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With the evolution of technology, especially information and computers, music can now easily be made and mixed simply using a computer. Although Windows provides the basic of everything, it’s not enough for professional development on specific domains of activity, and this is where specialized applications like Mixere come in handy, especially when it comes to mixing music.
Portability perks and visual design
A neat advantage is that you don’t even have to go through a setup process for the application to successfully run, because its development method allows it to run even from an USB flash drive. This means you can use it on other computers as well, without any worries that the overall health status is affected, since registries are not a dependency.
On the visual side of things, the application keeps all elements simple, so that you don’t have a hard time accommodating. Sure enough, you need to have some degree of experience with mixing sounds, because even this simplicity isn’t enough to propel you into the land of music making.
Good, but far from being a pro
The main specialty is giving you the capability of working with different tracks and adjusting various corresponding values in order to obtain one sound file out of multiple components. First of all, you need to insert audio files, but you can’t just drag them over the main window, so you need to rely on the built-in browse dialog.
Once the files are loaded, you’re free to manage different sliders in order to adjust volume, pan, and pitch. However, there are no effects or other enhancements other than these basic management options, which has a considerable impact on overall practicality.
However, this aren’t the only operations you can perform. For instance, the application lets you adjust position, and even set a numerical value for tempo of all sounds. Snapshots can be taken at different times in the build process, so you can later on view and analyze modified elements a lot easier.
To sum it up
All things considered, we come to the conclusion that Mixere comes with good intentions and manages to give you enough options to mix different audio files into a single sound effect, or any other audio component that helps you with projects. Unfortunately, simplicity is not an advantage, and the set of features and effects you get to work with are not even close to meeting the demands of professional editing capabilities.









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Mixere Product Key is a simple and functional audio mixer, that allows you to perform basic operations with multiple audio files. It has basic functions, and provides some extra features that are very useful, such as time slides, snapshots and tempo. It can help you mixing and editing your audio.
Download Mixere.
You can download Mixere free from CNET Download.
Features :
– Automatically import audio files, and you can add as many files as you like.
– Adjust volume, pan and pitch of each track.
– Snapshot view of the original track in the build process.
– Ability to drag and drop multiple files, from any folder, to the main window.
– Ability to adjust overall volume of the track, as well as of the respective files.
– Tempo adjustments of all tracks, from time slides.
– Time slides support with the preview of the original file on a playlist.
– Snapshot and position adjustment, of the playlist, so you can view changes after adjustment.
– Import and export presets, so you can share your work with others.
– Automatically saves the original version of the file, just before any changes have been made.
– Cross-platform development, so it can be used from any Windows, such as XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.
– You can open and view the build process, by clicking the “view build” button, in the main window.
– You can also save snapshots of any playlist, at any time, and view them later, in order to check the overall build process.
– Music editing library, to allow you to save your work, and export a file, for use in other applications.
System Requirements :
– Minimum Hardware Specifications:
– 512MB RAM
– Pentium 3GHz or higher
– Minimum Graphics Card Specifications:
– 128MB RAM
– NVIDIA 8600GS or AMD Radeon HD 2400Pro or higher
Limitations :
– Not recommended for users with older versions of Windows, such as Windows XP or Windows 2000.
– Not recommended for users with NVIDIA GeForce 7 or ATI HD Radeon X1250.
– Other limitations, depending on the type of the audio file that you add.
Download Mixere.
You can download Mixere free from CNET Download.

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Mixere [Latest 2022]

*Secure and easy to use*
*Import as many sound samples as you want with a single click*
*Adjust volume, pan and tempo*
*Automatically transpose and convert sound samples*
*Save and import sound snippets into the library*
*Import WAV, AIF and RM sound files*
*Easy to use plug-in system*
*Can manage 2 sound tracks at the same time*
*Import your own sound effects and recordings*
*Automatically align and generate ID3 tags of your sound file*
*Batch processing*
*Real-time recording, streaming and playback*
*Import and export WAV files with sample rate up to 192 KHz*
*Import and export MP3 files*
*Import and export MIDI files*
*Import and export MIDI files in its original format*
*Import and export AIF files*
*Import and export ID3 tags in their original format*
*Export compressed sound samples in WAV format*
*Can import MIDI files with external mapping*
*Export mixed file in an *.WAV format or in an *.AIF file*
*Import MID file*
*Import WAV files*
*Export AIF files*
*Export MP3 files*
*Export MIDI files*
*Export MIDI files in its original format*
*Export ID3 tags in its original format*
*Export compressed sound samples in WAV format*
*Load and import MIDI files with external mapping*
*Import WAV files*
*Export WAV files*
*Export AIF files*
*Export MP3 files*
*Export MID files*
*Export MIDI files*
*Export ID3 tags*
*Export compressed sound samples*
*Import compressed sound samples*
*Real-time recording, streaming and playback*
*Can save real-time recording files in the recorders tab*
*Can load recorded files*
*Can save and open files in the recorder tab*
*Can open and save project files*
*Can batch export files*
*Can load and export all recorded files at once*
*Can export all recorded files at once*
*Can edit WAV files with different waveform settings*
*Can export files with different waveform settings*
*Can export files with different waveform settings*
*Can import files with different waveform settings*
*Can import files with different wave

What’s New In Mixere?

Mixere Description:

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System Requirements For Mixere:

Minimum system requirements are as follows:
Windows® 7
Windows® XP SP3
2.0 GHz Intel Core™ 2 Duo or equivalent
3.3 GHz Intel Core™ 3 Duo or equivalent
5 GB available hard-disk space
32-bit OS
Mac OS X® 10.6.2 or later
Vista 32-bit or later
Mac OS X 64-bit or later


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