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When it comes to decision-making processes, users often must resort to sophisticated approaches that involve traditional comparison tables. Fortunately, there are alternative software solutions and one of them is JDecisiontable. It will allow people to improve their decision-making process by eliminating the traditional approach and constructing process-oriented decision tables.
Minimalist interface that offers plenty of customization for the decision tables and their elements
The application comes packed with a simple interface that offers a clean layout and accessible menus. One will be able to easily create new decision tables, with custom number of nodes, descriptions, probabilities, conditions and comparisons.
To match the nodes, the application allows users to add custom rules, which can be filled with true/false type operators. Once the preferred decision table has been created, its validity can be verified, on different levels: all checks, nodes, rules, etc.
Create process-oriented decision tables and verify their integrity with ease, by using this clever utility
Users will be able to perform the checkups for different table elements, individually, this way ensuring the integrity of their tables. They will be able to verify all nodes, if all rules are disjunct, as well as the actual number of rules.
Furthermore, the application allows them to easily sum all the assigned probabilities, check if they add up to 100% and display the nodes that have the “true” condition in their corresponding rule. All these validation steps will increase the efficiency with which users can construct decision tables, allowing them to export the tables to CSV format safely, knowing they are error-free.
Intuitive software solution that will help users design process-oriented decision tables with ease
For those who decision making processes are an important aspect, this application could allow them to construct better decision tables. It will offer them a different approach, which is based on process-oriented decision tables and it will allow them to easily add the preferred nodes, rules and corresponding probabilities. Featuring an intuitive handling and easy-to-use tools, it also supports exporting to CSV file format for further processing in external applications.







JDecisiontable [Mac/Win]

Create process-oriented decision tables and verify their integrity with ease, by using this clever utility!
It’s minimalist interface offers users plenty of customization for decision tables and their elements. From the introduction of a new process to the validation of an already created table, nothing is impossible!
Easy-to-use interface that comes packed with intuitive tools
Supports a wide range of formats from tables based on conditional formatting to more complex ones that use different rules!
Creating tables is simple. Users can simply drag and drop them to the desired positions on the interface. They don’t have to deal with complex editors or their counterparts, but are offered a intuitive layout, which will allow them to fill them with the required data.
Users will be able to save tables with their names, and simply export them to PDF and CSV formats. Moreover, the application also allows them to export validation reports and to measure the probabilities’ distribution among all the nodes and between their corresponding rules.
JDecisiontable Crack For Windows Main Features:
• Create process-oriented decision tables with its easy-to-use interface
• Simple and intuitive controls allow users to create and validate tables within minutes
• Includes different formats with custom conditional formatting rules
• Supports a wide range of formats from tables based on conditional formatting to more complex ones that use different rules
• Users will be able to save their tables with their names and simply export them to PDF and CSV formats
• The application supports to export validation reports and to measure the probabilities’ distribution among all the nodes and between their corresponding rules
• Users will be able to easily verify if the rules are disjunct or not
• The application comes packed with intuitive tools, that will allow them to improve their decision-making processes
• The application will ensure the accuracy of any decision tables it computes with the help of conditional formatting rules
Important note:
Some system requirements:
– Microsoft® Windows® 10 or higher
– Java® Runtime Environment 7 or higher
– Microsoft® Office 2019 or later.
The trial version is free to download and it will allow users to fully experience the application for 45 days. After the trial period, the full version will be made available for purchase.

As a simple way to see if data are being imported properly, if they are being overwritten or do not meet the requirements, the Accel Data Manager provides an interface that’s dedicated to performing a data check. For example, it allows users to see whether the number


JDecisiontable 2022 Crack is an innovative application, which allows users to create and validate process-oriented decision tables in a single program. It can be used as an input format in your favorite Excel editor, when you need to create or verify tables by using a more modern approach. It can also be used to validate tables in Microsoft Excel via its own menu.
Complete support for Excel
Complete support for CSV
Unique intuitive interface for construction of decision tables
Easily available validation options for decision tables
“Reconstruction” tool to create decision tables from previously created ones
Setup wizard to get started
Simple menus
Access to an extensive documentation
The ability to combine decision tables from external applications
File format import/export to/from CSV
Performance optimization options available
System requirements:
Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000/NT/ME/98
Java 1.4+
Internet Explorer 8 or higher
Note: JDecisiontable is compatible with Windows 7. It is an offline application and does not require an internet connection.

“It is a fairly minimal solution for creating well-designed decision trees. It has its own tree authoring tool, and the tree editor is fairly easy to use. It is not the only solution available, but it’s definitely more powerful than the alternatives.

“Finally! A good decision table editor, with tools for creating and validating decision tables in a single, intuitive program!
My requirements are to create small decision tables which don’t need a lot of resources, with tools that makes the work easier, not more difficult.
JDecisiontable has all the requirements and even more!
The intuitive interface is able to perform most of the tasks that an Excel/Calc file can perform in just a few clicks.
A powerful, yet easy to use decision table editor.
JDecisiontable makes the process of creating decision tables easier than it is to create decision trees.”

“The only downside is that if you want to verify your decision tables after you’ve made them then there is a bit of a learning curve.
But if that’s not an issue for you then it is a pretty good decision table editor.”

“I have used many products to create decision trees. None of the ones I have seen come close to the functionality of this application. It is a “must have” decision table editor, even for those who don’t use them to do decision trees.



JDecisiontable is a process-oriented decision making software that allows users to construct user-friendly decision tables.
This application has a clean and minimalistic look and feel that makes it very usable. It contains plenty of tools and options for users to customize their tables and define their own rules for validating the integrity of their decision tables.
– Plenty of options for creating custom decision tables
– This process-oriented decision making software will show users how to construct and validate their decision tables
– It allows to validate different decision table elements, such as nodes, rules and probabilities
– They are able to check the table integrity on different levels, and also export the decision table to CSV file format
– With the help of JDecisiontable, users can create custom decision tables efficiently
– Featuring an intuitive and easy-to-use user interface, this process-oriented decision making software is suitable for even inexperienced users

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What’s New in the?

✅ JDecisiontable is a clever software solution which allows its users to easily create process-oriented decision tables, following an intuitive approach with the help of a clean and accessible interface.
✅ It offers plenty of customization for the decision tables and their elements.
✅ It presents a minimalistic interface and allows users to easily work with it.
✅ It can be used on multiple levels, i.e. for different parts of decision tables.
✅ The validation of tables made by users, as well as their export to CSV format, is performed easily.
✅ It is a digital decision-making tool which will help its users to create process-oriented decision tables with ease.
✅ The tool is available in two versions: Free and 30-day trial.
✅ It is compatible with Windows 7 and above.

This is a 100% Freeware! You can download JDecisiontable without paying or downloading other software!

Below you can find a comparison of JDecisiontable with leading software programs.

We bring to you a comparison of the top 7 software products in the category Decision Making – Software for Processing Decision Tables. With the help of these products you can find out which one suits your needs best.

The list of programs was generated based on their popularity on SoftwareInform, the amount of positive reviews they have and on our website, on the number of downloads they have and of course on the number of good ratings they have.

Swipe Decisions is a simple but smart decision-making tool that allows you to quickly make and manage intuitive decision tables. It’s a modern and clean approach to using decision tables that allows anyone to create process-oriented decision tables with ease.
Swipe Decisions has a simple interface and is packed with plenty of customizability. Not only that, this powerful app will allow users to create decision tables in a flash. The interface is clean, intuitive, and easy-to-use, which makes managing all the elements of the table simple and efficient.
Swipe Decisions allows you to easily create process-oriented decision tables that match your needs. You will be able to quickly add nodes, create as many rules as you want, as well as assign probabilities for the nodes. You can easily define the connections between the nodes, from simple to complex, adjust the conditions in the rules, and much more.
It offers the ability to create tables with multiple levels of validation.

System Requirements:

– PC version recommended: Intel Core 2 Duo, AMD Phenom, or equivalent
– OS: Windows Vista or newer
– Texture Compression: Nvidia or ATI video card with 64 MB of video RAM or better; ATI X1900 and newer or GeForce 8600 or newer recommended
– Gamepad recommended: Xbox 360 Wireless Controller recommended, or Xbox 360 Controller
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