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Similar to its counterparts, MailEnable Enterprise Edition offers complete mail server capabilities but with some extra features that are tailored to suit the needs of large scale companies.
Along with the features and functions implemented in the Standard and Professional editions, the Enterprise version packs high-end functions such as collaboration, remote administration, database connectivity and Outlook synchronization.
Comprehensive management
MailEnable Enterprise Edition displays a user-friendly interface which offers you a hierarchical overview of all the functions for both the messaging manager and available servers. You can easily create new post offices or edit existing ones, handle quarantined messages, apply mailing filters and customize active spam protection.
Outlook Synchronization
The application brings into play a feature that allows you to perform bidirectional synchronization between Microsoft Outlook and MailEnable Enterprise Edition. This means that whatever appointment, contact or event you create or update into either of the applications it will be modified in the other as well.
SMS Connector
MailEnable Enterprise Edition makes use of ActiveSync in order to offer you the possibility to integrate the use of mobile phones in the entire system. With it you are able to access email, public folders, contacts, calendars and other features from all of today's modern mobile devices.
The Connector function enables you to define SMTP addresses which you can map to phones and by doing so, all the messages that pass through that address are sent as an SMS to the designated mobile device.
Control and flexibility
MailEnable Enterprise Edition is designed to cater to a wide range of users and their needs. In this sense, the application offers optimized services, queue prioritization, support for notes, event alerting and monitoring, remote administration, database connectivity and much more.
A complete server solution
With the above to consider and much more to discover about MailEnable Enterprise Edition, it’s safe to say that regardless of the size of your business and number of users it is the right email server solution for you.

MailEnable Enterprise Edition 10.0 (April-2022)

• Chat and IM built in for free
• The best in class security features with an easy to use graphical user interface
• Post Office creation and merging
• Client user support
• Test server for configuration and operation
• Easy to use PHP scripting language
• Support for a variety of security products, mailers and delivery software
• Outlook® synchronization
• TWAIN and WIA support
• Send or forward mail on behalf of users
• Enhanced quota management
• Tagged email
• Public folder feature for client user support
• Support for JMAP
• Statistics and logging
• Active Sync® support
• Automatic Exchange connectivity
• Filtering
• MIME and mail composition
• POP3 and IMAP connectivity
• SQL database support
• Comprehensive mailing list management
• Sieve scripting language support
• User support via web based interface
• Active X based graphical user interface
• Full support for both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows® operating systems
• For more information visit

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MailEnable Enterprise Edition 10.0 Free Download

We recommend the use of the following SKU:



Enterprise Edition

Enterprise Edition allows you to run multiple servers on a single PC. It supports messaging, email, and calendaring.




Provides a screen where you can view email messages.




S.M.A.R.T. (Self Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology) helps you to protect your server against hardware and software failures.



Mail and Addresses

Provides an interface that allows you to manage post office items and contacts.



Internet Server

Allows you to add functionality to the email server, including e-commerce, remote administration, and password control.



SQL Server

Allows you to manage items with the server’s database.




Includes the email server, the server’s database, and a Web management interface.


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MailEnable Enterprise Edition 10.0 Crack + Free Download

MailEnable Enterprise Edition is the most powerful email and calendar management solution for Exchange-based mail servers. It brings the most efficient features and security controls to a mail server, designed to keep users productive and ensure maximum uptime.
MailEnable Enterprise Edition is easy to set up and use. Once installed, users can create and edit their own mailing lists, add shared calendars, access business-critical information and collaborate with colleagues and partners.
MailEnable Enterprise Edition gives users complete control over how they manage their email and the features they choose to use.
Built with high availability in mind, MailEnable Enterprise Edition always ensures maximum uptime. Users are automatically redirected to the next available server if an issue occurs.
Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP)
Maximum Message Queuing (MSMQ) and Advanced Message Queuing (AMQP)
Web-based administration and synchronization
Database Connectivity
User-configurable ActiveSynchronization with Microsoft Outlook
Unified Communications & Collaboration
SMS Connector
Remote Access
High-performance Message Queuing
Version Control
Server Administration
Bidirectional synchronization between Microsoft Outlook and MailEnable Enterprise Edition
Report Management
User-defined Email Archives
Customized Reports and SQL Queries
Advanced Functionality
Configurable Alerts and Notifications
Flexible Queue Prioritization
Advanced Queue Management
Powerful Queue Compression
Multilingual support
Outlook-driven ActiveSynchronization
Database connectivity
User-configurable ActiveSynchronization with Microsoft Outlook
Remote Access
Functional Requirements
Configuration Manager
Unified Communications & Collaboration
Outlook Synchronization
Database Connectivity
Unified Communications & Collaboration
AMQP, MSMQ, SMS Connector
Flexible Queue Prioritization
Advanced Queue Management
Powerful Queue Compression
High-performance Message Queuing
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What’s New In?

Component Management MailEnable Enterprise Edition:
MAILENABLE ENTERPRISE EDITION is an enterprise level mailing software, it is fully integrated and offers many of the functions found in the standard edition of MAILENABLE ENTERPRISE EDITION. With the MAILENABLE ENTERPRISE EDITION you can create and manage post offices, define mailing policies, retrieve and export mail logs, filter messages and more.
MAILENABLE ENTERPRISE EDITION has a powerful component management system and can be expanded easily through the use of MAILENABLE ENTERPRISE EDITION components.
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