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IT JPEG-Tester Crack + License Keygen [Mac/Win] (Updated 2022)

Optimized for normal PC usage:
– fast
– doesn’t need large memory
– no technical knowledge (detailed) instructions
(detailed software description is included in the demo version)
Remove these files from your computer
IT JPEG-Tester Cracked 2022 Latest Version Features:
– Finds duplicate jpeg-files
– It also removes comments and data from the jpeg-files
– It deletes jpeg-files with a different extension from a specified folder
– You can save the files before the program will delete them
– Invalid find saves the file for free, the rest is free of charge.
– The program has a built-in validator for the jpeg-files
– IT JPEG-Tester 2022 Crack is a software only package and is not available for Mac or PC systems.

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IT JPEG-Tester Crack Download [Mac/Win] [2022]

IT JPEG-Tester is a software to find invalid jpeg-files.
The found files are listed in a box so that you can check if you really want to delete these files. The program is also able to remove unnecessary data like comments, data inserted from graphic programs or servers from the jpeg-files.
The program finds duplicate jpeg-files. The found duplicates are shown in a list.
After the program has done a test it’s ready to run. You can start with your data, press the start button to see the progress. A list with the found files is build up. A box is shown where you can check if you really want to delete the files. In case you deleted all files IT JPEG-Tester will remove the INPUT folder without notifying you.
A cut&paste feature is integrated to copy the list to the clipboard.
An import feature is integrated to import the found jpegs from the clipboard.
The program is in English, German, French and Spanish.
IT JPEG-Tester is a shareware program. The license fee is 30.00 Euros, which is the same as the retail version.
Regular Version:
The full program.
Professional Edition:
With a completely redesigned interface and an increased amount of included features.
■ Thanks to its new interface the program is really easy to use and effective.
■ Five different languages are supported, to make the program easily adaptable to all customers.
■ It is possible to find more jpeg files.
■ Many invalid files are removed from the jpeg files.
■ A list of duplicated jpeg files is displayed.
■ A duplication check is integrated.
■ A paste button is integrated to export the found files.
■ The option to display the list in a side pane is integrated.
■ The option to show the result in a text file is integrated.
■ The import feature is integrated.
■ The program is able to find files with more than 100 tags.
■ The program is also able to find files with dynamic jpeg-tags.
■ A search option is integrated.
Free Version:
Only the search feature is supported and the results are only sorted by file name.
A really effective software to find invalid jpeg-files.
The program’s user interface

IT JPEG-Tester Crack+ Full Product Key [Mac/Win] [Updated]

The former version of IT JPEG-Tester is the little brother of the complete tool IT JPEG-View. In a similar way IT JPEG-Tester lets you test the validity of your jpegs and to reduce unnecessary data out of the files.
Besides it displays these files correctly in an intuitive manner.
The frame of IT JPEG-Tester has a rectangle for the graphical search of the jpeg files, which is easy to find, because you only need to click on the button. A regular search leads to the folders, on which the jpeg files can be found.
The place where the jpeg files are deleted is determined in the selection frame. You can delete your jpeg files manually or use the program’s search function for a more precise determination.
Furthermore the program offers the possibility to save the found files and their properties. After a successful reduction the file properties will be displayed in the table. With the save to file function the jpeg files can be moved to a different folder.
The jpeg-files cannot be renamed. The jpeg-files are read in and written out when being reduced.
Because of the small file size IT JPEG-Tester only detects a small portion of the jpeg files that are more than 5000 bytes long. To enlarge the set of detectable jpeg-files, the parameters have to be set.
IT JPEG-Tester is a freeware tool for the detection of invalid jpegs and for the removal of unnecessary information out of the files. Find all jpeg files of the mentioned folder and reduce them in one click.

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What’s New

Increased functionality of the program. New and improved interface. Detailed information while exporting

Users reviews

DownloadJPEG-Tester 2010-01-01 45.3 Mb


My test jpeg files were found correctly, no files were deleted.

DownloadJPEG-View 2006-01-02 13.6 Mb


The program finds duplicate files in directories and removes them, valid files are not deleted.

JPEG-Viewer Tool 2007-11-25 9.8 Mb


The program helps

What’s New In?

■ IT JPEG-Tester is free.
■ IT JPEG-Tester has no advertising and no spyware.
■ IT JPEG-Tester is made by an independent developer/programmer.
■ The program is freeware.
■ IT JPEG-Tester runs on Windows.
■ IT JPEG-Tester is avaliable in many languages.
■ The program is 64-bit compatible.
■ The program is also compatible with Windows 8, 7 and Vista.
■ Download IT JPEG-Tester is simple and fast.
■ The program automatically starts downloading when the download is over.
■ IT JPEG-Tester will find duplicate jpeg-files which you want to merge.
■ IT JPEG-Tester shows the found files in a box so that you can delete this files.
■ Once done, it scans for the next set of files.
■ The result is listed in a table.
■ You can delete the found files or not.
■ Find next set of files button.
■ List in tab and box finder is shown.
■ It is possible to add your own extensions to be in the list of the extensions, the program will search the jpegs for your special extensions.
■ The program is freeware and safe to use.
■ (but I would not recommend you use the paid version of the software because IT JPEG-Tester finds 100 bad jpeg’s in one minute. 🙂 )
IT JPEG-Tester Screenshots:
After downloading:

After installation:
■ IT JPEG-Tester was created in Visual Basic.
■ The program uses Internet Explorer and AOL as a software stand-alone. The program searches through the Internet for pictures you want to check.
■ You can also use the complete Internet Explorer as stand-alone software and open the jpeg-finder form the inside of a web-page.
■ The used program search functions is customizable. If you want to use a different search engine than Google, so you can use the built-in function to search for jpegs on the internet.
■ The program is very simple and can be used with others jpeg-suites and it is absolutly not to complicated.

System Requirements:

AMD Ryzen™ or Intel Core™ i5-7500 or better
8GB of RAM
20GB HD space
Requires a DirectX 9.0 or better graphics card
Intel HD 4600 graphics or above
CPU: AMD Ryzen™ or Intel Core™ i5-7500 or better
20GB of HD space
Graphics: HD 4600
System Requirements:

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