plugin I’ve ever used, but it does its job.
(If you want the source code, then you can find it on GitHub.)
There are plugins out there that can be used, but many don’t have the VST version of Cubase running.
This plugin does what you want and has the benefit that you can use it in the context of Cubase running.
Again, if you don’t have a way around this, then you should probably just upgrade to the latest version of Cubase.


I found a solution by setting the internal frequency to 100 %, and then using a step sequencer to make it go up and down.
Now I have a lfo on the keyboard, which I can use on the channel I want.

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