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1. How to Install KeyboardLink?
2. How to Activate KeyboardLink?
3. How to Uninstall KeyboardLink?
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How to Install KeyboardLink?

Take a backup of your system

Install KeyboardLink from the provided installation file. You can choose to run the downloaded setup files or manually run the setup wizard. You can run setup directly through the downloaded setup wizard.

Run a full system scan using CheckDisk tool

If you are running any other antivirus software then ensure it is properly configured to NOT to scan the following folders.











KeyboardLink Serial Key

KeyboardLink Torrent Download is an intuitive solution for anyone customizing and deploying key shortcuts.
KeyboardLink needs to be activated in order for the keys to take effect.
After the installation is over, the app will activate and sit quietly in the system tray area.
Right-click it to disable it or access the UI.
Neatly arranged sections guide the user through all available hotkeys.
You can simplify media player controls, deploy apps like Notepad, Calculator, browsers, and launch office-related processes like Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PP presentations, and emails.
Several system settings can be assigned hotkeys as well.
Settings like volume levels, emptying the recycle bin screensaver launcher, or a way to quickly disable the utility.
Plenty of combinations to choose from
Each entry has its own combo menu with dozens of keys to combine.
At a first sight, one might believe that the number of possible hotkeys is very limited, as most entries have a single character to define, a single button. However, the Custom tab takes care of that aspect by allowing users to link applications or processes of their choosing and add a shortcut to activate them.
Initially, it appears that each application or process will have a single button, but the customization screen allows several options. For instance, the text of button or the key sequence to activate.
A simple click is enough to trigger the desired function, and the app can be quickly enabled or disabled.
So I realized that I needed to launch Google Chrome but didn’t have a mouse. I just clicked the icon and it launched.
KeyboardLink Features:
Customize/define shortcuts for the most commonly used programs
Create keyboard shortcuts for Chrome, MS Word, Power Point, Media Player, etc.
Simple system wide hotkeys
Simple interface
Soft features
Support to all platforms
Multi-platform i.e. runs on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, etc.
KeyboardLink License:
License Type: Commercial
License: Includes: 1 year full support
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KeyboardLink Crack + Torrent (Activation Code) For Windows


A versatile app with a lot of possibilities

Reviewed by Nuno Nunes, last updated on November 9, 2014

User Review

Powered by popular HotKeys for Windows, Keyboard Link is a tool that enables users to set their own hotkeys on Windows.

Almost every windows user is expected to have a keystroke-based command line installed for specific needs. However, often we find ourselves with a Windows desktop and don’t want to devote a bunch of time configuring shortcuts for common tasks. In that case, keyboard shortcuts are a great way to save time and get to that feature in a minimal amount of time.

KeyboardLink offers a lot of great features that make a user’s life easier. For instance, it has a beautiful user interface, so you’ll have no trouble finding your way around. Additionally, you can use it for a variety of tasks: open applications, launch websites, send emails, adjust the volume or skip a video, and so on.

Keyboard Link user interface

Also, you can tie it in with other free Windows software like Notepad, Calculator, and IE browser, so you’ll be able to assign keyboard shortcuts to just about any Windows functionality.

The good thing about Keyboard Link is that it doesn’t require any additional software for it to work. Once you have it installed, it will sit quietly in the system tray area and let you set your own shortcuts, be it for your audio, video, photos, documents, downloads, and more.

All you need to do is to insert your desired keyboard shortcut, name it, and click the Set button to save it. Next time you turn on your computer, your shortcuts will be ready to use. So, if you want to use the Command-T shortcut to open the system terminal or the Ctrl-N shortcut to send an email, Keyboard Link is the way to go.

The idea behind Keyboard Link is to save you time, so you can spend that time doing other things. If you already do a lot of work with shortcuts, then your life will be a lot easier.

One of the best things about Keyboard Link is its flexibility. You can set it up to launch your desired applications or websites, adjust system settings, or even skip video files. You can also tie it in with programs like Notepad, Calculator, and other common systems that many users may have installed on their computers.

One negative thing about Keyboard Link

What’s New In?

* Allows users to access a list of hotkeys for their applications and add them to a list of custom hotkeys to be launched
* Includes several pages of pre-defined hotkeys
* Offers a user-friendly custom tab for adding new hotkeys
* Possibility to customize app-launching hotkeys
* Widget and integration (to Office 2003)
* Shortcuts can be defined for any application and file
* Shortcut can be placed on Windows taskbar

KeyboardLink Description:
* Allows users to access a list of hotkeys for their applications and add them to a list of custom hotkeys to be launched
* Includes several pages of pre-defined hotkeys
* Offers a user-friendly custom tab for adding new hotkeys
* Possibility to customize app-launching hotkeys
* Widget and integration (to Office 2003)
* Shortcuts can be defined for any application and file
* Shortcut can be placed on Windows taskbar

Also, preview your desktop

KeyboardLink is a small, yet effective utility that helps you speed up many of the common tasks you perform on your computer. These include opening programs or creating shortcuts to launch them.

Create keyboard shortcuts

Although the software offers plenty of shortcuts for many applications, the existence of this type of tool is rare. Having this functionality built-in to the system is one of the neatest parts of the software.

KeyboardLink allows you to assign two or more short keys. Once you choose a key, the selected combination will be saved for easy access.

For example, choosing the custom shortcut Key-N will invoke the Edit menu of any document. Pressing it again will open the Edit menu of the active document.

Launch an application

The best thing about KeyboardLink is that you can assign different hotkeys for different actions. You can add a shortcut key to launch an email client as well as the calendar. You can have it launch a calculator, your browser, and you can even create the shortcut to launch a PowerPoint presentation.

Most of the popular applications come with support. For example, you can assign a shortcut to the calculator.

On the other hand, the keyboard shortcut launched the send and forward actions of the email program. As for the other actions, they are not often used.

Add your favorite shortcuts

The software allows users to assign hotkeys to custom actions. It is similar to the hot

System Requirements For KeyboardLink:

Supported Endian: ARM, MIPS, PowerPC, SPARC, x86
OS: Windows, Linux, OSX
Memory: 2 GB
Hard Disk: 10 GB
The game is only available on Steam for computers using the following operating system, all others will have an error message.
Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 8.1
Windows 10
Minimum Requirements:
OS: Windows
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4Ghz

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